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Wasting away again in Margaritaville

Yes, I am searching for my lost shaker of salt. Some people say that there's a woman to blame, but I know, it's my own damn fault. Sometimes it is just so hard to actually put a compact disc in your computer and open up a game to enjoy. It seems browsing the web is so easier and requires such less energy. While I could be exploring Loch Modan in World of Warcraft, or sneaking around The Airfield on Wake Island in Battlefield 1942, or destroying the legion of Hell-Knights, Cacodemons, Churbs, and Imps with underpowered weaponry and low ammunition in Doom 3, I am instead posting on a message board. Now, to be quite frank, yesterday was rather bland and boring, so the whole attitude of the day may have just boiled over into laziness.

I woke up yesterday around twelve o'clock in the afternoon (eastern standard time) and immediatly was shoved into my car and I drove to my aunt's house to pick up my uncle, Denny. Then we went to my cousin Amy's house for like a labor day barbeque cook-out thing. It was alright, but certainly not something invigorating. It consisted of me sitting on a couch, drinking cream soda, exchanging dialogue with people I don't really know (save my aunt and my cousin Michelle), watching VH1 countdowns, and eventually eating three hamburgers.

The highlight of my time at that place was my cousin Michelle's new kitten. This thing is like maybe a foot in length and is adorable. He was sleeping on the small crevice between my arm and my main body when my jacket was on. It was really cute, and even though I don't normally use such words because I have to be all masculine and stuff, there are no other words to describe this thing. I believe it was a few weeks old.

Anyway, the ride there was about an hour and fifteen minutes there to pick up my uncle, and then half-an-hour to my cousin Amy's house. The ride back was much shorter than the one hour and forty-five minute travesty the original ride was, only being one hour and fifteen minutes. I didn't game the entire night for some reason, and just posted on the boards and talked with friends. I watched some Battlefield 2 footage and a developer interview, and that looks to be shaping up nicely. Even though I read the Fable review, I downloaded the video review just because sometimes you get a little more out of it.