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PS3 Platinum Trophies to date at 9th June 2013

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneUncharted platiunumUncharted 2: Among ThievesUncharted 2 platinumUncharted 3: Drake's DeceptionUncharted 3 platinum

infamous -                         inFamous 2 -                     Spec Ops: The Line

inFamousinFamous PlatinuminFamous 2inFamous 2 platinumSpec Ops: The LineSpec Ops: The Line platinum   

I have achieved 6 platinum trophies as listed above. I would have tried to go for the Tomb Raider Platinum but didn't enjoy the multiplayer experience, nobody likes multiplayer achievements anyway.

PSN Games 100% complete

I Am Alive                      inFamous: Festival of Blood

I Am Alive           inFamous Festival of Blood

Other games I'm keen for to end out 2013.

I will be getting THE LAST OF US as I had pre-ordered a while back, set for a 14th June 2013 release. I will have to wait for it in the snail mail, so hope to receive it the following week.

The Last of Us        Beyond: Two Souls I'm keen to pick up Beyond: Two Souls in October 2013.

Other gaming thoughts

I currently have these games in my collection (well besides Uncharted 2: Among Thieves & Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception):

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - Fifa Street

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition  Fifa Street Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

I'm going to sell my copy of TOMB RAIDER + Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to CEX as I believe they offer me a better deal than eBay :)

Thoughts on the PS4

PS4inFamous: Second Son

At the moment I am aware the PS4 is set to be released in November 2013 and I am a few days before E3 2013, but currently I would only be interested in playing inFamous: Second Son. So for me it wouldn't be enough to see me fork out the big dollars and get it on day one. I'm still enjoying my PS3 gaming experience and am still glad I sold my Nintendo Wii to be able to own a PS3. I'm not fussed about what the PS4 will look like I just hope it is a quieter machine unlike the PS3, this is my only disappoinment with the PS3 to date. If they have fixed this up and produce more games I would be interested in, then I would sell my PS3 in order to go for the new PS4 console.
Just as an end note to this topic does anyone actually own a PS3 slim console and know if that is quieter than the 80gb PS3? The reason I ask this is if it is I would consider picking up a nice blue one at JB Hi-Fi as they do sell them for about $300.

:cool: I'm more than just a gamer, I'm actually pretty active & play Soccer in a comp and also Kayak. Have you tried going outside?

Comments are welcome.

My Video Game List for 2011

Hey people, been along time:

So here are the games I want for my PS3 in 2011:

De Blob 2 - 24th Feb 2011

Batman Arkham City - Autumn 2011

inFamous 2 - TBA 2011

Uncharted 3: Drake's Decption - 1/11/2011

I Am Alive - TBA 2011

possibly Mortal Kombat(2011) - TBA 2011

Also I know this probably won't ever happen anymore but The Getaway 3 would be Nice.

What did I play in 2010 -

Uncharted 2, totally have platinum on both it and the 1st one :)

Green Day Rock Band

Rock Band 3

Batman Arkham Asylum

StarCraft II

Rock Band 2


Tekken 6

Modnation Racers

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

Tetris - cos its awesome

Well thats all the ones I felt deserved a mention.

Also in other news I went and seen the band REEL BIG FISH twice in Sydney in 2010, was so awesome!

Am going to see Millencolin at the end of FEB 2011. Hope RBF come back again this year.

Trophies n games

Yeah so I finished Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the 4th time and beat it on every difficulty + collected every thing and Achieved my first Platinum Trophy in doing so. Best Game & I'm Really looking forward to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

& with my other games I achieved some trophies in:

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe mainly just the ones for beating both story modes and then the ones for beating arcade mode with every character.

Then I traded Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe in towards Ghostbusters the Video Game

And I got the Trophies for beating the Single Player Campaign on Experienced Difficulty.

Oh and as for inFamous

I'm stuck on my 26th main mission Anything For Trish. I'm playing it on Hard and I've been doing the good deeds this play through but I'm not yet sure if I will play it through a second time.

