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A Compilation of Funny Conversations

I figured since this journal has been so serious so far, I'd lighten it up a bit with something just a tad bit more accessible than theories on the subconcious, and that thing is humor. Everyone can relate to humor because it is funny. Anyway, these are stories I took with conversations with my friends which I think are quite funny and they did too. Some of these also might just be random things that someone said that was funny.
[01:28] Teleblaze: LOL
[01:28] Teleblaze: did i tell u what happened to my friend?
[01:29] Teleblaze: k well anyway me and 5 friends were up in PA like, last weekend. so we were chillin havin a good time acting like a**holes, walking along roads like we were 15-16, mooning people, doing strange things to cars, man it was hilarious
[01:29] Teleblaze: so
[01:30] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[01:30] Teleblaze: we all go to bed, and i get the crappy airmattress and boy am i pissed. so my friend bill who is a total jacka*s(but a cool one) and does anything, i told him to go sandwich brendan, my other friend. sandwich like, squeeze your butt cheeks really hard on someones nose
[01:30] Teleblaze: so he is like "alright" and goes and does it, so we are laughing. he wakes up waisted around noon and is like "WHOA WHAT SMELLS BAD IM GETTING OUT OF THIS ROOM" and everywhere he goes he cant seem to loose the smell
[01:30] Teleblaze: LOL
[01:31] Teleblaze: so we are dying, and he is like WTF, im taking a shower. and he goes in, and all you hear is this huge ROAR of "YOU. ****ING. A**HOLES." from the bathroom
[01:31] Teleblaze: i almost like, heeled over, seriously
[01:31] **REMOVED**: ROFL
Teleblaze: Teleblaze: YOU HAVE RECEIVED A VIRTUAL KISS! :-*
[22:16] Teleblaze: last night
[22:16] Teleblaze: i was like, insane
[22:16] Teleblaze: so i climbed up on my roof
[22:16] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:16] Teleblaze: and i hung myself off the roof
[22:16] Teleblaze: and i started banging on the window
[22:16] Teleblaze: and it scared the **** out of my friend
[22:16] **REMOVED**: LOL
[22:16] **REMOVED**: LOL
[22:16] Teleblaze: and i was laughing so hard
[22:17] Teleblaze: like
[22:17] Teleblaze: he was sleeping
[22:17] Teleblaze: and then all of a sudden
[22:17] Teleblaze: BOOMBOOMBOOMx10
[22:17] Teleblaze: and he jumps up and screams WHAT THE F***
[22:17] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:17] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:17] Teleblaze: thats really hard to do though
[22:17] Teleblaze: i had to go into the garage
[22:17] Teleblaze: and get like all this rope
[22:17] Teleblaze: because im weird enough to keep spare rope....LOL
[22:18] Teleblaze: and then
[22:18] Teleblaze: i had to like, get myself up
[22:18] Teleblaze: which was hard
[22:18] Teleblaze: i ended up just falling down
[22:18] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:18] Teleblaze: and then my friend walks out with no clothes on
[22:18] Teleblaze: and im like WTF
[22:18] Teleblaze: and he starts chasing me
[22:18] **REMOVED**: LOL
[22:18] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:18] **REMOVED**: ROF
[22:19] Teleblaze: seriously, it was horrifying
[22:19] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:19] Teleblaze: so we run like 1/10 mile up near the street
[22:19] Teleblaze: and i run across
[22:19] Teleblaze: and he runs across, but a car comes and he made it fine, but for that split second the driver and passenger saw him in all his glory
[22:19] Teleblaze: LOL
[22:19] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:19] Teleblaze: LOL
[22:20] Teleblaze: LOL and yesterday jens mom kept calling
[22:20] Teleblaze: so i was like
[22:20] Teleblaze: "Hi this is Ron's Pizza, may I have your order?"
[22:20] **REMOVED**: LOL
[22:20] Teleblaze: and she was like "Sorry wrong number"
[22:20] Teleblaze: and kept calling back
[22:20] Teleblaze: and i kept saying that
[22:20] Teleblaze: for like 15min
[22:20] Teleblaze: LOL
[22:21] **REMOVED**: ROFL
[22:21] **REMOVED**: p33nt
Teleblaze: wtf
Teleblaze: is wrong with my keyboard
Teleblaze: shift = q
Teleblaze: caps lock = tab
Teleblaze: right shift = z
Teleblaze: qwtf
Teleblaze: im ordering a pizza
Teleblaze: u want something?
