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The Red Dragon

Following a similar theme i've just finished with the Hannibal entry, here is a tatooe that the killer from the movie the Red Dragon (which Hannibal Lecter alias Anthony Hopkins also stars in)

Just watched Hannibal, whoooo

Hannibal is a thirller starring Anthony Hopkins...Here are some pictures related to the movie...

These are some pictures of the mask he wears in the movie, he has a penchant for biting people so this mask is useful for counteracting this obsession.

These are some pictures from the movie: news

The site is looking good. My friend is doing all the designs and stuff and i think it looks pro..

I'd appreciate any comments. When new sections are added ill post them here. The site should be up and running quite soon.

So what's been happening the last couple of days?

The last couple of days have been pretty cool.

As you won't know i'm on my summer holidays (i live in south africa) and have been since December 3rd. I haven't been doing much these hols, who ever does when they have so much spare time?

At least i havent done much until a couple of days ago....

OK, so it's 1:50 AM in the morning at the moment, and my eyes are starting to melt so bare with me.

On Wednesday i had to go with my mom to this shi*** shopping centre to look for shoes for my older brother. Ha, she's so cheap that we had to find the cheapest factory shop. Finally we found a place that sold pretty cool Adidas' at a good price. I pointed out the shoes to my mom and she was like, OK, they look nice. Then she started wandering about picking up other, inferior shoes and saying: "but these are nice, what about these." I mean, come on, she asked me to come with her purely so that i would find something that my brother would like and then she starts ignoring me?! Anyhow, we went home a few minutes later, (not before i had had a good lunch at a coffee shop nearby tho*) without anything bought. (My mom was going to try and persuade my brother to come with her and try the shoes on, and they went today but it was so crowded that they couldnt find anywhere to park.)

Two days ago was much cooler because i went to a cricket" title=""> (Cricket definition for the ignorant) match with my buddy, and it was a nice warm day, and there were plenty of nubile girls around :P

Unfortunately my dad embarassed me a bit by dancing in his seat when music played during the intervals, but he gave me plenty of money for food and drink so that was OK. :D

My friend came home afterward and slept at my house. In the morning (yesterday) we messed about outside and played a bit of soccer and a bit of hand tennis (you hit a tennis ball with your hand :P)

He went home at 11AM and i had nothing to do, so i messed about on my computer for a bit, and then watched the cricket match on TV (england VS South africa) until about 5PM. Ate some food, played outside with a soccer ball. Then i fell asleep at about 6 and woke two hours later. Started playing C&C Red Alert 2 a couple of hours later and got into it. What pis*** me off about that game tho is that you get the missions where you have to kill all the enemy soldiers but spend like 10 minutes trying to find one more elusive building. It sucks.

Well now it's 2:03 AM and i'm going to mess about online for a bit longer, maybe mess about on Paint Shop Pro and then go to bed.


* While i was eating at the coffee shop (we were sitting outside) several nubile girls walked by and i couldnt help glancing at them, hehehehehe, well my mother proceeded to make stupid comments and try and act all racy and make like cat whistles. I mean, god, shes 46!

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