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Remember, kids!  Tom McShea hates what you like, and likes what you hate.

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Hello there, darkspineslayer! Thanks so much for your submission.

One of the things I liked most about your review is that it's trite and straight-forward -- and very descriptive.  A lot of user and professional reviews go this route as a means of elaborating on their overall opinion of specific elements of a game that they liked and didn't like, and I've found over the years that readers appreciate getting a handle on specific bits of information without having to ask a lot of questions.  If you prefer this style of writing, I encourage you to keep at it.  Yet, might I offer some advice? I've noticed that you haven't given us YOUR thoughts on the game.  There's really nothing wrong with that, and GameSpot staff reviewers rarely ever coin their personal feelings in regards to game reviews.  I'm a firm believer that any game review with personal insight on an individual experience is a great way for the reviewer to truly connect with their readers. I feel it's important to foster that relationship between the author and the audience.  You build on that relationship, and foster a great deal of trust---which in turn promotes you as someone who understands the material on an interpersonal level.

That being said, your writing style is great.  I like it.  However, I did notice some problems with sentence structuring.  For example;  " Such a demanding timer keeps the pressure on the player, and while never feeling truly limiting, does demand quicker thinking to locate the trickier star coins or how to reach them. "  You have the best of intentions, but I couldn't really get a grasp of what you were trying to convey because the sentence was all over the place.  So, here's a suggestion:

"The in-game timer doesn't feel truly limiting, but it demands quicker thinking from the player when it comes to locating and reaching trickier star coins."

As far as the fourth and last paragraph.....

 At $20 to download, New Super Luigi U takes a good game and makes it solid. Overhauling all 80+ levels and making the same assets feel fresh make it a great value and at it's best the game can channel Lost Levels and Super Mario Bros 3. Less attentive players may find the difficulty jump and physics change a bit jarring, but old fans of the plumbing duo will feel more than vindicated by Luigi's latest. He's-a-Luigi, Number one!

What you have here is fine, but I would suggest ending on a personal note.  What I mean by that is; tell us in a few short sentences (or maybe more) what YOU thought of the game.  As I said earlier, tell us why YOU liked it, and explain in closing why your experiences compel you to recommend the game to someone else.  Conversely, if you were to write a negative review on a game, consider the same strategies; tell the reader why you hated the game, and convince them not to waste their hard earned money.

Anyway, hope I've been of some help to you.  Above all things, keep the love of writing in your heart, and keep up the good work!

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I think this is a great alternative overall.  Any editorial featured in GameSpotting should be considered an honor, and inspire bloggers to really hone their craft and come up with something great.

Once I find something interesting to write about, I'd be more than happy to take a shot at this.

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As a non-blogger but an active reader, I am glad a change was made.  I got sick of the same people seemingly posting anything and everything to get back on the front page of the website.  I definately do not think the current system is the answer though.  Having the same outdated blogs there full time is stupid.  Surely there is some kind of sensible middle ground.


I was surprised when all it took was a Soapbox emblem to get your blog on the front page.  I initially thought these blogs had to be considered for review by either the staff of the justicars---which I think should be put in place for the future.  There are a lot of great bloggers here who deserve to have their stuff showcased in the front page, but it shouldn't get to the point when people are posting stuff just for the sake of it being on the front page.

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AUB is a great forum for people to showcase excellent blogs, but lately, a lot of people have complained that certain users are constantly posting Editorials on a regular basis.  I think there ought to be a system put in place -- something similar to how user game reviews were showcased every week.  Plus, they should put more emphasis on Chalk Talk, too.  Chalk Talk blogs should be reserved for the AUB space and have more precedence over blogs that might otherwise just appear automatically from people with the Soapbox emblem.

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The Game and Watch Ball is probably the best item on their catalog.  It took me a long time to get that, and it's currently sold out.

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I also don't ike how it is okay to harass others now.


That was one of the big issues I had with the TOU revision, and why I didn't agree with it.  Because of this, System Wars has become more toxic than its ever been.

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No idea what it references but I liked 'Violence Fight'.


I'm pretty sure it's referencing an old arcade game by the same name...but I could be wrong

Yep, it's an arcade game from Taito -- a laughably horrible one at that.


I was so glad to have left that Rank behind -- it was embarrassing.

My favorite rank title is Rise from Your Grave, but I'm growing into Death=Adder.

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Regardless of the verdict, I really feel for everyone involved. Zimmerman, his family, Trayvon's family. I understand that emotions often run high in cases such as this, but I think the media blew it up into a needless spectacle that swayed a lot of opinions, and caused so much division. Even celebrities (and the President) were voicing their opinions to make things worse. Throw in the race card, and there's chaos. My thoughts and prayers are with the families on both sides.
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Sony sucker-punched Microsoft last night, but you know what?  If they play their cards right, maybe Microsoft could win it -- if not turn things around.