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World of Warcraft Impressions & Journeys

Yesterday, because I am a FilePlanet subscriber, I got to download the approximately two thousand and two-hundred megabyte client and wait for a lengthy install to complete. Luckily, since I have cable, the download only took about half an hour and by the time I had installed, only fifty minutes had passed. I decided to play on the same server Gambone is playing on, which is a realm named Malygos. Justin had already selected his character, a night elf, but I have an affinity towards the Dwarven race of late, because they are so intelligent.

My first adventure into Blizzard Entertainment's attempt at conquering the massively multiplayer online role-playing genre was a good one, for the most part. The world looks great; the graphics are vivid and possess an outstanding art direction. Kudos to the art team because the style really does a lot to differentiate itself from the current crop of standard, three-dimensional medieval games. After marvelling at the scenery for a little bit, I decided to get my Dwarf warrior, Ashure (spelled corectly), rolling. It's very easy to know if there is a quest you can accept, because there is an exclamation point over the person's head. This makes the tedious act of going around and interacting with every non-player character in sight very convenient.

I first decided to take some quests. Unlike EverQuest's confusing journal system, World of Warcraft stores your quests and the dialogue (which is straight and to the point, unlike the ambiguous, long-winding nature of EverQuest's quests) in an accessible, organized journal. It basically tells you where you need to go and what you need to do. My first quest was to slay wolves and collect the meat they had. I ran around with about forty other players and in about ten minutes I had attained level two and the meat I needed. I completed my quest and got some spiffy new gauntlets which I still use!

Feeling more powerful, I decided to take some more quests. This had me going over the entire Coldridge area (which is where Dwarves start off), in and out of Anvilmar (the main stronghold of the Coldridge region), into goblin caves, near the frozen lake, everywhere. One quest I fondly recall was given to me by a gnome who had unfortunately lost his box when a gnarly group of Rockjaws raided a Dwarven camp. So, I ran out into the wilderness and lo and behold, I find a rockjaw camp. Another quest had me prove my worth by slaying five Burly Rockjaws and five normal Rockjaws, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I slew the rockjaws and after about five minutes, all five had been felled. So, I searched around for Felix's Box, which I found, picked it up, and brought it back to him.

Now, however, I had to find where the real Rockjaws dwell. Looking over the quest dialogue, he told they dwelled by the ice lake. So I went over there and had my first experience with Frostmane Ice Whelps. I gained more experience by slaying both the Frostmanes and the Rockjaws until I had attained level three and had slain five Rockjaws. So across Coldridge I went, completed my quest, and took a mail quest which led me to a Dwarven mage by the name of Grelin, if I recall correctly. Grelin told me of his disdain for the Frostmane Ice Whelps, and I shared much of his feelings, so it was obvious I took his quest of slaying twelve of them. I did, and when I came back he told me an even more unfortunate tale. Gril'nik the Cold had stolen his journal, and I had to retrieve it for him.

Now that I was level four, I felt I was strong enough to take this burly frostmane on, so I charged into the inner caves and found a bunch of fellow Dwarves, and even a Night Elf, fighting. I did the same, slaying many Frostmane Ice Whelps and Frostmane Novices until finally I saw Gril'nik the Cold spawn and I killed him, looted the journal, and went on my merry way. Well, Sage Grelin was sure happy, and he gave me a special dwarven-tailored shield that replaced my other one. I still use the shield, as it provides excellent protection.

The final quest he had for me was to journey to Kharanos and deliver a letter to his brother there. I accepted. I made haste towards Mountaineer Thalos, who Grelin told me would provide me with directions and allow me to pass. Indeed, he did both, and hesitantly, I entered the tunnel being held by the vicious Rockjaw Raiders. Luckily, the cave was being occupied by a bunch of Dwarves, and my passage through it was swift, and soon I saw the great forges and architecture of Kharanos. I gained forty five experience points for just discovering the city, which I thought was a great feature, as it promotes exploration and discovery. I found his brother outside with a bunch of other merchants, and I delivered the letter to him. He remarked something about The Senate. But I'm a simple Dwarf, living for adventure and blood, so it didn't mean much to me.

The rest of my time until I logged off was spent slaying creatures. Most of World of Warcraft's quests, thus far, are either one of two things. Fetch me this, or kill x number of that. They aren't very engaging, nor are they innovative or original, but I'm only level six as of now, so they might improve. The game has your standard leveling up, with your guildmaster providing you with special attacks and moves. I noticed that the level of polish was tremendous, and it truly was a joy to play. The graphical crispness is very enticing, and the abundance of quests keeps you constantly motivated and doing something. As a warrior, I gain "rage" as I attack things and with enough rage, I can perform special bilities such as "Heroic Strike," "Rend," and "Charge." So far, the game looks to be coming along nicely, with a lot of depth, quests abound, and enough polish to scare a shoe-shiner away.