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Asagea_888 Resurrected

Hey guys. I'm back. Has it been that long? Eh, who knows......

Many of you already know me by my other name---kungfubunny9876. Although, here, I'll forever be known as Asagea_888 (which I still think is a lame name)---everywhere else in the gaming and social stratosphere, you can call me kungfubunny9876, or kungfubunny, or Bunneh or whatever.

As I'm dusting off years upon years of cobwebs from this old user profile, I am shocked by how much GameSpot has changed. And it's a bit ironic, too---in recent years, I've been lurking about, still absorbing game information wherever I can find it, and my searches have always lead me right back here in my old stomping grounds. Lurking and brownnosing was what actually lead me to create my profile here in the first place, waaaaay back in the early 2000s. I cannot remember for the life of me when exactly I registered as Asagea_888, nor do I even recall my first ever lurker visit, but I can honestly say---I have a history with GameSpot that spans 60% of my life.

Seems like old times when I wrote reviews for games on consoles that we all now consider to be relics of the last gen. My last review I ever did before I left was for a Wii game, I think. Now, we're talking PS4, XBOX ONE, Switch---I own all three of the consoles and enjoy every minute spent on them. Cloud gaming is beginning to take shape in the form of Google's Stadia, which promises to shatter the conventions of the current landscape in ways we never thought possible---for better or for worse. And, of course, there's the huge rise of battle royale multiplayer with the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends. Since leaving GameSpot all those years ago, I am aghast at how much has transpired, and evolved, since the earliest days of the PS3 and 360.

Yet, I'm anything if not adaptable. I loved writing reviews for games, blogging---all that noise, and I hope to reignite that love again as Asagea_888. As of this blog posting, I just started Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, having died 15 times in the opening tutorial. I finished Kingdom Hearts III, Far Cry New Dawn, Devil May Cry 5, and am still adventuring through Assassin's Creed Odyssey months since I bought it. So, I have still been gaming, and continue to game. My backlog and queue aren't going to resolve themselves.

So yes, I am back, to do what I love, share my love of gaming to those who are still following me after all these years. Let's embrace the future together, my friends.