Well I've got to finish inFAMOUS within the next 4 weeks so I can get Batman Arkham Asylum when it's released.

Oh Right

I finally bought a PS3 :)

Yeah so i finally went out and bought myself a PS3 80Gb console with Infamous, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe & Monsters vs Aliens at the Good Guys on sat 20/6/09 for $675. And it was the last one left in that deal. + it came with some duel charge dock thingo.

+ I also previously bought Uncharted Drakes Fortune off eBay.

I set it up on Sunday arvo 21/6/09 and played an hour of Uncharted and then tried out Playstation home for a bit and played some pool + bowling.

Uncharted is a really good game.

And I'm going to trade in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe towards Ghostbusters on Tuesday 30/6/09 at GAME so then I will only pay $39.95 for Ghostbusters after the trade in. Since I have beaten Mortal Kombat on my bro's 360 previously.

I'm going to trade it towards

I'm selling on eBay for like $45.

Well let me know what you think.

Me Wants a :)

Man I seriously want to get a PS3 80GB Console.

With the Following Games:

, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Lego Rock Band, Fifa 2010, Star Wars The clone wars


, , NHL 2010, Tekken 6

+ I want to use PLAYSTATION HOME

But I'm waiting on a great PS3 deal and I also need to sell my Nintendo Wii. And I also need to sell my Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour game and guitar + my Rock Band game and Guitar.

I will most likely buy one by the end of June 09.

Well please tell me am I crazy or what?

I'm So Over the Nintendo Wii

So here is my story...

I purchased a Nintendo Wii on the 5th of May 2007.

And now that I have played all of the following games on it, there is not much point of me keeping it anymore.

So Here are the order of what i played them & release date.

Wii Games:

GameCube Games:

VC Games:

& Bomberman 93

The only Nintendo Wii game coming out in 2009 that I want to play is which is basicly on every console anyway.

And then there is Wii Sports Resort where Nintendo introduces yet another add on to the Wii Mote As well as Mario Power Tennis.

I'm Really sick of add on's for the Nintendo Wii like the old skool controller, Nunchuck, Wii Balance Board, old skool Gamecube Controller just to name a few & now a new motion sensing gadget NO THANKS!

Man I really should of seen this coming and stuck with my first impression of the Wii when it first came out. I DIDN'T LIKE THE LOOK OF IT AT ALL with the Mii's and the no DVD player function and poor looking graphics.

But I guess I got sucked in by the price. It was the cheapest of all the 3 consoles WELL THATS WHAT I THOUGHT until I found out about all of these silly rules where u need to buy some form of add on to play different stuff with.

$388 - $400 for a Console with Wii Sports and sometimes also with an extra game.

But then I had to get a DVD player for $78 so I would be able to watch my DVD's & also an extra Wii Mote and Nunchuck as you do when you buy a console you would usually get an extra controller.

And once I found myself buying games on the VC I ended up having to but a old skool Controller for another $30, Oh and don't forget Rechargable batteries for the Wii Motes for an extra $30.

So Over all I ended up spending over $600 just on that clutter before any games.

If I new that the price of this hidden junk & coming upto the end of 2008 looking into what games will be out in 2009 & knowing the lack of good games that I would like to play on the Wii then I would never have bought it.

I would have bought myself a PS3 with a game which is a console that is really future proof well at least until they decide to bring out the PS4 but I believe that won't be until around 2012.

  • Well for starters it now has Dualshock 3 controllers & I prefer the controller having previously grown up with a PS1 & PS2.
  • BLU RAY DVD PLAYER which is for the DVD's of the Future and it's in built -unlike the Wii that has no Dvd player at all.
  • Awesome Graphic's -One of the things the Wii really lacks
  • FREE Online Play -The way it should be since every one is already paying for their internet connection, Which is why I believe no one should have to pay extra to play games online etc.
  • Region Free Games -So people can get games that aren't yet released in Australia & still are yet to have a release date yet like ROCK BAND 2.
  • They are releasing a HD TV set top box/recorder for TV's which is something I will need to have for 2010.
  • And Most of all Games galore for 2009 & beyond -well ones that I like for once anyway (even though I'm still annoyed that they decided to stop making the game called The Getaway 3)

Game's I would like to play on the PS3 are:

Coming in 2009:

Also: Tekken 6, Prison Break: The Video Game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Fifa 2010, Uncharted 2


INFAMOUS, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion, NHL 2010

Previously played on XBOX 360 or Wii that are also on PS3:

Now Playing on XBOX 360:

I know you probably think I'm mad for being interested in buying a PS3 when I own a Wii & a DVD player as well as my brother owning an Xbox 360.

