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My faith has been restored (thank you, Vanquish).

I picked up Vanquish the other day for review. I have to say, my faith in the industry has been restored. It simply is brilliant. Outstanding. Outlandish.

I struggle to recall a game from this past decade that has been fueled by so much invention. Even the game's credit sequence -- yes, the credit sequence -- is new and exciting. By borrowing from the best, Platinum Games has come up with something fresh. It has the cover-centric fights, the slow-mo, the B-movie plot, but it nonetheless feels singularly different.

For a complete and utter package, this is my game of the year thus far. I've seen complaints on the web that it's too short -- four hours, they say. Rubbish, I say. I finished the game on Medium and it took me 7 and a half hours. That's not including the countless times I had to restart sections and the cutscenes I absorbed. In reality the completion time is closer to twelve hours. At any rate, I don't see how the length of a game can be a measure of its quality. I had more fun in my brief time with Vanquish than I had in the thirty hours with Red Dead Redemption. You don't blame a book for being short, or a movie for keeping it succinct? If short and sweet works for the subject matter at hand, then why should it be any longer?

I dare say that if Vanquish was twice the length it'd be half as good. What it has is bits of everything. Great boss battles, an amazing sense of scale and a wonderful location, I might add. Providence is an exceptional creation, cylindrical in shape. It shifts the traditional into the extraordinary. Gunfights play out in all manner of interesting ways. Boy, I could rave about this game for hours, days; it simply has IT ALL.

Needless to say, pick this up. I hope the game sells well -- if it doesn't, I blame the cover, which makes it look like an arcade Genesis title rather than the inventive, expertly crafted third-person shooter it is.

Honestly, the best third-person shooter I've played in years; in fact, make that the best game.