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LOL......(League of Legends)


So my friend texted me about this free-to-play game he's been getting into; a game loosely based off a Warcraft 3 mod known as "Defense of the Ancients".  You've likely heard of and seen the game on numerous occasions here at GS.  I know I have, but it didn't really interest me.  That is.....until now.

League of Legends isn't a new release--- this thing has been out for a while.  Four years to be exact.  It isn't a typical game in a traditional sense where it passes itself off as a WC3/Diablo pseudo hybrid.  People play this game for a living and enter grueling international contests to win money -- up to $2 million.  If that weren't serious enough, listen to this---recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services recognized League of Legends players as professional athletes, which eases the Visa paperwork for foreign players and allows them to compete in U.S. Tournaments and live in North America for up to five years.  This is REAL serious gaming, folks; a far, far cry from the old days when gaming was a mere hobby.

While I may never play professionally, I've found the core game to be challenging and quite fun.  My friend got my other friend (his girlfriend) and a few other buddies to get in on the action and, while I was initially hesitant, the fact that all my other chums are playing the game and enjoying it was more than enough of a convincing agent to get me to take a swim. The game borrows heavily from both Warcraft 3 and Diablo.  You choose a Hero that you build up individually using truncated RPG elements and lead minions to destroy the other player's base while protecting your own.  In a Warcraft 3 sense, you're essentially maintaining a base of operations as well as several Units and Structures that allow you to summon Minions and other Heroes.  The nice thing about LoL is the multiplayer aspect.  You can play cooperatively with friends or play against them, and there is a great deal of emphasis put on strategy and working with others. Professional multiplayer games demand that you know your role in a team-based environment and work closely with your mates to ensure victory.  You can't expect to merely send your hero to destroy the enemy willy-nilly -- it is far more complicated and complex than it appears.  It's also intimidating when you think about it. 

But that's probably why LoL is so fun for millions of people in the first place.

Right now, I am practicing my mettle with computer-controlled BOTs, learning the ropes.  There's so much to take in after you've nailed the basics, because merely getting a handle on the basics is not enough.  Fortunately, I've got friends who are also learning as they go along.  If I can get comfortable with Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, I'm sure I can get used to a game like League of Legends.  It's too early to tell if I'm going to commit to it in the long term though.

Anybody else playing this, or even considering playing?