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My 4th Favorite Game Of All Time

Half-Life 2 (PC, 2004)

This scene didn't actually appear in the final game, but the rest of Half-Life 2 certainly lived up to the hype.

Despite arriving well past its initial 2003 release date, Half-Life 2 made an earth-shattering impression. It saw the return of the silent, crowbar wielding figurehead of the resistance movement, an unwitting spearhead behind the people's liberation against Dr Breen's oppressive regime: Gordon Freeman.

Much had changed since Gordon's 1998 outing - the game sported a complete visual overhaul (not surprising, considering the six year gap) and with a revolutionary physics system, unforgettable water effects and a gravity defying "gravity" gun, Half-Life 2's new campaign was as timeless as ever.

The seamless blend of chapters helped push home the sentiment of a continuous, freewheeling story taking place over a dozen or so hours, while boat rides and flimsy buggies transported Gordon to his next port of call. Revamped enemy AI helped keep the gunfights as challenging as the original.

Half-Life 2 is still as impressive as it was four years ago. It's the definitive shooting experience with impeccable pacing. While the Steam authentication system is a mild blemish, Half-Life 2 still warrants fourth place.