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Wookies and Jedi Oh MY!!!!

OMG today i got an email that could potentially blow the led on Star Wars Episode III...its a spoiler for the book...which is based on the im struggling with my dark side on wither or not i should wait the 40 days for the movie to come out OR to the bad thing, join the dark side, and read that damn spoiler!!!!!....decisions....

PSP waste or haste!?!?

I want to say that PSP is by far the largest advancement in gaming history! Being the most powerful handheld to date, and coming with a flurry of multimedia functionality, i have to say that i am one of the many that want one....NOW!!!! Even though i do live in New York, and people have been stealing other people's i-pods, AND being that the PSP is being called the I-Pod of the gaming world, i am 100% confident in my desire for one...BUT with that said i do have many issues with the psp!! for ONE its price..I understand that it's a value pack...but what kind of value pack comes with things that you should already have...A 32MB Memory Stick Duo, headphones with remote control, lithium-ion battery pack, AC adapter, soft case and cleaning cloth, and a UMD demo disc that contains sample movies, music, and video game footage should all come standard......Furthermore, i would be crazzy to (a) buy a system at its launch and (b) buy a portable game for the same price as a console game!! Im sorry sony, but thats double dipping!!! A portable game should not cost $50..EVER!! but more than that a portable gaming device shouldn't cost $250!! Now THAT is crazzy....maybe its waayyy to early in the year to predict the first price drop...but i hope (and pray) that its soon...becuase YES i will be buying one...but NOT at that price..i would rather buy a mp3 player and call it a day! (lol) Oh well i guess by christmas (or my November) they will lower the price...

A Solem Prayer.......

Dear Father,

If the problem is me than change me, but if not than, please do not let our churches in the NAD North American Division, be social clicks, that we lock the people that we do not like out and only except the people that we do like in, when their is room at the foot of the cross for all, even though we have the right to pick our friends carefully as Christians, we do not have the right if we call our selves Christians to reject others, based on our their ability to keep up with the Jones's, or other social high lights of our day, because every one learns and grows differently, and the ministry of Christ is not about rejection, based on social clicks, amen!


Now Introduzing Adam Sessler And Moorgan Webb

So im bored and i was looking for some infor on Adam Sessler from G4's X-Play..Don't ask me why..i just was (ok! lol) and i found this article that just..sums up my feelings on how the show has kinda gone down the drain...
Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Posted 2:44 PM <> by Gus
WTF!?! Happened to Extended Play?
by Gus Mastrapa

Video game coverage on television is scarce these days. Admittedly, G4 <> (the video game network, not the computer) does deliver an entire channel worth of programming to select cable customers. But where does that leave the rest of the video game-playing viewing public? We're stuck with X-Play <>.

It's hard to know where to begin when trying to describe the colossal suckitude of TechTV's <> half-hour video game program. The best way to track the show's demise, perhaps, is to go back to the show's roots.

The Golden Years

Not long ago, there was a show on TechTV called Extended Play (and before that, GameSpot TV). It didn't suck. Well, it sucked at first, but eventually, after a long, arduous process of refining, simplifying and ditching Kate Botello <>, the program found its feet. By its last year Extended Play had become an exceptional resource for video game previews and reviews. As host, Adam Sessler <,24330,3422529,00.html> displayed an easy (yet occasionally dorky) demeanor that made him both a likeable television personality and a believable and trustworthy source for video game news and criticism. His review segments were clear and concise. In voice-over Sessler pointed out specific flaws or high-points in games while the corresponding game footage played onscreen. This combination of commentary and visuals, communicated the experience of game play in a way that print journalism could never achieve. The show was simple and to the point. Extended Play's goal of delivering exceptional video game coverage was met. All was good in the world. Then the roof caved in.

What's in a Name?

Earlier this year, TechTV revamped Extended Play and with all the finesse of a BFG 5000 blasted the show's accomplishments in to a fine, plasma-singed mist. The new show has a shorter, more extreme title -- X-Play. You see, anything that begins with an "X" is cool. Never mind the fact that Extended Play (a reference to bonus time earned while playing a timed racing game) actually meant something. Who needs meaning when you have street cred? The new, improved X-Play evokes the hip and young, like the X Games, the Xbox and every teen's favorite over-the-counter remedy, Maximum Strength Ex-Lax. Who cares that the phrase X-Play means next to nothing? The marketing department has spoken. Extended Play is yesterday's news. The video game demographic wants new. The coveted 18-to-24-year-old male audience craves television with the attitude of Eminem and the irreverence of South Park. And, most importantly, they want (Censored).

