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Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 3)

Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 3)

Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 2)

Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 1)

Best Freeware Platformers (Part 2)

Best Freeware Platformers (Part 1)

10 Commercial Games Released As Freeware

C.lassic Multiplayer Fun On SNES

C.lassic Multiplayer Fun On NES

Video Games Art

Local Multiplayer Fun On PC (with gamepad support)

Best Short Films For Free

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update september 2010:

"The Arena Shooter Tribute - 93 Arena Shooters In 10 Minutes"
(6 sec clips of each game)

for new discoveries and gameplay videos i recommend to check out the arena shooters on my site.
(every game mentioned here is featured there... it is also much more convenient to browse and each game comes also with a gameplay video etc)

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Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 1)
Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 2)

Related Forum Thread

Great Top Down/Arena Shooters (No Freeware)

wanna more?
then check out this impressive huge list made by neist of
this list covers hundreds of multidirectional shooters.
i think this list is pretty unique. great work.

Big List Of Multidirectional Shooters

Grid Defender 2
12 MB
Download Site
Gameplay Video (Arcade Mode)
Gameplay Video (Asteroid Defender Mode)

Grid Defender 2 is a good looking arena shooter with neon graphics inspired by Geometry Wars.
Kill the enemies, earn money and upgrade your ship.
Very nice.

WASD - movement
Mouse - aiming
LMB and RMB are used for different weapons

SYNSO2 - Squid Harder
17 MB
Download Site
Gameplay Video
Review on Tigsource
Review on Indiegames

SYNSO2 is an awesome, frantic, fast paced and colorful arena shooter with
lots of eye candy and effects.
It requires laser sharp attention and fast reflexes.
choose 1 of the 4 levels and try to survive 1-4 minutes.
Also check out the prequel which i have already mentioned on
best free arena shooters part 2

arrow keys - movement
z,space,shift,ctrl - shooting
(gamepad is also supported)

SUAVE- Sport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme!

5 MB
Download Site
[installation required]

SUAVE is a polished fast paced 3rd person tank game with
pretty graphics and smooth gameplay.
Due to the fact that it features also an optional top down view
i consider this game as some kind of an arena shooter.
moreover the different camera angles causing a total different
gameplay experience because of the different
control scheme as well as the different perspective of course.
(for example: if you press D you roll to the right...unlike the
3rd person view...when you press D you turn your tank)
it takes a few minutes to get used to the fast paced gameplay
and the controls.
but then its really fun to race and shoot your way through the arenas.

either dual analog gamepad or usual wasd for movement and mouse
to turn your weapon 360°...left mouse button to shoot and right
mouse button to pick up/change weapons. (the volcan weapon is great.
chaingun s.tyle)
moreover you can activate a limited so called time device...which is
basically a bullet time mode.
(default is that you hold down space to activate it)

i recommend to configure the controls in the menu as well as to adjust
the graphic options for more eye candy...
(hint: change the timing mode from "vertical sync" to
"smooth". that way the game can be played in full screen without
causing the game to crash)

the game comes also with a well made html manual with lots of
pictures and useful infromation (about enemies, powerups and
weapons) and an inbuilt editor.

1 MB
Download Site
Gameplay Video

jayenkai (developer of the excellent alien deathmatch 1+2
[arena shooter greatness] and centipong [psychedelic breakout] )
has made a new very cool fast paced asteroids clone with mouse controls.
shoot the rocks and avoid the fragments that are caused by the explosion.
collect powerups like: tripleshoot, doubleshoot, shield, freeze and bomb.

only mouse...its that simple.

it features online hi scores and abstract nice swooshy graphics.
its also pretty hard...for that reason jayenkai implemented a chill mode
if you want to have a not so frantic and more easier gameplay.
then hit TAB to start the game.
its the "chill mode" there are no exploding fragments included.
(the hiscores will be not submitted to the hiscore table in that mode...)

for fullscreen mode:
Just open the program using -full as it's parameter.
right click the icon, create shortcut, and add -full to the target...
it should look like this

Tank Domination
3 MB
Download Site (scroll down)
Direct Download Link

after stumbling over an article on about the very good
vertical bullet hell heli shooter Demolition Gunner(Direct Download Link)

i gave Tank Domination from the same developers a closer look...and its a
great bullet hell arena shooter in which you - obviuosly - control a tank.
the gameplay is very smooth and the bullet patterns are pretty fair.
this game is level based and there are also bosses to destroy.

shoot with Z and throw bombs with X (the longer you hold it the further
you throw it)
its also pretty important to use the bombs, especially to serve
the bigger enemies.
btw when you shoot and hold down Z you lock your shooting direction
(as usual drive in one direction and shoot in another)

(first boss appears in level 5...the 2nd in level 11...)
moreover the implemented level select function is pretty useful.
that way you can continue from every level you have already beaten.