**REMOVED**: yah
Teleblaze: what kind
**REMOVED**: pepporoni
**REMOVED**: er
**REMOVED**: pepperr
Teleblaze: k half peppersoni half cheese
**REMOVED**: sp
Teleblaze: buffalo wings?
Teleblaze: MILD OR HOT
**REMOVED**: mid
**REMOVED**: mild
**REMOVED**: :[
Teleblaze: yea i lke mild too
Teleblaze: Did you get DOOM 3?
**REMOVED**: Not yet.
Teleblaze: USUCK
**REMOVED**: you had it typed out
**REMOVED**: i dont have car because im gay
Teleblaze: LOL
Teleblaze: u dont have a car
**REMOVED**: no im gay
Teleblaze: LOL u dont have a car
Teleblaze: u being gay is not a revelation to me
Teleblaze: u not having a car is
Teleblaze: What are you up to
Teleblaze: these days
**REMOVED**: oh these days?
**REMOVED**: oh
Teleblaze: yea
**REMOVED**: going on fairy quests, and caputring hidden pixies
**REMOVED**: :|
Teleblaze: omg me too
Teleblaze: we should collaberate
**REMOVED**: we should
Teleblaze: SERIOUSLY
Teleblaze: because ur like "yo noobface weaksauce meet me here" and hes like "ok leetsauce dude" and its just like beefcake sweetness
*** Auto-response from **REMOVED**:
*O/* / *O/*
| | | *O/*
/ */O* / __|__

Cheerleading, BBL ;)
**REMOVED**: Man
**REMOVED**: I should be naked
**REMOVED**: Rightnow
Teleblaze: i am
**REMOVED**: rofl
**REMOVED**: stfu
Teleblaze: LOL
**REMOVED**: No you're not
Teleblaze: i kno
**REMOVED**: dude its almost done!!
Teleblaze: sweet
Teleblaze: how much more time
**REMOVED**: only 418 more hours!!!
Teleblaze: LOL
Teleblaze: i was on support for DELL
Teleblaze: like talkin to some indian guy
Teleblaze: and hes like
Teleblaze: so of course i had to go
Teleblaze: "What the hell is John talking about? That's how you get these nuts PARKED IN YA MOUTH"
Teleblaze: and hes like
Teleblaze: "Type in CDM in RUN"
Teleblaze: and im like
Teleblaze: :-|
**REMOVED**: These nuts parked in yo mouth
Teleblaze: rofl
Teleblaze: yea
Teleblaze: LOL
Teleblaze: Teleblaze: i throw random words in when talking to them
Teleblaze: Yes, I am having NUTSACK a problem with my NUTSACK
Teleblaze: Excuse me?
Teleblaze: I am having a nutsack problem with my PC
**REMOVED**: Yea, that owns.
**REMOVED**: That's hilarious to do.
Teleblaze: yea
**REMOVED**: Or when you like totally call something a wrong name, and the person is like wtf?
Teleblaze: yea
**REMOVED**: Youre like
**REMOVED**: Yo, pass me the ballfork
**REMOVED**: And they're like
**REMOVED**: wtf
Teleblaze: LOL
**REMOVED**: and you're like
**REMOVED**: I said pass the remote
**REMOVED**: And you jsut keep doing it
Teleblaze: LOL
Teleblaze: pass the BALLFORK
Teleblaze: rofl
Teleblaze: ROFL
Teleblaze: **REMOVED**: What are the odds Nick is really pale
Teleblaze: ROFLMFAO
Teleblaze: rofl
Teleblaze: thats so hilarious
**REMOVED**: All of this is just so random
Teleblaze: i know
(Backstory: Nick is someone who used to be very outgoing and sociable, until he got Dark Age of Camelot. Now all he does is play that and he has become a TOTAL antisocial person who me and my friend find quite funny. One day he randomly IMs me and is like "I'm going to slay the dragon!" and I am like "WTF?" and he logs off, so now we always kind of do this to him. It's really funny.)
Teleblaze: I AM THE DRAGON
Teleblaze: RAWR
Nick: ...
Teleblaze: RAWR!
Teleblaze: I AM A DRAGOn
Teleblaze: ROOOAARRR
Nick: the dragons easy to kill
Nick: you can do it with 8ppl now
Teleblaze: This is very aggrivating
**REMOVED**: What, blue balls?
Teleblaze: ROFL