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Well, my stocks are doing good. Check this out: Amazon (AMZN) stock is right now at $40.92, it did fall a bit, but my return is still 369.89% on it. It's a stock that has longevity, something I can always rely on. In other news, the stock market was a little weird today. For example, Midway (MWY), which has performed extremely well for me, was down 2.48% today. Western Digital (WDC) did pretty bad too, down 0.85%. My newcomer, Apple Computing (AAPL), did very good, up 1.50%, which is tremendous. Intel Corporation (INTC), which I have lost about seventy thousand dollars on (to be exact, I am down $76,209.65), has been climbing back up there. About a week ago I was down some $88,000, but I decided that it was on the rise, and lo and behold, today it continued to climb consecutively for the past while up 0.90%.

Yahoo! and eBay are great stocks, well, if you got them a while ago. eBay is at $93.87 right now, which isn't too inviting, but I've made a 218.47% return on the stock, and it was up 0.23% today. Yahoo! was also up despite a shaky performance yesterday 0.14%, nothing extraordinary, but still up. I'm a little sad to see my 'middle stocks' go into negatives (as far as today) the first time in a while. Abercrombie & Fitch Co., which you might scoff at me for owning, but I've made a 60.04% return on the $32.20 stock, was down 0.59% today. So was SAF, which you probably don't know (it's Scudder New Asia Fund), down 0.94%. That's the stock market, right?

I was kind of hesitant about buying Spacedev (SPDV) stock, and it hit me pretty tough when it was down almost 10% yesterday, but today it is climbing back, up 4.23%. However, my hopes with Crosstex Energy, Inc. (XTEX), haven't been so succesful, it down yet again, this time 1.29%. However, General Maritime (GMR) has been a constant performer since I bought it, up today again at 2.19%, and so has United Industrial (UIC), though the stock was down today 0.49%. Viacom (VIA) has been doing well, but it was down today, just a meager 0.06% though. Finally, go Oracle (ORCL), up 2.86% today at a cool $12.21.

Anyway, just was looking on the stocks and figured I'd make a report for no reason at all!