Return To Sector 9
11 MB
Download Site

its basically a collection of 9 different (arena)shooters.
crisp graphics, nice sound effects and good gameplay...
fantastic arcade fun.
the best in my opinion are:
return, jellyfish, protection and goldrush.

when a sepcific score is reached there will be new ships,
new colours and medals.
get the bronze medal in each game to unlock the next game mode.

there are 2 control schemes:

1.) keyboard controls:
(for the games return, ambush, jellyfish, protection,
gold rush, rescue, doomball)
control your ship with cursor keys and turn your shooting
direction with Z and X (or 1 and 2)
no need for a fire button because of autofire.
but you can press space for a power shot (limited)

2.) mouse controls
(for the games windmills and last stand)

here the game modes in detail:

destroy waves of enemies and kill a boss at the end of each level.

destroy massive waves of enemies.

escort motherships from the left side to the right side and destroy
the attacking aliens that want to bring the ships down.

control a jellyfish, destroy the enemies, eat spaceman to grow. when
you have eaten a few of them you will transform into a big jellyfish
and then you are invincible for a limited time. in that form try to
destroy as many enemies as possible to gain massive scores.

collect little spacemen and bring them back to the mothership.
watch out for enemy waves and asteroids.
you fly towards the direction which you are currently facing. look at
the bottom of the screen for coordinates.

->gold rush:
similar to rescue but better (no asteroids and better enemies)
...collect gold and bring it back to the mothership.

a puzzlegame in which you have to bring 2 bombs of the same color
together. when the bombs have found each other they disappear with
an explosion as usual. attach a bomb to your ship by touching one
and detach the bomb by pressing Z.

defend your windmills. mouse controls. (similarities to the c.lassic game
missile command)

->last stand:
defend your ship which is placed at the middle of the screen by
shooting the enemies. mouse controlled. you cannot move you ship,
only your cannnons.

5 MB
Download Site

gunroar (from kenta cho) is a pretty abstract vertical scrolling arena shooter
that evolves progressively into a bullet hell shooter.
as usual great visuals and smooth controls.
moreover the different control schemes providing a different gameplay
experience. (keyboard + mouse, dual analog gamepad)

also worth to check out are his other games, especially
Torus Trooper (an extremely fast third person tunnel shooter)
and Tumiki Fighters (a horizontal sticky shooter...
attach pieces of defeated enemies to your ship in order to grow to a huge
screen filling ship of destruction)

10 Commercial Games Released As Freeware

well here you will find good commerical games which
are released as freeware now.
some of them are ad supported.
(i havent tested all the ad supported versions but
for what i have heard the ads are NOT ANNOYING.
cause they appear in pause menus.

ad supported games:
psi ops
the suffering
full spectrum warrior
area 51
rise and fall

for more games visit the
Wikipedia Entry

According to JP_Russell

Psi Ops, The Suffering, Rise And Fall, and Area51 contains Starforce.So use at you own risk.

Related Forum Thread

Psi Ops
(brutal 3rd person telekenesis action)
2,5 GB
User Score: 8.6
Download Site

The Suffering
(brutal 3rd person horror action)
1,2 GB
User Score: 8.2
Download Site

Full Spectrum Warrior
(tactic action)
1,6 GB
User Score: 8.2
Download Site

Area 51
2 GB
User Score: 7.5
Download Site

Rise And Fall
2 GB
User Score: 8.0
Download Site

Gore Special Edition
0,5 GB
User Score: 6.0
Download Site

0,7 GB
User Score: 8.1
Download Site

(Top Down Action)
0,3 GB
User Score: 7.7
Download Site

(Top Down Action)
0,3 GB
User Score: 7.7
Download Site

Savage: The Battle for Newerth
0,4 GB
User Score: 8.1
Download Site

Savage 2 - A Tortured Sould
1 GB
User Score: 7.9
Download Site

Best Freeware Platformers (Part 2)

well the Best Freeware Platformers (Part 1) blog entry has reached its maximum capacity.

