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Bought a 360 today.

I've been pondering for weeks should I buy one or just buy the Wii on the 19th. So I thought to myself today should I buy one and if I do, I might regret it. But once I saw the review for Gears of War, my second guessing days were over. Jumped in my car and headed for Walmart. I was utterly shocked to find out they didn't have Gears of War. I was irate and I was just about to lose it. So I bought the system (came with GRAW & Arcade unplugged) and picked up Perfect Dark Zero. Plus I was extremely excited that PDZ was only $30 CDN. Plan on buying GoW and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion sometime down the road. Also I finally found the FFXII strategy guide, so I bought that as well. In the end I think I made the right decision and on top of that a hot Walmart chick carried my 360 to the door.

It looks like a very riveting and entertaining system, but is it intricate or intuitive ? Will I regret my decision ?

Can't wait for Halo 3.