Enter the Uberbabe

Morgan Webb <> started her Tech TV tenure on the network's flagship series; The Screensavers <>. The show is an unabashedly geek-centric program and the best thing TechTV has to offer. It presents more useful information per hour than nearly any show on television. And, most importantly, the two-hour program is almost entirely devoid of the glossy trappings of modern-day television. The presentation is bare-bones and utilitarian. Hosts Leo Laporte <,23350,3370382,00.html> and Patrick Norton <,23350,3370394,00.html>, both computing experts, are a rare sight on television. They're photogenic enough, but compared to the square-jawed talking heads that you see on every other channel, they're downright homely. And that's their charm. They're real people who know what they're talking about.

Morgan Webb, on the other hand, is a bonafide hottie. She's probably the most beautiful woman on Tech TV, which is sorta like being voted Most Likely Not To Start Screaming Profanities On The Bus by your buddies at the local veteran's hospital. Still, Morgan's allure is strong. The Cleavaged One has, after all, inspired a hacker <> to propose marriage while defacing Madonna's website and beat out <> porn star Asia Carerra and Alyssa Milano in K-Rock's oh-so-clever Either/Or babe-rating contest. If TechTV's brass intended to provide the nation's geeks with a lifetime of masturbatory fantasies, they couldn't have picked a better co-host for X-Play.

The Woman For the Job

Like Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton and, her X-Play co host, Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb is an expert in her field. Don't let the lack of evidence on the Internet regarding her credentials fool you. Webb knows what she's talking about. Like Leo Laporte (who studied Chinese in college before going on to coding software, hosting high-tech radio shows and writing books about computers) Morgan has chosen to segue from her study of Italian in college into a career in tech journalism. As if this coincidence weren't qualification enough, she's actually played video games. That's right, according to her TechTV bio <,24330,3423691,00.html>; Webb mastered the Atari 2600 classic Combat "at an amazingly young age." Already, this makes Webb the most qualified female video game host on television. It's a sad fact; most women chosen to host video game shows know nothing about the subject that they so dutiful read about on their Teleprompters. Lock the whole lot of them in a room and chuck a Wavebird into the fray. It's not tough to imagine the scene unfolding like the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey <>. God willing, one of them will figure out how that confounded bone works.

With such lowered standards, it's no surprise to discover that Webb can't quite carry her own weight on the show. Her segments are unfocused, aimlessly wandering from one half-funny observation to the next. A recent report from Quake Con is a perfect example. Webb points out a couple of modded PCs, talks to a couple of gamers then latches onto the caffeinated soft-drink that's fueling the event; Bawls. Once she's exhausted this fount of humor, Morgan mugs in front of the closed doors of an exclusive Quake III multiplayer room, rubs the fact that she got to play the game in the viewers' faces and that's that. Another solid piece of video journalism is in the can. At the very least, we can take solace in the fact that Webb's fluency in Italian will come in handy when she lands that sought-after interview with Mario.

The Strange Case of Adam Sessler

Something happened to Adam Sessler between the last episode of Extended Play and the debut of X-Play. It's unclear exactly what went down, but it's now clear that the once calm and happy game aficionado has somehow been transformed into a high-strung spaz. Theories regarding the change abound. Some think that the old Adam Sessler was killed and replaced by a shoddy clone with a baboon's heart and Jerry Lewis' brain. Others believe that during the hiatus, Sessler became addicted to a new, synthetic drug called, "Nuke" and, despite his distaste for the new direction of the program's new direction, was forced to stay on in order to keep his dealer, Cain, paid off. Pundits whom haven't watched Robocop 2 one too many times hypothesize that the buxom Morgan Webb makes Sessler nervous. After all, she's hot and she plays video games. Heck, Webb even has a couple of inches on Sessler. With the cost of living in San Francisco and the state of the job market, who wouldn't develop an anxious tick? Evan as we speak some suit, from his perch high atop a San Francisco skyscraper, could be preparing to rain pink-slip death down on poor Adam and replace him with Cat Schwartz <>. Such a move would be our loss because, despite his amped-up demeanor, Mr. Sessler still has interesting things to say about video games.

Send in the Clowns

Sadly, much of the message Adam is trying to put across is rapidly becoming obscured by pointless visual gags (Corbis <> abuse anyone?) and stillborn jokes that would make the numbskulls that write SNL cringe. Somewhere along the line (probably when Extended Play was known to unearth the occasional comedic gem) someone got the idea to take the comedy ball and, like Minnesota Viking legend Jim Marshall <>, run with it. Apparently no one has the heart to tell the X-Play staff that they keep scoring for the other team. Those masochists who continue to watch the show are forced to watch episode after episode of an embarrassing victory dance, performed by those who still haven't figured out that they're in the wrong end zone. From the flat, disembodied voice whose decommissioned stand-up routine quips introduce every segment to the leaden slabs of banter which Sessler and Webb deliver with all the wit and acumen of Rupert Pupkin <>, every attempt at humor on X-Play does double damage. First, there's the cheek-spitting cringe that afflicts those with even the most rudimentary excuse for intellect and then, soon after, the pain that comes with the realization that another potential moment of video game goodness has been squandered.