so heres part 2.

extra tip: consider to check out my RELATED THREAD WITH MUCH MORE PLATFORMERS

(the thread is much more up to date)

Holotz's Castle
5 MB
Download Site

a polished platformer in which you have to collect all the keys
(or blue stones - depending which chracter you are currently playing)
in each level an then reach the blue exit stream.
fine retro graphics, good controls and funny dialogues makes this a
good platformer experience.
controls are cursor keys + space for jumping. (and enter to restart a
level or for skipping whole dialogues)

the first few levels are extremely easy.
the game gets interesting when there appear swinging ropes, many
traps and enemies.
and when you receive your lovely green high jump boots ;)

for the game over screen thing:
simply hit enter when you get hit to instantly restart the level.

Blob Wars - Metal Blob Solid
10 MB
Download Site

a cool mission based retro action platformer with plenty of blood.

7 MB
Download Site

well done mix between platformer and fighting with up to 4 players.

Alex Adventure
8 MB
Download Site

a very good surreal exploration platformer.

5 MB
Download Site

polished platformer in the vein of castlevania.

Eternal Daughter
9 MB
Download Site

very polished epic castlevania s.tyle platformer.
(scroll down for download link)

Streambolt Desero
2 MB
Download Site

short but polished and fast paced run n gun.

Runmans Monster Fracas
4 MB
Download Site

jump and run away from a giant green monster that is hunting you.

2 MB
Download Site

this game is truly a MASTERPIECE! it feels and looks very polished.
the graphics, music, sounds, controls, combo system, powerups...ALL...
pure greatness!
kill the pigs and bats with your pogo stick . awesome!

hint 1:
there are 5 levels and in each level your time is limited.
so...only collect the level up bubbles when the time is nearly over and not instantly
when it appears. that way you maximize your playtime cause when you enter the next level your time meter will be refilled.

hint 2:
there are several power ups and one is a combo maximizer. its the one with a face innit.
collect it and then kill the bats and/or pigs shown at the bottom in the right order to get massive combo points.

gameplay video

Online Hi Score List

Special Agent
5 MB
Download Site

well do anyone remember the c.lassic shareware platformer
secret agent from apogee?
this looks and plays like a sequel with improved graphics.
it has also a nice soundtrack.
very polished game...move over the map and select a level you want.
then you get a short briefing which mission you have to accomplish.

you control your agent with the arrow keys
jump with S
shoot in left direction with A
shoot in right direction with D
(you can choose in options menu to use only one key which means
that you shoot in the direction you are currently looking)
press TAB to leave the briefing screen or to show it again.
also press TAB if you dont want to submit hiscores.

HOLDING ESC to go back to the menu
(first i left the whole game with alt+f4 until i discovered this)

on the map screen:

F8 to select full screen
F7 to switch between one or two shoot buttons.
F6 to switch between gamepad or keyboard controls.

Mission Extreme
2 MB
Download Site

this is a real retro platformer. great 8 bit s.tyle graphics and fluid controls combined with a good gameplay. shoot your way through the well designed levels, upgrad your weapon, defeat the enemies and bosses and rescue the hostages.

Move :Arrow Keys
Jumping :X
Shoot :Z
Up+Shoot :Grenade
Down :Jump Down
ESC :End game

3 MB
Download Site

interesting puzzle platformer. very well made game! demake of a psp game called crush. this game is in 2d and you can switch it to 1d to solve the puzzles. thats fun.
watch the little gameplay video to see what it is about here
"In Crush, the player can compress the 3D view of a level into a 2D view and transverse the level as if it was a 2D platformer. In Squish , the player compresses 2D views into 1D!"

Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 2)

update september 2010:

"The Arena Shooter Tribute - 93 Arena Shooters In 10 Minutes"
(6 sec clips of each game)

for new discoveries and gameplay videos i recommend to check out the arena shooters on my site.
(every game mentioned here is featured there... it is also much more convenient to browse and each game comes also with a gameplay video etc)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

due to the fact that the first entry about arena shooters has reached its
maximum capacity i decided to make a new one to cover the other titles.

Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 1)
Best Free Arena Shooters (Part 3)

Related Forum Thread

Furthermore you can also check out my other forum thread which is about
Great Top Down/Arena Shooters (No Freeware)

wanna more?
then check out this impressive huge list made by neist of
this list covers hundreds of multidirectional shooters.
i think this list is pretty unique. great work.

Big List Of Multidirectional Shooters

Moreover also worth to check out :
these sites which cover a much brighter spectrum of shooters.
they do a great job in informing about anything shooter related.
highly recommended for shooter fans.

Shoot The Core Blog

Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!
6 MB
Download Site
Review on indiegames

SYNSO is a very fun arcade arena shooter with similarities to the great
c.lassic robotron 2084...
smooth controls, fine lovely pixel retro graphics and frantic gameplay makes
this game a must play for any shooter veteran.

alien robots are invading and disturbing you on your birthday(!).
play a mutated radioactive raging squid and show the invaders from
planet thwig what you have to offer: some serious "beams of electro death"!
fight back the alien robots for 8 minutes to communicate a clear message:
its not clever to disturb a furious atomic squid on his birthday at home while
it has a relaxing cup of tea. ever.
so whos the king of the ring? the arena is open for a squid on his awesome
revenge to fight for for his own territory!

control the squid with arrow keys and let him shoot in the direction he is currently looking by pressing z.
alternatively use your gamepad.
press TAB to enter the options menu and choose wheter you want effects
(good if your pc can handle it), a time display instead the bonus points
(you gain 1 point every minute so i recommend to choose the timer for
having more detailed info about your current progress) and some other
options like practice mode for training purposes...

Alien Deathmatch 2
3 MB
Download Site

well the first release of alien deathmatch 2 came out today.
like in the predeccesor hordes of enemies, many weapons + powerups + online hiscores.
choose a level and hit SPACE to start.
controls as usual. wasd + mouse ;)
time for online hi score hunting ;)

Alien Deathmatch

3 MB
Download Site

thanks to planetfreeplay i found this game today.
a well done arena shmup with hordes of enemies, many powerups and
many many maps.
smooth controls, cool action and similar graphics to alien breed makes
this a fun game and therefore it becomes the newest addition in the
arena shooters hall of fame.
(interesting:the developer mentioned on his blog that he will make a sequel)

Kobo Deluxe
2 MB
Download Site

not a real arena shooter but the fact that it has multi directional
shooting plus the fact that it is great fun were enough reasons for me
to put it up here.
the game is very polished and has smooth innovative gameplay.
you have to destroy all the bases on the screen.
when you destroy the blue balls they trigger off a chain reaction
and destroy some parts of the base...but when you destroy the
yellow ball it triggers a big chain reaction and the whole base
the difficulty levels raises progressively.
you can also choose the c.lassic mode (which is the basically
xkobo with improved graphics) or choose the new modes in
which you have a shield and a faster fire rate...

controls are arrow keys and shift for shooting. (you shoot forwards
and backwards at the same time whhich is a important strategic element)

the game is ported to pretty much other systems. check the site out for further informations.

highly recommeded! check it out...!

2 MB

Download Site
Info Site
Gameplay Video

a very good boss arena shooter.
control your ship with arrow keys, aim with mouse, shoot with left
mouse button, boost with right mouse button and change your weapons
with mouse wheel.
by destryoing a boss you can choose to power up you "R"= Regeneration
"E"=Energy or "P" Power.

hint: before starting the game, first start the config to enable sound
by unchecking "dont load sound file" and checking "play sound" and
"play bgm".
moreover you can also change some graphics if you want to.

Theseus - Return Of The Hero
32 MB
Download Site
Review on gametunnel
the developers of the alien shooter series and zombie shooter
have released one of their games for free.
its like their other games a cool top down shooter with wasd movement
and mouse aiming.
(select weapons with 1-9 and activate fllashlight with F)

kill hordes of aliens in the survival mode or in the the campaign mode.

- 10 missions, mostly taking place in open spaces;
- lots of playing locations: forest, village, highway, city battles etc;
- 6 types of weapons;
- ability to upgrade the main character;
- inventory shop where you can buy newest equipment between missions.

