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My feelings on the redesign.

Chances are you probably don't care about my feelings towards anything. Nevertheless, it is likely you are bored and needing of something to do; so what, then, is better than reading the perspicacious musings of the great khan Ashur? If you answered, "Nothing, oh Great Khan of Life and Dignity," then you would be resoundingly correct.

Anyway, enough jargon. I have been anticipating the redesign because I felt the old one was lacking in cohesion. It seemed too cluttered. As soon as you logged onto the page, it was a Roman blitzkrieg of information: small text, overbearing feature graphics, boxes galore - it was a mess. A lot of great articles, reviews, previews, and features went unnoticed because they were too tucked away into the undulations of data.

Now, however, things seem more tightly weaved together. Articles and features are more streamlined. The community plays a more prominent role in the website, instead of being a secluded area [as it was before]. Reviews are more clearly showcased and content is more easily accessible. Areas that lacked refine and polish now possess a professional phosphorescence.

I think in both the short and long runs, the redesign turned out to be a resounding success. I applaud those web designers and coders who put their time and effort into breathing new vigor into the site.