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Prison Break

Well tonite at 8pm is the 3rd season premier of one of my favorite shows Prison Break

What else can I say its Prison Break I'm excited and I'm gona watch it :P

Back on GS/

This is my blog officializing my return to GS and its forums, I have a bunch of new stuff to talk about though which I will blog later since almost all my close friends already know.

Yo mamma jokes (Heroes style)

I got this idea off of a topic on, but most of the jokes are original :P

Yo mamma so fat, it takes Nathan a week to fly around her

You mamma so fat D.L. cant phase through her

You mamma so fat Hiro broke his powers trying to bend the space around her

Yo mamma so stupid Sylar tried to take her brain but didnt find anything

Yo mamma so fat Isaac ran out of paints trying to paint her future

I hope you liked them :P

Godsend review

Fist the reason my blog is so late is because I was watvhing the Heroes episode a few more times before I make my blog review.

I liked this episode alot, it was very good, we are finally seeing some Heroes get a better understanding of their powers and in Nikky's case being able to use her powers without being Jessica. My only complaint about the episode is that there seemed to be more talking then normal and not much on backstory or anything new revealed with the exception of how Peter became the Bomb which was from getting in contact with Ted(which I suspected since December).

Overall I would give it a 8/10
 I'm really looking forward to The Fix with the new character Hannah who can send text and wireless messages without the help of a computer or internet connection.

Are you on the List?

As some of you know Heroes is my favorite show(next to House), and as you all might know the show returns tonight at 9pm with a brand new episode

The show takes place after Peter has the vision of him being the bomb and blowing up, it also shows Nikki in prison after turning herself in and Claire wanting to talk to Peter and also dealing with being lied to about who she was her whole life.

btw I will update this blog after they show the new episode tonight, I'm really looking forward to it :D

Back from a 5 day suspension

And its good to be back, but I got suspended for a stupid reason, I made a Yo Mamma joke, I also got modded for the pic I posted of a dog humping a cat(stupid reason to get moded and I also lost points).

For anyone curiuos to how bad the yo mammo joke was to get me banned it went like this

Person 1: I heard some of P-Diddy's fur coats were made out of dog fur
Me: I thought they were made out of yo mamma's pubic hair

I guess I should have said I was kidding but it should have obvious, but oh well
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