But I'm really bored of the Wii & I don't like the Xbox 360 controller, I also don't care about Microsoft Points, XBOX Live is a Rip Off it should be free and I also don't want any time clashes with playing games or wanting to when my bro is cos it's his Xbox 360.


Please leave a comment.

My Christmas Presents

Guitar Hero 3 Bundle Lego Star Wars Reign Over Me dvd The Pursuit Of Happyness dvd

Manchester United Shirt With Ronaldo #7 off eBay for $60. Reel Big Fish Monkeys For Nothin' and the Chimps for Free CD

Green Day Warning CD Green Day Shananigans CD

and a 2008 Socceroos Calender, a Pair of Black Jeans shorts they are awesome, And a Crazy Puffer Fish that you can blow up and it has a ball inside it that if you hit it against something it flashes 2 different colours.

And I've been playing Guitar Hero 3 Heaps I think I'm Addicted to it. hehe.

I finally found out how to make a banner

So Have a look at my new banner I put on it 2 games that I will be getting for Christmas I'm really looking forward to playing them.

Well I have to work tonight 24/12/07 from 6pm-10pm and it's Christmas Eve. But then I get to have 2 days off Christmas Day and Boxing Day then I will be back to work on Thursday night 27/12/07 at 6pm.

I'm thinking of making the background of my banner black cos I think it would look alot better. let me know what you think?

And tomorrow I'll let you know what I got for Christmas If I get any time to do that.

Great Australian Christmas Gaming specials

On Sale Thursday Dec 13th- Wed Dec 19th 2007


Playstation 3 Console 40GB at Big W XBOX 360 20GB Bundle at BIG W

PS3 $598 at Big W XBOX 360 with viva pinata & forza 2 $498 at Big W


$76.84 at Big W $78.84 at BigW $44 at Big W $44


Nintendo Wii console with Wii Sports

$348 at Kmart

JB Hi Fi All games below are on sale at JB Hi Fi.

LINK'S CROSSBOW TRAINING & WII ZAPPER $44 (Remote and nunchuck not included).

Wii Play with remote $64

Guitar Hero III Bundles

PS3 & XBOX 360 bundles $139 each.

PS2 Bundles $117 each.

For other great games that I haven't mentioned at great prices go to JB Hi Fi there stuff is on sale until the 24/12/07 unless sold out.

Also don't hate me for doing this I was just bored. And I'm trying to save you money by letting you know about the best prices that are out there.

If you don't like this then I will delete it. Let me know what you think.

New Games for my Wii

The Simpsons Game: I'm now Playing this Game. I bought it 24/11/07 at Big W and when I got home and opened it up they had put the XBOX 360 version in the Wii case so I went back today 25/11/07 to get them to change it to the Wii version for me. It cost me $70.96 Australian.

Lego Star Wars: I picked it up on the same day as The Simpsons Game and had the same problem but they fixed that one also. Getting this one off my Sister for Christmas. It cost her $66.60 Australian.

Guitar Hero 3 Bundle: I picked it up on the 10/11/07. Getting it for Christmas for my Older Brother. It cost him $93.10 Australian.

Super Mario Galaxy: I'm getting up early on Thursday the 29/11/07 to go and buy it on the first day it comes out. I'm getting it for my younger brother for christmas. It cost me $73 Australian. (I got it today 29/11/07)

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles : My younger brother is getting it for my older brother for christmas. We picked it up on the 14/12/07 which was the day after it was released in Australia. It cost him $74.90

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