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Dar be gremlins in the TV,com website upgade

Oh my flipping Nora! And expletives to that effect! Why oh why has a half-arsed upgrade been forced on the community?! I really hate being forced to be a beta-tester and cant understand the need to try to upgrade the whole site in one go without testing each module in part and uploading that as and when it was tested to signoff!

Ive just lost three reviews because I can't add a rating after Ive written the review header and body! To say Im peeved off is a blindingly obvious understatement!

That said, I do like the new colours and layout, I hope that and over-zealously placed features are removed. And I will be supporting it once the gremlins have been located, marked and terminated with extreme prejudice!

That said, my rant is over! Let me know what you think - but please keep within board rules! ;)

Ill be leaving uploading any more reviews unless I really cant help myself!

I salute those that perservee in the meantime!


And so it begins.....

First let me welcome all and sunder, my fellow TV addicts - to the first post of my blog.

Given that a number of fellow users are now tracking my contributions, I thought it prudent to use the generously provided blog system to update those interested in my whereabout and my intentions for the forthcoming weeks.

Over the last month Ive been away from this excellent site due to the dreaded W - word, that Work. To much to do, not enough time, yadda, yadda, yadda! I now have over 200 hours of viewing to catch up on from both Heroes season, to repeats of ST: Voyager and the latest runs of Numb3rs and The Unit.

With work now on caught up with, well by the end of this week, that will be the case, Ill be looking to get Shark season 1 out of the way and complete reviewing The Unit and Reaper seasons 1. After that, I will be looking to work through ST:TNG seasons 4 and 6 and then Numb3rs season 1 and 3.

In the meantime however, I have copious amounts of handwritten reviews for L&O, L&O-CI, L&O: SVU, Numb3rs season 2, ST:TNG and a few other bits a pieces to update.

So heres a big thanks for those of you who are even mildly interested in my opinions, reviews and critque - what little there is of it. I will aim to get through as much TV over the next couple of days and weeks as I can, to focus on reviewing in near realtime.

Anyone reading this, be safe and prosperous.