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Politica Codex III

Approximately twenty two minutes ago, the second presidential debate ended. The debate was in a different format, where a consortium of townspeople congregated at Washington University to ask a handful of moderator-selected questions to presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry and president George W. Bush. Politics is very interesting right now, espicially with all the debates. First, I am going to comment on the Vice Presidential Debate of vice-presidential hopeful Senator John Edwards and current vice president Dick Cheney.

I like frankness over wordiness. To me, Senator John Edwards was too verbose, he spoke too much, and didn't know when to quit. He used all of his time, just like his running mate Senator John Kerry did in the first and second presidential debates. I'm not saying this is necessarily bad if you have something to say, but I liked the frankness of Dick Cheney. He said what he said, and he wasn't going to ramble on for a few minutes monotonously reiterating his point. Also, he wasn't some vigilant "Defender of the American People" like Senator John Kerry, and for fairness's sake but to a lesser extent, George W. Bush is. He is certainly an experienced politician.

Now, onto the second presidential debate, which began at 9:00 E.S.T. and ended at 10:30 E.S.T. For record's sake, I thought both Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush did good in the first debate, but Senator John Kerry had the edge because he was more fluid and coherent. This time, however, I think George W. Bush came out on top. One of Bush's mistakes in the first debate was constant reiteration, espicially of motifs such as "It's hard work." This time, George W. Bush seemed, at least to me, a little more comfortable in the forum and it allowed him to be both enthusiastic and convincing.

I'll admit it, I cringed a little every time Senator John Kerry came up to speak. I just thought, "Wow, here is another long complaint." Senator John Kerry is a guy who is like all talk and no show. He has twenty years in the United States Senate and yet he can show very little. He tries to counteract people calling him wishy-washy by procclaiming he is resolute and firm, but it's pretty obvious he isn't, and wasn't. Senators don't really govern people either, they raise funds for the most part, governors govern. George W. Bush was a governor, Bill Clinton was a governor.

I think that these debates should put a little more weight behind the president's argument, and that is good. I really can't imagine a United States of America under Senator John Kerry. Like it or not, George W. Bush has convinced me that he is too easily swayed by the Court of Public Opinion to really stand as a pillar of cause. Some may argue that it is better to realize mistakes than stay firm down a path of mistake, but I personally don't think Iraq was a mistake. As of these debates, my vote still lies with George W. Bush.