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I Think This is Harder

This is certainly a maze. Find your way around this logic:

Before I start: yes, those are nails.

If I was taller, would I have more friends? Would more girls be attracted to me? I'm only 5'11", so it would make sense that these types of questions pass through my mind quite often. Here is an example to demonstrate how I came to this conclusion: Today I walked into school around 5-10 minutes early. I was sitting there for a good 2 minutes (wtf?) before I heard a voice say "Hey, why is your book so big?" I turned towards the direction of the voice to make my response. "That's because I have a different translation." Seems casual, right? Wrong. She was fat. What the hell is that? Why the hell wasn't the hot girl sitting only 2 desks behind me trying to make conversation? Ridiculous, right? Well, that was just the tip of the BS-Burg.

No one else tried to talk to me for the remainder of the period. When all of them had perfectly good opportunities to make conversation. I tried to present myself as nonthreatening and as approachable as I possibly could. I was drawing pictures of flowers while mumbling to myself (with the intent of projecting my mumbling to others) about puppies. How is this threatening? Why wouldn't you approach somebody interested in such nonthreatening interests.

All of this lead me to the only logical conclusion: I wasn't tall enough for any of them to talk to or even associate themselves with, and apparently the fatty that tried to talk to me didn't get the message.

Society has no room for me, just prejudice. I'm going to ask my parents if I can just drop out of college and stay at home for like a year or two. I'm not sure how long yet. WoW doesn't PRE-JUDGE me by my height.

A Union for Sure - Edit

**** it. I'm going to start a union now. I'm not doing so much that I can't manage a union. So, I decided on a title. WTFG or GFTW. One of those :? I know that it will be an acronym for sure. Its going to be a humor union, but I need people who will help me write articles! There is no way that I can keep a good flow of content in by myself. When I say articles though, I mean original articles that you made up. Nothing can be stolen. If you want to show somebody else's creation in the article then you must give them credit. I got some ideas for topics that will hopefully get the Union rolling.

So... charter members?

Edit: By the way, I now have a YTMND account. I love that website :D

Just copy and paste this into the address bar, I'm having a hell of a time making a link.

Ahh! Hot!

I'm eating a very hot Burrito as I write this. So whats up with me? Well its late at night and I'm listening to this Thom Yorke CD; its great :D. The Apricot Fiesta is over!!! No/yes!! Its this big fiesta (festival) we have every year in our town. I only go to see friends from school because its usually just ****ing boring and hot.

This year I went just to, by chance, run into this girl, whom I did not see once! DAMN IT! Its cool though, I still have the rest of Summer. Despite this, I still had a good time this week. I hope my whole Summer is great.

By the way, I just thought I should let people know for no reason what-so-ever (I mean that I'm letting you know without a real reason) I am getting a Myspace account again. I had one in the past, but I'm getting one again. You might have noticed in the about me section here on GameSpot, it says that "I hate MySpace" Well, I changed my mind (I can do that!) It has to be the people there that give the site its reputation, not the site itself. Possibly, written in the source code could be a command that reads "</makethissitesuck>" but I don't think you can do that in HTML. I just think it will be easier to keep in touch with the morons... ahem.... my friends from school.

So, how have you guys been :)?

P.S. I don't think my Union will be up for quite a while, I've been busy hanging out lately.

Charter Members!

I'm ready to create my union! I just need some people to agree to be charter members. I'm making a Humor Union since there really aren't any good Humor Unions out there (since when is spam ****ing funny?!) I still haven't decided on a name yet, but I'll just surprise you guys. Now, who wants to be a Charter Member?

I'm back!

I'm back from my suspension. The 3 days just flew by. I have had a lot to do lately, mainly studying for finals. So, somethings have changed since I got back. I see that Roll Calls have been banned. I'm not sure whats going on but it seems like it has been coming. We'll see what happens though. I'm also thinking of starting a Union, a Humor union because there aren't any quality ones out there. I'll have to find some dedicated officers before I can begin though. Suggestions for a name would be nice :D Peace out!

GameSpot must hate me!

When I was new to GameSpot I spent my time making spam posts and other topics that showed no originality. Thats in the past though, now I don't really make too many topics. I normaly post in other peoples topics. None of those topics are any good though! I hardly ever see a topic that is really worth my time.

From time to time I do bring it upon myself to breath some life into the OT. So I think of some ideas and I begin my topic in MS Word. When I feel it is ready, I show it to the community.

I wrote a F.A.Q. on Roll Call topics a while back ago. It actually got stickied. I was proud of my hard work. It was eventually taken down because we were flaming another user in that topic. The original topic is lost in space, but another one can be found in my UCB Crazyness RHCPUCB. It took me a total of 2 hours to write that.

Then today I made another topic titled Bear Attack! Help! (Pics inside) I started it one week ago and I finished it today. It took so long because I was too lazy to draw the pictures. Most people liked the topic a lot. A few didn't, but that was fine by me. It was kind of sad to see my topic die so fast though. It lasted about for about 30 posts. I worked so hard on that. Look at the topics in the OT, point out one that didn't take more than 5 minutes for the topic creater to think of and type.

I'm not always original with my topics, but I usually try to spark some sort of discussion or make some people laugh. I'm trying to help the GameSpot community, but apparently I can't do it alone.

If you happen to stumble across my blog (because I don't have many friends on GS) please don't leave a comment that says something like "Well don't post here then." If you thought of that, then you're contributing to the problem.

Edit: I guess when I was modded for that F.A.Q. on Roll Call topics it was for the actual topic. Yup, I figured that was the case at first but I talked to the user that I mentioned above and they said that it was because of them that I got modded. We were talking about that user so I assumed that we were modded for inciting flames from that user. Perhaps they ment that they reported it and PM'ed a Mod. Either way, I don't like that person. My post was trolling, but would it have been if I wrote another post saying I was kidding? It doesn't matter, all I know is: Down with the Terms of Use! People can't take jokes :|

**** iTunes

**** iTunes and their stupid preorder system! I preordered stadium arcadium for $20 and they charged be $26! From now on, I'll buy my CDs in the store.

P.S. **** you Steve Jobs
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