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Reliving 1942

On September 10th, 2002, EA Games and Digital Illusions, C.E. released Battlefield 1942 to an anxious and anticipatory public, already having whet their mouths with the beta that released just months earlier. The beta was the perfect tool to get the name out, and since Battlefield 1942's release, it has gone on to spawn two expansion packs and millions of dollars in sales. It has also made the executives over at Electronic Arts very happy. But most importantly, it has made the gaming community happy, and has given us tons of joy, laughter, triumph, and defeat. It gave us a chance to relive the harsh reality of 1942, battling the Nazis and Japanese under the Axis banner or the United States, Britain, or Russia under the Allied banner in an exciting, comic book action feel. It was also the most all-encompassing game ever released, featuring many types of aircraft (including the Aichi Val, Zero, SBD, SBD-T, Corsair, among others), land vehicles (such as jeeps, APCs, all sorts of tanks such as, but not limited to, the Sherman, Tiger, Panzer) and finally water vehicles (like battleships, aircraft carriers, ambphibious transportation boats). It also had accurate representations of the weapons used by every nation included in World War II. It was a phenomenal game and truly an experience.

On March 15th, 2004, Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions, C.E. released Battlefield: Vietnam with an upgraded game engine with lush graphics and a brand new theatre of war, the Vietnam Conflict that entrenched the United States of America in a bitter war between pro-war and anti-war supporters. The game was pitted up against Atari's Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 2004 Special Edition and lost critically, albeit one in the Court of Public Opinion, boasting gigantic and consistent sales. Since March, the game's popularity has steadily declined and some people have actually reverted to playing Battlefield 1942 again. But now, there is a new reason to pop your Battlefield: Vietnam compat disc in and experience 1942 like you never have. No, this is not Medal of Honor, this is not even Battlefield 1942, this is the World War II modification created by Electronic Arts.

Before I start commenting on the newest modification to Battlefield: Vietnam, I suppose I will provide you with a link to download it while you're reading, if you so choose to. You can download the WWII mod right here at GameSpot by clicking this link and scrolling down a tad. With that said, the modification is absolutely fantastic. The Battlefield: Vietnam engine gives so much added longevity to the game you can hardly believe what you're playing. The most significant addition is the added shrubbery and bushes, which give you an added layer of foliage to sneak around in. This is the real draw of the World War II modification, the ability to not just run across barren terrain and get shot up. You can actually carefully crawl and sneak across the terrain, dodging enemies by laying prone in areas with dense vegetation, only to pop up seconds later and unload a clip of your Bar 1918 into them.

Not only that, but Electronic Arts has added a new weapon to the game, inspired (in my opinion) by Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II. It is the flamethrower, which works into the game excellently. The weapon itself is a close-range powerhouse if you are an adept strafer and know how to effectively use the terrain. You can literally kill most people close-range with this, but watch out. When you run out you're done unless you are adroit with the pistol. In that case, you'll be a megaton on the playing field.

I can remember vividly me being a Japanese flame thrower, sneaking up the northern side of the shore to go attack the North Base of Wake Island. If you don't know, it is on, umm, the north side of the island which is shaped like a C. Anyway, I covertly infiltrated their base and, while prone, snuck into one of their buildings. A guy had seen me run in, and pursued me into the building. He began to unload his Bar 1918 but consistently missed while I enflamed him with my flame thrower. A few more guys spawned, just to be singed and killed by the inferno that had taken over their building. After my flamethrower was depleted, I ran out only to meat a heavy machine gunner outside. I was able to take him out with my pistol, but then died.

The new World War II modification to Battlefield: Vietnam will definetly add a lot of life and a new layer of depth to the already deep game play of Battlefield 1942. I suggest anyone who enjoys Battlefield 1942 install this modification and begin playing, or anyone who is thinking about a 1942 game buy Battlefield: Vietnam. I haven't enjoyed myself in such a long time and it is truly a testament to the game play of Battlefield 1942. Highly reccomended.