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The Theft of Thought: Pondering I

It seems to be while pondering the subconcious and manifesting thought into material possibility, one extracts information found in other areas and thinks it to be originality. The spawn of uniqueness is oft the combination of many different concepts, all merged into one, unique concept that is the theoretical offspring of the original cogitations. The randomized, and for some, rare, juxtaposition of ideas [which] allow the fusion of one another is the by-chance nature of your untamed subconcious is why humankind has been able to progress so sufficiently and efficiently. The ordered brain, the active concious, characterized by accessibility, compartmentalization, and order, is bridled thought. Rarely does a unique idea come from the ordered nature of things. The universe, by chemical definition, enjoys disorder. Thus it seems logical that only through disorder can one achieve further disorder, which is the essence of originality.

The purpose of this journal is to provide my insight into innovation and to reflect on the ideas I have came up with for my series of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Eloa. For Eloa II: The Mountains of Ire and a web-based version I am working to create, Eloa: A New Beginning, I often notice correlations between the ideas and innovations I cogitate and seperate ideas I have found within other video games, notably other massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as Meridian 59, Meridian 59: Vale of Sorrow, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, Neocron, Earth & Beyond, EVE: The Second Genesis. Other influences I have noticed come from single player role-playing games, and even first-person shooter games, such as The Elder Scrolls series, Far Cry, Halo: Combat Evolved, Star Ocean: The Second Story, et cetera.

The Theft of Thought, as I have dubbed this phenomenon, is quite interesting and complex, something only our sons and sons of our sons will know, if that. It is a detailed journey into our subconcious and how we truly cogitate and imagine, a phenom that the omnipresent Creator, if he so exists, probably wishes to be an amaranthine mystery. Everlasting pursuit has been in the blood of mankind since the times of the first humans. Perplexities that the human mind cannot even begin to fathom exist in this universe, and I believe the Theft of Thought has been the driving force in the advancement and in the creation of machinery, technology, and the dawn of the Information Age.

The true purpose of this entry was to lay down a foundation for which I hope to expand on. Throughout my studies of this, which I must admit, has truly enthralled me, I hope to gain a more acute understanding of how the subconcious works, espicially in relation to innovation in game development. Almost all game developers are avid gamers themselves, and the spawn of new ideas such as those found in breakthrough titles like Grand Theft Auto III, Half-Life, Doom, among others, is what I believe to be the works of the Theft of Thought, and the merging of concepts. Such is evident in Savage: The Battle for Newerth. I also believe there is a sub-theory inside the Theft of Thought, which is provoked by the loss of a feature that we desire and long for.

As long as I remain interested in the subject of gaming and game development, I hope that this groundwork creates a much larger theory, and overall, I will hopefully gain personal satisfaction for discovering the possibilities and ramifications of the Theft of Thought.