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5 yrs no post...

hi folks.. not sure why i was not posting all those years.. i was kinda online every day reading other posts or checking out whats new... its weird, i just lost the need for it i think..took me 5 years to realize it :P well here it is.. a new blog entry.. cya in 5 yrs again :D (i think it will be sooner)

My new Gaming-Rig (High-End)

I've bought some new hardware, since i had some money left ^^ ----- Mainboard: XFX nForce 780i SLI-3Way ----- Processor: Intel Pentium Quad Q9450 ----- CPU-cooler: Scythe Orochi ----- GFX: 2x EVGA Geforce GTX 280 FTW ----- Powersupply: PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W ----- Ram: DDR2 4096MB KIT PC1066 Corsair XMS2 Dominator ----- Case: Cooler Master Stacker - nVidia Edition ----- HDD: 2x Seagate Barracuda 750GB / Monitor: BenQ X2200W 22" Finally i can play the new games like Assassins Creed and Crysis muuuch smoother.. I would buy the Quad Extreme, but that would cost too much ^^ but i think that's enough because i overclocked the q9450 to 3.5GHz gonna post some screenshots soon.. cya

back to the roots... =))

finally back at home.. now with some free-time.. that means 3 months fun.. i'm gonna start playing some games again.. and post little more here.. i hope to see some of the old guys and of course new friends.. cheers!

How was your X-Mas?

howwwdyy... how went your x-mas? I've got tons of stuff from people. But I didn't really get even one thing i really wanted hehe.. still was a greaaat holiday. I think the best thing was to meet family again cuz I barely see them so it was really important to me Funniest part.. i think it was the gifts i bought for my family.. first i was really late to buy the gifts.. I'm more like a last-minute-shopper i guess then i messed up all gifts and bought the wrong stuff, but it turned out pretty well at the end.. so how was your xmas? did you guys even had a white xmas?

What a day... almost crashed with my car..

Today was a horrible day.. I went to buy some stuff with my car.. i should say that i hate shopping ^^ Anyway after 30min, finally done my shoppingtour and put all the stuff in my car. I was on the way home and it was already dark outside, and after about i don't know maybe 5min, i've reached a road, it's kinda popular here were i live because many people made an accident here.. Let's just call it "The Damned Road" ^^ anyway... Like I said, it was already dark and i was driving in my car, then I suddenly saw two lights, was obviously a car.. but still faaaar away.. Okay nothing special about it... i kept driving and not really concentrated on this car till it was like 20 meters away and on the same side of the road like me!!! Damn.. I was like what the hell, I'm done now! It scared the hell out of me. Don't ask me why this guy was driving on the same side like me but at least i realized it and pulled over.. drove right towards some field.. and this guy kept driving without even asked me if everthing is okay.. And guys... i was really shocked.. never really had an accident or even came close to it, but i was sooo damn close to die so i'm kinda happy that nothing happened. If i didn't had good reflexes i would be prolly dead by now.. Only one good thing about it.. my griflriend got so concerned so she's acting like some servant lol ^^ and i really enjoy it hehe.. You see i can still laugh ^^ -Tony

When did i reach Rank 15 and 2000+ posts...? lol

hi there.. just saw i got rank 15 and made over 2000 posts in forums.. but i can't really remember when i reached it ^^ The only thing i know is, that i spammed a lot on the forums, maybe too much, hehe Now trying to get rank 20 , and more emblems, because I need to catch up a lot before my med-school starts again.. You can congratulate me, or just give some advice how to get more emblems :P -Tony oh and btw.. recently did some armwrestling with some friends lol.. and then someone emailed me a video from youtube.. i guess, armwrestling is not that safe i thought it would be :P here's the vid:

Your Most-Wanted movies - 2007/2008 !? Post, post, post, it!

Hello again... today will be a "post-your-most-wanted-movies-day". And since I'm a big fan of good movies, i'll start first.. 2007: Resident Evil: Extinction - ( 21st September 2007 ) 30 Days of Night - ( 19th October 2007 ) Saw 4 - ( 26th October 2007 ) Hitman - ( 21st November 2007 ) Aliens vs. Predators 2 - ( 26th December 2007 ) 2008: Cloverfield (aka Untitled J.J. Abrams Project ) - ( 18th January 2008 ) 10,000 B.C. - ( 7th March 2008 ) Indiana Jones 4 - ( 22nd May 2008 ) Hellboy 2 - ( 11st July 2008 ) Batman - The Dark Knight - ( 18th July 2008 )

New Games? Any advice?

Since i was kinda busy lol.. didn't have time to play any games, except a lil bit on my PSP now I wondering about what games did i missed? the last 3-6 months.. and nope i don't wanna play on PSP again. Some of your recent games would be nice. Feel free to leave some comments... EDIT: Genre, Platform etc. doesn't matter... but i would say i prefer RPGs

Wow.. long time no see GS ^^

damn... i'm back.. what's up guys :D i think thats prolly my first blog for 2007, pretty crazy huh? still can't believe i never made a new post here.. Many things happened... "still" in med-school 2yrs left till i graduate hehe.. now i got like 8 weeks free, and that means i need to catch up a lot! Don't ask me why I didn't make any new blogs, i guess i was too lazy or too busy. Anyway, I'm glad all the people are still here (some are gone, some are back.. though) I'll try to be a now more active (the next 8 weeks), so just make sure to check my blogs from now on thx :D c'ya all around.. - Tony

Okay long time no see.. was busy a lot with med-school

Just wanted to say "hiiiii" hehe.. long time no see guys, i'm so freaky busy all the time with med-school now working at hospital and got like 5-8 surgical procedures everyday and that means no real life for the next 2-3 months hehe.. but it's fun, i like my job now, can't wait to finish the school and work as a real doc :D anyway, i will try to post some more now and to be more active on GS, damn i missed it ^^ okay bye bye and cya around
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