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Man, this is such a crock. Why do they even bother trying to pick on the gaming world? They couldn't do it to movies, TV or music, so what makes them think they'll be able to do this to games? It's an obvious, yet hard-to-accept fact that if a kid is so easily influenced by games (assuming that it's even true) that it's the *parent's* responsibility to see to it that the kid doesn't play such games. They rate games explicitly for that purpose. Kids can't buy video games with an M rating if they're under 17 years of age, and, when I worked at Funcoland (now Gamestop), we adamantly enforced the rule. That's like saying that we should get rid of all tobacco products just because underaged kids are somehow getting ahold of them, when we all know full-well that it's well within the power of the parents to actually do something about it. Long story, short: Bill Clinton needs to give Hilary something she's been in need of for a long time: an orgasm.