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De Blob 1 vs 2

Now that I am more than half way through De Blob 2, I can compare it to the first. First of all, the two games have completely different moods. The first one is a little more generic, where the second introduces new shapes (OMG! Triangles!) and new building lay outs. The world looks way better in the second one, even with out an HD console. I have to say I liked having the Free Paint option in the first, but it's absence in the second one shouldn't make you hate it. The controls in the first may have been annoying at times, but I wish they wouldn't have thrown all motion controls out. All waggle too much, no waggle not enough. But you don't have to listen to me. Play them both, and then share which one you prefer.

Game Spot vs IGN vs Nintendo Life

These are the three main gaming sights I use most. Theyind all are great, but the question is, which is best? Nintendo Life is the only one that lacks a leveling up system, but also has the most updates and headlines. IGN has the best atmosphere, but forums can not be acsessed by non subscribers. Game Spot has an excellent achievment system but lacks frequent stories and features.Over all, the winner is:IGN. But don't think this means I don't like the others. I love them all.

My Top Five

I've played them all, I've loved most of them. But here are the ones that deserve a spot in my top five Wii games.

1.Donkey Kong Country Returns

2.Monster Hunter Tri

3.Super Mario Galaxy 2

4.Kirby's Epic Yarn

5.Metroid Other M

Why platformers are greatly unappreciated

This year at the GameSpot Best of 2010 awards, one thing hit me. Most of the great games on the Wii are platformers. Although this might look unattractive to the average Xbox fan boy, it can really be quite wonderful. Platformes (especially side scrolling ones) are simple and easy to pick up. They also make multiplayer more enjoying as you usually don't have to mess with bad graphics and tiny split screens to play with your friends. We also can't forget that this is where video games really started. So I would love to see more platformers on the Wii and on all systems. Just think about a nice, smooth side scrolling Metroid on the Wii (or Wii2) with a New Super Mario Bros. like co-op mode.

Where do video games go from here?

It seems like the quality of video game consoles has gotten close to a maximum for at least another 3 or 4 years. So the question is what will sony and microsoft do to keep people interested. Because it has almost gotten to the point where countless first person shooters and sport games have started to get boring. So I either want to see a new system or a simple upgrade to a 360 ps3. So what do you think will happen to keep people interested in video games.:question::question:

Golden Eye Movie vs. Game

Last night, I finally watched Golden Eye, the movie. And I hate to say it but I think the Cut Scenes in the game were ten times better than the Movie. And, the movie dose not really make any sense. The movie doesn't explain any thing and there are little to no action scenes that are exciting, and I personally hate Pierce Brosnan.

Tired of being ripped off?

Are you tired of being ripped off by gamestop, when they buy a game from you and sell it for twice as much? Here is what to do. 1. Go in to Game Stop and figure out what they will give you for your games 2. Record the price they are selling those games for used 3. Figure out what the average between those to numbers are 4. Stand out side Game Stop with a sign saying what you can buy them for from you, and what they cost at Game Stop used, and you and the buyer will both save some money Example: DJ Hero Game from Game Stop used:45$ they will buy it from you for:5$ you sell it for: 25$

What has gone wrong with the gaming industry?

Ever since the very first atari games, gaming has became more and more expensive to buy, and less and less creative. Now that game developers have there hands on some very realistic graphics, they have leaned away from the idea of coming up with creative game designs that required nothing but some simple, colorful dots moving around the screen. And this means a couple things. Games take longer to make and take more money to make. So now, instead of simple games like centipede(my personal favorite) we have very complex(and expensive) games like call of duty.
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