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Hey Everybody

It seems like forever since I've been on this website. I haven't totally abondoned it, but decided to sign up for different

websites and give them a shot, like Youtube, Myspace,, etc. If you want to add them then tell me and I'll be

glad to give it to you. By the way, the REAL reasons why I haven't been on are because of a horrible, slow computer, (it would

not load very quickly), Final exams in school, Xbox 360, School itself, (sophmore this year, yay.), my girlfriend, and basically

YouTube, Playing drums, singing, playing bass guitar, my band, among other things. This may not sound like me, but over

the time of my absence, I became an indie rocker/emo kid. Yeah, I'm not lying. So, if you want to start talking to me again

then go right ahead.

I`m Back!!

2 months have gone by fast so, here are the reasons why I`ve been gone that much

1. Myspace

2. Xbox Live

3. School

4. and no comp for 2 weeks

What I got for Christmas

1. Ramones white T-shirt

2. Ramones greatest hits CD

3. Wristband that saysIam Mclovin

4. A box of Axe and assorted deodarents

5.BB gun

6. $160

7. A guitar stand for my bass

8. 2 packs of 1600 MP (Microsoft Points)

9. Simpsons T-Shirt

10. A wristband from my ex. (she wanted me to get her something)

11. Pool Stick

12. Rock Band


13. a chain