The Blood and Guts

With all the flaws laid out like the rotten innards of a John Doe on the coroner's table the only question left to ask is, "Why?" Why in the name of Jebus would TechTV take a perfectly good show and make it, in the parlance of the hardcore gamer, teh suck? The truth is, that nobody sets out to make something (CENSORED). Surely, the fine folks at TechTV sought to give their viewers more of what they wanted. You can bet that a lot of thought (not to mention Ziff Davis market research, but that's another story) went into making X-Play bigger and better than its predecessor. On the surface they've done just that. X-Play has gained a fancy set, an attractive co-host and, one would imagine, a bigger budget. But in the transaction something has been lost -- something that the patrons of The Screensavers ought to be able to sniff out a mile away. Credibility. X-Play's ineptly playful new direction has undercut its ability to deliver informative, entertaining and, yes, occasionally funny, video game previews, reviews and coverage. Sure, everybody loves Adult Swim <>, but until they bottle whatever it is they're putting in Atlanta's water that makes Cartoon Network's original programming so damn funny, the folks at X-Play should stick to what TechTV does best - inform and entertain geeks in the most natural way possible, by chucking out the scripts and being themselves.

the link: <>
thanks Gus!
My Comments:
You know what!? Morgan is kinda hot in that girl accross-the-street-that-has-Nintendo-64-and-ONLY-two-controllors kind of way! BUT If you have seen X-Play now a days you could see that the problem with the Adam clone is that he hows gotten progressivly worse. I think now that they killed the old clone of out beloved Adam Sessler and replaced him with a newer wacker one. I once saw an entire episode where all they did was rag on the games instead of explain what made the games so bad in the first place!! Its gotten so bad that i ( a loyal fan since the Extended Play days) don't feel like watching!!! Its so sad..i feel bad for Adam...watching X-Play is like watching an S&M feel sorry for the guy getting kicking inthe groan, but and as hard as you try to turn away you just CAN'T!!!

Valentine Day Massacre

Valentine's day is fast approaching here in the U.S..Okay truth be told the holiday is weeks away, but from the look of most stores you would think it would be tomorrow.! But what i wanted to know is why is it that Valentine Day seems to be a girl only holiday!! I mean i'm a dude and i want something too!!! Why does it seem like the only people who are suppose to get gifts..(well at least gifts that require some thought) are the ladies...Now don't get me wrong, i love the ladies, but i mean i went out with this one girl and she asked me what iwas going to buy her for valentines day...and i replied by asking her what she was going to buy me!?!? And she looked at me like i was dumb or something, as if to signify that iwas not suppose to expect any kind of gift! Hey im human and i like to be appreciated too! So if there are any ladies reading this remember that your man, or the man in ur life may like a thoughtful present!!

Go Tell Ya MommA

As a member of a message board, it has come to my attention that there are more than a few people out there in forum world that just tattle on others. Though a lot of the time this is justified, sometimes it isn't!!!!! Don't you just hate those people who just use other people for their own pleasure (or in this case points) Hey Guys, and Gals, we are a community, if need be then you should tattle, but only if NEED be!!!! But if a newbie starts a topic and asked the worse game ever...just tell that person they shouldn't, don't allow them to be locked out!!!!!!! It serves no purpose....SO STOP IT

EA..Evil Association, or Earnest Authority!?!

Many of us, gamers, have had our feathers ruffled over the news of EA buying the rights to the NFL logo, and players, AFL, and ESPN. Wither or not you are a fan of Sega's ESPN franchise you know that some how this move is an attempt to simply wipe out the comepition. Some of us may be happy by this decsion, but the VAST majority will soon learn of the infinite downsides to a monopoly. The year 2004 could be seen (so far) as the Golden Year for video games. EA and Sega duked it out, and many industry leaders say that ESPN came out on top. So, like a spoiled child, EA (instead of simply creating a better product) decided to buy everyone out. Im surprised that they didn't buy out SEGA. The consequences of EA's actions are yet to see, becuase its possible to make a grreat sports game without the offical names or jersey's (I.E Winning Eleven 7) But with a sport that is sooo familar who knows the reprecussions...