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Dust 514 Beta and what i had gotten from SCEA.

Well there are many in the gaming world who would love to be a part of the Dust 514 Beta, I know I would but it is a very "tight squeeze" to obtain such access, one would either make an account w/ eve and if the timing was right then access may be w/in reach. Eve account holders may get treated w/ a "consumer care code", a good gesture and a way to show thanks of patronage. The fest was also a way to obtain a key. Or you could get a msg like i did, from SCEA, an email which was in response to my inquiries of beta keys and the fact that the core of playstation 3 users were mainly sidelined with the beta, when it will be the same core that will be the breath of Dust 514.. Anyways here"s what the email they had sent back.. Please read. Subject i was wondering if i could somehow get in touch w/ someone who has knowledge of ... Discussion Thread Response Via Email (Teran H.) 04/19/2012 11:42 AM Hello John, Thank you for contacting Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). My name is Teran and I am happy to help you with this. I apologize for any concern or frustration this has caused you. I am an avid of fan of both sci-fi and 1st person shooter titles and can certainly understand your desire to try this game out as I have been following it for some time as well. If you are a PlayStation®Plus subscriber, like you mentioned you are now, you will be able to download the Beta. We are releasing the Beta today, however, we update the PlayStation®Store throughout the day so please keep an eye open for it. Once available, you should be able to take advantage of your exclusive access to the Dust514® Beta. Also, please note that the time the content is available for you, will vary from your location and time zone. Thank you so much for your patience John. It has been a pleasure providing you with this good news. You will be receiving a brief survey in your e-mail about the customer service I was able to provide you today. When you do receive the survey, I would really appreciate any feedback or comments you can give about my personal response to you. Have a nice afternoon! Sincerely, Teran H 1-800-345-7669 WHAT !!!???? *Goes offline and turns playstation on, checks store.. nothing... still nothing.. okay um, more nothing.* Where the heck is it? I unfortunately relayed the msg to my cousin( good thing hes blood) and some gamer pals(not very happy atm with me). My cousin tells me that this cant be true, no word of this anywhere.. So i called and the story had morphed and twisted about 15 times in a matter of 3 calls, what is troublesome is that it was confirmed in the first call and then it seemed to just become a big pile of inconsistent statements and information, I will not elaborate on the calls because some of the dialogue was so inaccurate that its "unbelievable"... End result was "an internal investigation", one which i would not know the details or conclusion of, basically the person who sent the message would be "coached" because the supervisor stated this to be completely inaccurate, and although I can understand the "investigation" being of a private nature, I was not very happy about the fact that nothing was really being addressed in "the now", Unfortunately information such as this can be harmful to someone who's living is based on providing accurate information, obviously its my judgement that deems the "accuracy" of certain content but coming from the horses mouth one would think it would be pretty accurate especially when one SCEA rep claimed " marketing can take many directions, sometimes secrecy / stealth type drops and releases do happen" , this being a response when i had addressed my concerns of no information found anywhere to support such a release. SCEA reps went from supporting this release to not knowing anything about it, then morphing towards the direction of "sony has nothing to do w/ the beta codes, only the maker of Dust 514 controls that", really? well thats funny because the Dust 514 website was opened in one of many windows i had running at the time and they had stated sony was releeasing beta codes, 5,000. But in any event my initial email to SCEA did in fact disclose that i was very aware of the dynamic of the closed beta , the keys and process. All i did was voice my thoughts and opened an email in response to such.. Well this was a clusterduck and transpired through out the day and night yesterday, The general statements being of "this was inaccurate information and shouldnt have happened, well here is what i got today after i sent an email trying to touch base and get a better understanding, and "save face" more or less with those who i relayed the msg to.. Well this caught me off guard.. please read. Subject we would like a number or email which is higher in the chain than this knowledge... Discussion Thread Response Via Email (Necoline A.) 04/20/2012 08:15 AM Hello Jeff, My name is Lena, and I am a supervisor with Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA). I have reviewed your account, and previous emails. First, I apologize for the frustration this may have caused. I understand your frustration that the information you were given was not provided in a professional manner. I would be more than happy to address your concerns about the email you received. I am very sorry that you feel that we were making fun of you; however, that was not the intention of the response. At the time we sent you the information regarding the Dust514 Beta this was the information we had available. Once the beta is made available to PlayStation®Plus subscribers, you will be able to download the beta from the store as Teran mentioned. I can certainly understand your frustration that the beta is not yet available to you, and I am very sorry for the frustration this has caused. Jeff, I will most certainly document and submit your complaint for you. However, if you prefer, you may also write a letter to us using the address below: SCEA ATTN: Correspondence PO BOX 5888 SAN MATEO, CA 94402-0888 Thank you very much for your patience and time today. Sincerely, Lena A. Consumer Services 1-800-345-7669 What !!??? So Lena A. you are now telling me that this information was of accurate content at the time it was sent? Something had happened from the time the email was made and a few hours later when i was on the phone with SCEA? So it was accurate, the beta was to be released to all plus members but something had changed in a 3-4 hour time frame. All the conflicting information from SCEA during phone calls and through other emails were all of misinformation, all of it.. including this email which was sent later in the day..please read. Discussion Thread Response Via Email (Sarah P.) 04/19/2012 06:24 PM Hello Jeff, Thank you for your reply. My name is Sarah, I will be assisting you from here. I sincerely apologize for any frustration this may have caused you, and I am more than happy to further assist you with your inquiry regarding Dust 514. I was able to find some information regarding Dust 514 on our blog, but I have not found any information regarding the beta for the game. Since Dust 514 is published by CCP games, they are responsible for all information that is released regarding the beta. Jeff, I understand how frustrating it is that there is no information available regarding the Dust 514 beta and I do apologize. In addition, I have done further research and I have found that the Dust 514 beta is not yet available. I do apologize for the miscommunication. I know how upsetting this can be and I would be frustrated too. I recommend visiting our forums at or contacting the game's publisher, CCP Games for more information regarding the beta for the game. I have included CCP Games contact information below: I truly apologize again for any frustration or inconvenience this may have caused you, Jeff. Thank you for your time and patience, as well as the opportunity to assist you. You may receive a customer satisfaction survey in your e-mail. We would love to hear your feedback, as it lets me and my supervisor know how I helped you today. Sincerely, Sarah P. Consumer Services WHAT???!!! So what just happened? I went in knowing facts of Dust 514 beta, came out w/ information which defied what i understood to be accurate, simply followed up to get more info and got nothing but what is a text book run around, but in the end your story is that this info was true, at the time it was sent but it isnt anymore but it will be accurate in the future. but please take a survey and tell us what you think.. Well i think that this is crazy, i think that saying "hey someone screwed up, sorry live long play" would be better than putting it on spin cycle and actually supporting the inaccurate content by basically saying "nothing wrong happened, carry on and take this email about the ps vita" VITA? you are sending me emails on how to buy a Vita? "why the hell is this dude making a big deal out of nothing" may be on the tips of some viewers tongues, but this is unacceptable, information can make or break someone. This information did some breaking, and the follow up / last email is of such a confusing nature that i am not able to post in within my realm until im able to authenticate it, the content of it must also be proved to be inaccurate in terms of the beta not being slated to release for plus users at any time yesterday.. This really brings me great caution to not relay anything, regardless of the messenger or origin and to wait for something to "touch down" before engaging in what people would consider "speculation" and "rumors", well the business of real time information is very unforgiving when "speculation" ends up being nothing more than a "rumor",but this had genuinely caught me off guard, unfortunately SCEA reps supported this claim in real time via phone, and thats when i pressed "submit", and then i get spun around like a top and have a nice little mess to clean up..