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Tekken Dark Resurrection is GREAT!

I brought it yesterday ~when it was released~ and ive been playing on it and it handles so well. I has to be the best beat-em-up on the psp so far. I recommend it to anyone who has a psp.

I wonder what Guilty Gear Judgment will play like.

Uk Wii release date 8th December and 179 pounds

Ya im so happy finaly a release date for the Wii role on the 8th of december. £179 isn't bade either it comes bundled with Wii Sports, the Wii remote and the nunchuck controller and will be abour 15-20 games on release day.

We better get it at work

Byakuya Oekaki Doodle

I got bored ealier so i thought i would do a quick doodle over at oc and this is what the out come was. I haven't drawn anything decent in a while having a major mental block.

New Haircut, Manga and Games

I got my hair cut on friday looks ok never had it done by the person who did it, mine was away.

I brought some new manga, good i got to find more room for them now. I brought :-

Fushigi Yugi Vols 11, 12, 13
Wild Rock ~yaoi~
Oh My Goddess ~damn can't remember the names of them lol~
Record of Lodoss War The Grey Witch Vols 1-3 ~complete~

As for new games i brought :-

Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble ~psp~ Pretty good can get a bit confusing
Street Fighter Alpha3 Max ~psp~ pretty good for a fighting game will tie me over till the new tekken comes out or prehaps Guilty Gear on the psp
Onimusha 4 ~p2~ haven't acutally played this yet lol, if its like 3 then i will prob like it

My First Blog and Review!!

Ok this is my first time writing here =)

Also wrote my first review, im not great at writing so don't expect to much lol. Give me a pencil and i could forever, make me write and its not great lol.

Heres my review on the New Super Mario Brothers DS http://uk.gamespot.com/ds/action/supermariobrosds/player_review.html?id=356906 Sorry to any1 that acutally liked the game, cause i thought it was a big dissapointment as you will tell when you read it! =)