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Halo 2 Tournament!!!!!

Hey everybody!! My clan/movie making studio has decided to host a Halo 2 tournament every other Friday!!!! It will be awesome... If anyone is interested go to join the forums and post yur gtag and email on the appropriate topic... the email is so I can contact you with what group # and leader You are assigned to... Thanks all!!!!

Thank God

Thank God... I found out that all I had to do was change the name for some reason... oh well I started the Ultimate Halo Union and if you want an invite post a comment here...

Level six!!! But wait...

Im finally a level six... which means I should be able to create my union! However... It wont let me!!! It says I should level up to a sufficient level or join gspot complete...

Halo 2 Movies!!!!

I am the owner of a company I made over xbox live... It is called Bad kitty Studios... we have an extensive website with many movies and forums etc. visit us at!!! Our funny movies are good also we have a series in the making called Spartans Vs Elites.... I fyou like halo 2 come to the site and post comments on this entry!!!!!! (improvements, you liked it, anything questions?)

Ha no school yet!!!

Hahahaha I have no school until september 6th!!!!! I feel sorry for all the people who are already back!!!! I have a friend on xbox live that went back on the 8th of August!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All set for xbox 360

I am definatley all set for xbox 360!!! I have a wireless router and the x360 is wireless xbox live out-of-the-box so thats good I have a laptop that also has wireless internet that runs on... You guessed it, win xp media center edition!! and I have a mp3 player and digital camera!!!! Oh wait I forgot one of the most important things... 54' HDTV BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So freakin close!!!!!

Oh man I am so close to being a level six!!! yeah!!! I cant wait untill I can start my own union!!!I have big plans for it and am very excited!!!

w00t level 5!

Finally I am a level 5! I have benn working really hard and am trying to make lots more friends. Once I become a level 6 I can finally start my Diehard Halo Fans Union! Also soon I will sign up for Gamespot Complete so I can make my Bad Kitty Studios Forum! This will be a forum in which people can give me movie ideas for my halo movie clan! They can also join in and be in some of the movies!

Xbox 360 reservation

Today i went down to my local gamestop and Finally reserved my xbox 360! I had to put down $50 for it but that is subtracted from the cost when I actually buy it... At the launch I will probably get Perfect Dark Zero and either Project gotham Racing or Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Lots o' friends

I am relatively new and I'm just getting used to getting around the site and forums. All things considered I am making a lot of friends... I am trying to get to level six so I can start my Diehard Halo Fans Union! Right now I'm only level four but I hope to post a lot on the forums. Especially the xbox 360 ones...
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