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save and reload trick does not work on the pc version, however you can go to a map having 3 areas like say numor mine, you defeat all monsters in the great tunnel, move to LSM zone and kill them all, next move to excavation area and clear it......now backtrack to great tunnel and the monsters should respawn only in the great tunnel, now move to excavation and the monsters will respawn as well........so its one-map-away trick,

alternatively, if you hate indoor dungeons like me,go to the searing cauldron-great sand sea(divains/deathclaws) try to clear the area completely and you will end up in 9999 chains

are you using mystic seal for grinding?

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its simple , your current BR vs your enemy BR decides your stats,

by stats i mean strength, intellect,speed, hp,ap etc, so if you are at BR 4 and fighting a monster who is at BR 40, then you will receive huge bonus towards your stats, your endgame will be smooth and you will do godlike damage,

on the opposite side, if you want to destroy some frustrating bosses like fallen, the seven, the ala melviana, the charged idol and all other early bosses you can do heavy grinding and launch gae bolg every turn ,yes...every turn...

however that will affect your later recruits who wont be able to gain that much stats and may die in every battle...

so its basically your choice and how you want to play