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Anybody know of a website that is looking for talented reviewers? (PC Games)

If so please post here. I've already got the one and the adreanline vault one and the latter would have been perfect had there not been an 18 and above restriction :(

If i dont find anywhere to write for as one of the main men so to speak then i will of course continue to post my reviews on Gamespot, and probably will even if i'm writing elsewhere too :)

Now that i have bought upgrades for my current computer and will get access to them at Xmas i'm going to be doing a lot of reviewing of late :)

I'm of course going to write reviews for HL2 and perhaps DOom 3 and definitely Halo, and a lot of other big name titles. Looks like im going to have a lot of fun these holidays. :)

If anybody would like to see my existing reviews visit my profile and if you like them trust me! Oh and i always take comments and or critiscism regarding my reviews!