6 MB
Download Site
Screenshots and Game Info

a very well made arena shooter wit great graphics, power ups, a nice
water effect and cool 3d background.
plays best with a dual analog gamepad...cause you know,
its an arena shooter ;)
unfortunately you cannot shoot 360° s.tyle with a gamepad...
only 8 direction s.tyle. but you get used to it.

as an alternative you can choose wasd movement + mouse shooting.
which is 360° s.tyle shooting of course.

Generic Arena Shmup
17 MB
Direct Download
Download Mirror

well this is another brand new very good arena shooter which is
meant to be played with dual analog gamepad.
(but can also be playeed with keyboard + mouse of course)
i followed through the development process and tried the previous beta
versions...and now im proud to present the final version here.
the developer is now working on a new game. cool guy.

fluid gameplay and good nice graphics.
choose from 3 ships: average ship, fast but not so strong ship,
slow but strong ship.
you can also activate some bombs which soaks all the enemies in
with a nice graphical effect.

Survival Crisis Z
8 MB
Download Site

wohooo...lean back guys i have probably found the best free bloody
zombie killing survival game down isometric is it
fun to kill these zombies in this game you may ask....?
it is...! just move with wasd through the streets , aim with your mouse
and kill in a splattertastic will find different weapons to survive
the zombie hordes and you will meet different zombies...slower and

the movement was a bit awkward (for me) in the beginning cause of
the iso perspective...pushing W let you move in the upper right
direction...about 45 degree...but after a few minutes you get used to...
oh and i recommend in the control settings "absolute + mouse"

i have tested only the arcade mode so far ...which offers arcade action
in real time...
but i think there is also a mode with more tactical and rpg elements.

this game was sold for about 10$ earlier but is now freeware.

so...enough talk the videoclip and check it out
Gameplay Video

9 MB
Download Site
(download info: scroll down then you see in the right a play offline
headline, click "download this game now")

another enjoyable arena shooter with special movement:
control your constantly rotating and shooting ship with arrow keys and
stop the shooting direction by hitting you can shoot straight.
release the Z key for rotating again.

in the first 6 levels you have to survive for 30 seconds...then defeat
the boss within 30 seconds...easy.
after you have finished them play the "hard levels" in which you also
have to survive for 30 seconds...and they are more a challenge.

then there are 6 special modes(two minutes, waves, double fire,
bombs, bullet hell, insane) to unlock.

and there is also a online hi score:

currently im 2nd place world wide with 475.500 ;)

30 MB
(requires NET 2.0 or later + XNA 2.0 which is included in the installer)
[installation required]
Download Site

you play as a turtle with a gun on your back and try to escape the
laboratory where you were created....this game seems to be fun but
unfortunately my machine cannot handle it....

a possible reason could be that my graphics card isnt shader 2.0
however maybe this game runs on some of your machines...if thats
the case report if this game is good.

anyways...the production values seems pretty good according to the
screens and the 2 ingame videoclips which can be watched on
the website...

Grid Assault
5 MB
Download Site

what to say. great game. geometry wars clone. offers good playability
with the dual analog gamepad.
but theres one negative point: its timed and will stop after 6 miutes
of gameplay.
i think its because to get not involved into copyright infringements.

Granny And Snowmen
16 MB
Download Site
(download info: scroll down to the "play offline" section in the bottom
right and click on "download this game now")

cool arena shooter. grab your machine gun and help granny to defend
your house from the invading snowmen.
also get a few more weapons and power ups on your massive
defence. ;)

additionally here the cheats (if needed)

Enter during game:
AMMO - a lot of guns
GOD- god mode on 99 sec

(from the makers of Ancient Ants Adventure and Lost Snowmen.)

Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD

7 MB
Download Site

thats what the game says:
You're Earth's last survivor and with your time traveling groundhog
sidekickyou have to combat the vast troops of robotic liberation army!
Blast your way through dozens of bastard robots and if you die, just
travel back in time and use that your advantage.

finally i found out how this game doesnt worked on my machine.
it needs NET 2.0
so i have installed it and it works. :)

damn that game is funny. you play on a paperblock and have to
destroy the robots.
there are the tiny robots and later the stronger.
cool graphical s.tyle..
the interesting part is: when you are problem you start the
level again but you are not alone now cause it loads the same level
and you see yourself playing in kinda replay s.tyle (like any racing
games when you choose time race and race against your own best
time...and you see yourself transparent)...

so you are two soldiers now fighting the robots...and everytime you
get killed your legion grows...MASSIVE FIREPOWER ;) so kinda
coop mode...great fun...unfortunately only 4 levels yet...
i hope the developer will make more...

3 MB
Download Site
[installation required]

completly controlled with the mouse (except the smart bomb with
move your ship with the mouse and change the shooting direction
by pressing the mouse buttons.
the game features 100 levels.
the first 10 levels are very easy...then it gets harder.

Classic Multiplayer Fun On SNES

well here are 20 recommended games for the SNES.
check out the boxshots and the screenshots.

here you can watch gameplay videos

16 hrs, 40 mins of gameplay for 16.5% of all SNES games in the US.

i have also updated the C.lassic Multiplayer Fun On NES blog entry and added a few more games. (20 games in total)

SNES gameplay videos

Contra 3

TMNT IV - Turtles In Time

Street Fighter 2 Turbo

TMNT - Tournament Fighters

Final Fight 3

Captain Commando

Super Double Dragon

Battletoads In Battlemaniacs

Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Super Smash TV

Pocky & Rocky

Pocky & Rocky 2

Super Bomberman 3

Pop n TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventures

Pop n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures

Secret Of Mana

Secret Of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3)

Super Mario Kart


Tetris Attack

Warios Woods

more multiplayer games which i will add maybe later with box and screenshots.

  • Rock n Roll Racing
  • Micro Machines 1+2
  • Sunset Riders
  • Total Carnage
  • Metal warriors
  • Tetris/Dr Mario

more multiplayer

Classic Multiplayer Fun On NES

You need some great multiplayer games for the good old NES?
well here you will find 21 recommended games with boxshots and screenshots.

here you can check out gameplay videos

60 hrs, 32 mins of gameplay video for 96.0% of all NES games in the US.

NES gameplay videos


Super C

Bubble Bobble

Mario Bros

Ice Climber

Nintendo World Cup

Snake Rattle n Roll

Chip n Dale

Balloon Fight


Turtles 2 - The Arcade Game

Double Dragon 2

Smash TV

Snow Brothers

Bomberman 2


S.C.A.T. - Special Cybernetic Attac Team

Legendary Wings

Lifeforce (Salamander)


Warios Woods

16 more multiplayer games which i will add maybe with box and screenshots later

  • River City Ransom
  • Double Dragon 3
  • Turtles 3
  • Blades Of Steel
  • Ice Hockey
  • Jackal
  • Guerilla War
  • Commando
  • Tetris 2
  • Dr Mario
  • Toobin
  • Gauntlet 1+2
  • RC Pro AM 2
  • Super Off Road
  • Double Dribble
  • Tecmo Bowl

more multiplayer

Best Freeware Platformers (Part 1)

here on this list are only games that i have enjoyed...i cannot
guarantee that you will also find them fun but i think in this thread theres
a quality standard given. so the probability is high that you enjoy most of
them if you like plattformers.

for more games check out this blog entry Best Freeware Platformers (Part 2)

for newest updates about freeware platformers and other genres consider to check out my new site

the site evolved out of my thread which is about promisingly good freeware games in development.

heres the Announcement of Pixel Prospector on

extra tip: consider to check out my RELATED THREAD WITH MUCH MORE PLATFORMERS

(the thread is much more up to date than this blog post)


metroidvania at its best.
this game plays like a charm and all fits in perfect. the graphics, animations,soundtrack,story,atmosphere,controls,fluid gameplay...

Download Site


futuristic action platformer/ action puzzler hybrid. great production values.

Download Site

very smooth and fun one screen jump n run

Download Site

Rescue: The Beagles
awesome gameplay. rescue the beagles, shoot enemies with owls,
land safe with parachute and use your rope to get to above stages.
just double tap up to use your rope and tap down to use your parachute
to land safely.

Download Site


jump n run with bounce feature...bouncing against walls.your shoot
projectile acts like a boomerang.

offical site seems to be down.
heres a mirror
Download Site

Icy Tower
climb the tower with multi combo jumps.

