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  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Gunvalkyrie.
    User Rating 3
    20 Years Later, Still Living In the Past

    Gunvalkyrie sought to bring arcade action to the Xbox but instead only succeeded in bringing itself down. Coming from SEGA subsidiary Smilebit, the company behind SEGA GT and Jet Set Radio, they retur...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of LongStory: A dating game for the real world.
    User Rating 4
    Should've Been Shorter.

    First and foremost, the devs intended this game to be played by open-minded young people who may potentially share a common trait with the character they are playing or with the myriad of others throu...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Far Cry New Dawn.
    User Rating 3
    Consistently Inconsistent

    In games past, the only two antagonists of the FarCry games that I didn't hate were the Jackal from 2 and Vaas from 3. Jackal was untouchable and he proves it halfway through the game, Vaas' personali...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise.
    User Rating 8
    Punching At the Right Weight Class

    UPDATED REVIEW, update is past the original post.By it's own merits Fitness Boxing 2 can't hold out against the fitness giant that is Ring Fit Adventures, but it doesn't have to. It's not out there to...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of ONRUSH.
    User Rating 4
    Rushing Headlong into Oblivion

    OnRush is a game that will be forgotten within 10 years, if it hasn't been already. There will be no sequels, there will be no leagues, there will be no appearances at major events. There was never an...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo.
    User Rating 4
    Could have been a contender....

    If the WRC and DiRT series could be compared to Gran Turismo and Forza, then Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo could be compared to Driving Emotion Type-S: a one-off game from SquareEnix (back then just Square...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Langoth.
    User Rating 2
    Some games just shouldn't be made

    If Jared Leto made a video game, this would be it.If a headache could be digitized, this would be it.If a bad LSD trip could be turned into polygons, this would be it.If boredom could be made into gig...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Gravel.
    User Rating 6
    Only off-road racing fans need apply

    Gravel feels like the lovechild of Sega Rally Revo and either Split/Second, blur, or OnRush.The physics seem to vary from "steady as she goes" to "tre flip your car after hitting a jump wrong." It str...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Motorama: Classic Racing.
    User Rating 2
    It's just racing and upgrading, nothing more

    Hey all you cool cats, you ready for some mediocre racing?Put on your blue suede shoes as you hit the gas and your car seemingly goes nowhere! Don't try to drift (even though drifting wasn't a thing b...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of WRC 7.
    User Rating 7
    Not much under the hood, but still worth it.

    Have you played WRC 6? Then you've played WRC 7. Besides a boost in graphical fidelity, it's almost the exact same game and even some of the courses are repeats. I know that it's modeled after the 201...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Ridge Racer Unbounded.
    User Rating 7
    A Ridge Racer game in name only

    If anything it's just a Flatout game in an urban environment. Besides the DLC, there are no cars from the Ridge Racer series, only music tracks from previous games. It has a learning curve to it and n...

  • BIGMercenary wrote a review of Anthem.
    User Rating 5
    An unfortunate jump in the wrong direction

    Anthem started out as a great game with plenty of things to do: places to explore, enemies to take down, weapons to discover, a story of decent length, and endless possibility. Where it fell apart was...