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Back to the Wii U


How I've missed U!

My Wii U had been collecting dust for a while, but my faith in the console is slowly being restored.  All the negativity surrounding it, I must admit, took a toll on me.  But Nintendo is slowly trickling out the good games, and Super Smash Bros Wii U is looking better and better every time I see it.  Even if it continues to struggle, the one thing it does right, it does better than even the XBOX One and PS4.  And that's make fun, accessible, quality games without the flash and substance.

The Wind Waker.  Yes, well, this will mark my third official trip back to the Great Oceans in just over a year since beating the GameCube version (which I still own).  Small surprise---this time, I picked up the Wii U HD edition.  And it looks pretty damn gorgeous.  The new widescreen, high-def visualization alone is enough for me to play the entire thing all over again. Not that it wasn't a pleasant experience the first and second time around!

Mark my words -- it's good to be back with the Wii U.  However......

I need to re-add folks who were on my last Wii U list because of a technical problem.  Anybody else who just got a Wii U or are planning on picking one up can add me anytime they want.  My NEW Nintendo user ID is....


Feel free to add me when you get the chance. And may the Force be with you.