Download Site


short castlevaniaesque game...about 30-60 minutes.

Download Site


polished turrican sequel/tribute. but its a hard game.

Download Site

Super Mario War

awesome death match stomping fun with many modes

Download Site


fun jump n run physic based game with a rope.
Ninjah is a fast paced action-puzzler. The general idea is to get from
A to B as quickly as possible with the help of your trusty, if not
slightly elastic, ninja rope and use your gun as a jetpack by shooting
at the floor...

plus slow motion ability.

movement - wasd
left mouse button - shoot
right mouse button - rope
space - slow motion

the site is down...therefore heres a mirror.

(the game is not very famous and wasnt hosted anywhere which i can
not understand cause the game is great...the few game sites that had
this game listed have only linked to the official site which is down...
so check out this little gem)

Direct Download

Within A Deep Forest
Knytt Stories

these 3 games offer exploration jump n run gameplay with great music,
sounds and graphics
Download Site


chill out exploration jump n run with nice graphics and sounds

Download Site


good turrican remake

Download Site

T4 Funeral

another good turrican game.

Download Site

Legend Of Shadow
jump n run with huge jumps,shurikens and sword action

Download Site

The Cleaner

jump n run /shoot action with fly ability

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ninja jump n run action with wall jumps and stealth
the download link with v.1.11 behind cause all is written in japanese
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Blip & Blop

jump n shoot. fun in the beginning but gets repetitive later. ok game.
check out this cheats cause later it gets hard and unfair
create a shortcut on desktop-> right click->properties->write cheat
behind the exe->for example->
C:GamesBlip BlopBlipBlop.exe" /cheat
now when you start the game you can use your Function keys:
F1 = Munition
F2 = Cowbombs
F3 = Lives
F9 = Next Level

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The New Satan Sam
jump n run action with combo attack gameplay.

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jump n run shooter / run n gun. good game but the player moves too slow.
the developers currently making a sequel...i hope this will be faster.

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action jump n run
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trial and error one screen jump n run. fun in the beginning. but the
later levels are nearly unbeatable

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(use this site for infos, comments and screens and the below link for
download cause the download link on the above site is down )
the official homepage of the developer is also heres a mirror)

you are trapped in a dungeon and have to find a way out...a way
through massive amounts of traps such as swinging axes, circular saws,
crushers, lava....
yes the game is bloody :)
you have no energy bar, you have a pain-meter. when its full your
dead...but when you are wounded you can wait and rest a few seconds
to recover fully.

good game with fine controls.

so heres a gameplay video...check it out so that you know what its about
Gameplay Video

6 MB
(scroll down and click on download this game now in the play offline
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or download it from here
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cool platformer in which you play an astronaut and hop from planet
to planet with a gravity feature like in super mario galaxy...rescue the
wubblys and let them fight on your side against the enemies.

little 20 sec gameplay review clip (4:10 min - 4:30 min)
Gameplay Video

90 MB
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you have a magnetic suit and its about switching polarity so that you
are attracted or pushed away by magnets. great.
platforming + polarity feature. higly recommended.
by the way the game was a winner at the independent games
festival 2008. (

the game is not very hard and thats no frustration is given...
if you die you can instantly continue.
the game takes about 15 - 20 entertaining minutes to finish.
anybody who have only the slightest interest in platformers should try
this out. oh and if it with a gamepad.

if you want you can check out the trailer on the site.

3 MB
Download Site
(click the link with the 2,57MB description at the bottom of the site
to download)

in short: this is a polished jetpack shooter action game that plays and
looks like a very good snes game.
good level design and dificulty is allright (the energy kits are well placed...)
game is in japanese but thats no problem cause you dont need to
understand anything to enjoy this game.

anyways here i will explain the basic gameplay and what to do to get

Z shoot
X activate jetpack (tap slightly in air so you dont need much fuel and
stay longer in air)
C hold down to change your weapon

when you press down and hit X you will shoot homing missiles
when you press up you will talk to persons or enter the terminal
ESC pause menu and status

what to do:
allright first you have to walk to the left until you reach the end of
the screen and talk to the person that stands there.
then you come to teh next screen.
talk to that person too.
now training mode is activated and you have to destroy all the
targets and go to the left.
same procedure a few times.
(i think about 4-5 training sections)
after you solved this the first level starts with real enemies.

when you start the first level you see a terminal.
press up to enter it.
now you will see 3 options(4 to be exact but the the option on
top isnt selectable)

so i recommend that you save your progress and then start
the first level.

