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Can you tell me what you think of my idea for GS? + make your own! :)

This is kind of important for GameSpot. Some of you may or may not know about GameSpot's status with GameFAQs lately, but you can read about that here:

Here is my idea for the future for the boards:

Could you write in that thread please and tell me what you think? it would also help the GameSpot staff. Not only that, but feel free to add your own in that board because thatboard is unfortunately empty. It was made about a week ago and it seems to be struggling,despite being on the GameSpot Forums page. Make your own threads, ideas and reply to mine if you wish. Basically get ideas and discussions going :)

Game list blog #7 - My Top 10 Most "Guilty Pleasure" Games Of All Time

There is only one more left after this one for the time being, but before we get to that one, there is of course, this one :P. Some of these may shock you, that that is probably partly the point. These are games that I personally found enjoyment in, regardless of whether or not other people liked them, or really really did not like them. I understand the glitches/flaws etc., but it doesn't stop me from having fun with them ;)

Also, regardless of the smiley above, I am NOT (obviously) ashamed to admit I like these games :P

Oh, Resident Evil 6, you look amazing!!

Rumours that the sixth entry weren't going to come out and/or were going to be over 10 years in the future are now obsolete, as RE6 has been announced!! that trailer looks FANTASTIC

While I do miss the old RE style a lot, I do love the new ones as well! not only that, but Resi 6 looks like a mix of Resident Evil 4/5 AND Gears of War! which can only be a good thing :D

I find it strange how RE5 took years to come out, but they announce RE6 and we only have a few months to wait :P.

Can't wait! :D

Happy New Year! - 2012

I hope everybodys' 2012 is fantastic and I hope it brings you a lot of luck and hope everything goes well for you all. Let's make it the best year EVER! :)

Merry Christmas!!!

After not posting a blog in months, I definately should now! :D

Merry Christmas everybody!! I hope you all have an awesome day! :)

To keep in theme with last years animated Christmas picture in my blog:

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