  1. not selectable
  2. choose between training mission and finished levels
    (if you choose one you have to confirm your selection->
    first = yes....second = cancel
  3. save function (just press Z to save... if you want to load
    a saved game you have to go back to the title screen)
  4. exit screen

later in the game you can buy items and upgrade your weapons.
choose the thing you want and press Z.
X is for canceling.
to equip your new bought stuff press ESC and go into the status menu.
here you can choose and exchange your slots by pressing Z and
selecting them.

30 MB
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a new fantastic action platformer with epic story.
played it now for about a hour (finsihed level 4) and its a fine game.
this game took the developer 3 years to make.
action platform shooter with interesting story, well made cutscenes
and cool soundtrack.
its much to read but it fits good into the game.
the game gets better and the beginning, well the game
explains the basic mechanics and rpg elements, upgrading and stuff...
but in level 2 and 3 the game becomes very interesting and fun.

watch the trailer for the game
2 min Trailer

moreover check out indiegames blog with many comments
Tims blog entry on indiegames

Local Multiplayer Fun On PC (with gamepad support)

so here we go....recommended multiplayer games for pc with gamepad support.

if you search for gamepad supported games in general then check this useful thread from Vampyronight out which features a list of gamepad supported games for pc.

There is also a complete site dedicated to coop gaming called Co-Optimus

super mario war and multihero are playable with 4 gamepads....little fighter supports 2 player with gamepads and 2 on keyboard... plus they are all great freeware games:

4 player Multiplayer Freeware FUN

Super Mario War 1.8

(about 14 MB)

its a multiplayer death match stomping fun game with lots and lots of modes and great playability and gameplay.

gameplay clip.

4 player multiplayer fun


(about 10 MB)

very good beat em up/jump n run in the vein of super smash bros brawl with well known characters from different games.

gameplay clip

4 player multiplayer fun

Little Fighter 2

(about 12 MB)

good sidescrolling beat em up ...up to 4 players...2 with gamepad and 2 with keyboard

gameplay clip

4 Multiplayer Fun

Streets Of Rage Remake v 4.01b

(about 70 mb)

fantastic remake of the streets of rage series with new modes, moves, graphics...and most important smooth gameplay.

2 player mode available...1 with gamepad, 1 with keyboard.

Current version :
8 characters
43 locations having multi-path splits
52 enemy types keeping all of their moves
37 different remixes
Options and modes not present in the original

gameplay clip

2 player multiplayer coop fun

Affordable Recommended Multiplayer Games for PC

2 player coop...these lego titles are plain fun no matter how old you are.

Lego Star Wars (third person action jump n run/ about 15 $)

(2 player)

->demo available;title;8

Lego Indiana Jones (third person action jump n run/ about 30$)

(2 player)

->demo available;title;1

Lego Racers 2 (fun racer / comes in a bundle with the lego racers 1 for 10 $)

(2 player);title;0

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (action side scrolling jump n run shooter/ coop mode or different battle modes / i think between 2$ and 5 $ )

(up to 4 can decide to play local on one computer with 4 gamepads , over the internet or lan)

->demo available;title;0

Future Cop LAPD (third person action with great 2 player battle mode / i think between 2$ and 5 $);title;1

it seems that here is a freeware(?) remake in the making

The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (hack n slash action with funny coop mode / i think between 5$ and 10$)

->demo available

X-Men Legends II : Rise Of Apocalypse (action rpg brawler / about 8$)

(4 player)

->demo available;title;6

Shadowgrounds (top down action / about 10$)

(2 player)

->demo available;title;0

Shadowgrounds: Survivor (top down action/ about 20$)

(2 player)

->demo available;title;1

Assault Heroes

great top down action! (about 10$)

->demo available

watch trailer and download trial (56 mb) here;title;0


more multiplayer games on one screen that could be good (but i havent tested them by myself)

Fantastic 4 (brawler action / about 5$);title;5

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