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Happy Birthday to me!


I officially turn 32 today! Although I don't look a day over 25. :lol:

Well, I already celebrated last weekend with my family at a Chinese restaurant near where I live--called the Sea Empress. I'm not too keen on seafood, but I did help myself to crab cakes and fried dumplings. My best friend is turning 30 this year, as is another friend of mine---who will also be 30. Two other friends are still in their roaring 20s--a few years shy of reaching the thirty range.

My dad is going to help me get a digital camera as a gift. So looking forward to that. Now I can FINALLY take some digital pictures! Maybe I'll post some here, and don't worry---they'll be family-friendly. ;)

With the birthday money I get, I'll be doing some game shopping. Not sure what to get at this point---there aren't any new releases of considerable interest that I know of--except for LIMBO, which I hope to download either sometime today or later this week. I can't wait to play it! Seriously--it looks that good.'s to another 365 days until 33! :lol:

The Light Warriors cometh!


Behold--my retro player review for the VC release of FINAL FANTASY.

Although I could advocate this game wholeheartedly to every and any Final Fantasy fan looking to delve into its storied history, it may not be an enjoyable experience for everyone. It all depends entirely on your tolerance for its shortcomings and flaws, and believe me, Final Fantasy's got them. For what it's worth, the game is truly epic.

I might post more reviews from the archives. The last old-school game I reviewed was Final Fantasy 2 SNES.

Enjoy the Final Fantasy review and, if you decide to dig in, enjoy the game as well ;)

CSULB Diploma---get!

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally received this over the mail today.....

My CSULB Diploma (Studio Art-Bachelor's Degree)


A sacred document that embodies all the hard work, sacrifice and struggles I endured to complete a long, difficult educational journey. Sorry for the poor picture quality--I don't have a digital camera (yet!) so I had to resort to my PlayStation Eye :P


Thanks, MR.T! He told me to stay in school, and I did. Now, I'm one less fool to be pitied.

Call me crazy.....


.....but I put in my reservation for Final Fantasy XIV.

For my PC.


You might be wondering why since my PC is incapable of handling such a graphical powerhouse. Well, I wanted to get the PS3 version, but considering that won't be out until next March, I wanted to at least get a head-start this September. The last online Final Fantasy I played with XI, and I first signed up when the PS2 version (the one with the HDD attachment) was released nearly several months after the PC. (My PC wasn't able to run the game, and I didn't have access to a Debit card for payments) One of my friends was already well enough into the game, and I had hoped to play with him on equal terms.

I didn't realize that solo play was non-existent, and I was unable to join my friend in parties. I ended up with strangers, and that didn't pan out too well. My limited degree of MMORPG skills lead to other players yelling profanities at me, calling me every name in the book, and getting my levels reduced by notorious monsters.

Final Fantasy XI was a tough game. :(

I'm hoping to try again with XIV. Thankfully, the gameplay has been balanced for solo and group play--which means it's easier for me to get into. No more waiting hours on end for parties like I did one Saturday in FFXI---an entire weekend wasted sitting around.

As for my computer specs, I am hoping that all I would need for it is a Radeon 8600 (or something) Graphics Card. I only have a 6600 series, which is totally incapable of handling XIV as was laughably confirmed by the Benchmark.

Anyway, my last character in XI was a Mithra. In keeping with tradition, I'm going to be a Mi'qote. :)

On another note, guess what comes out on my birthday?! July 21st? LIMBO.


I have been waiting for this game to arrive. It looks dynamite. It reminds me of a darker-edged Braid---only a lot more violent and way darker (pun intended). One birthday gift I can give myself!

Happy 4th!


"Let freedom never perish from your hands." ---Joseph Addison

Happy Fourth of July, GameSpotters!

I have Sinned, and I must be Punished


Finished my Sin and Punishment: Star Successor review, and have now posted it for interested eyes. Perhaps one of the most fun Wii arcade shooters I've ever experienced. Check out my player's review here!

On another wonderful note, I achieved Platinum Status over at Club Nintendo! For my reward, I chose this beauty....


I won't get it for a while---not before December of this year anyway :P Lucky me!

Lucky day

Yesterday was a VERY good day. I don't recall ever being this lucky before in my entire life, and I probably may never be lucky like this ever again. But I'll savor the moment!

First off....a random trip to a random GameStop. I told myself I'd wait for one of these until the next shipment, but I just decided to ask the guy behind the counter if they were getting some consoles in. It was the long shot that hit a bullseye.


They had ONE left. And I was at the right place at the right time!

My impressions? Great little console. Whisper quiet, 250 GB of memory (allowing me to install my library worry-free), nice sleek black design and touch-sensitive console buttons that make a cool beeping sound. Can't wait to play War for Cybertron on this thing. The only sad part is---I traded in my old 360 white and all its accessories. But I don't regret the outcome one bit.

Another bit of good news actually trumps my 360 Slim discovery a hundredfold because of its enormous rarity. This is a console I've been seeking out for nearly seven years. Today, I finally found one!


Digi-demon, if you're reading this, this one's for you.

There were games that I wanted for this, and now I can finally get them. Valis II and Valis III are high priorities, and there are tons of other titles. I have my work cut out for me, but at least, I'll never have to worry about finding a Turbo Duo again!

Go Lakers!

Booyeah, baby!


Lakers FTW!

The Celtics had a point advantage during the first quarter, but my boys in purple and gold prove once again that they're the masters of comeback. Second straight win, sixteenth overall---the Lakers are unstoppable.

Hey, I'm a Los Angeles native!

Oh, and just a heads-up---my review for Metroid Prime Trilogy has been posted. Enjoy!

New 360 Slim

First, the bad news.....


After many years of good times and memories, I decided to let my old 360 go.

The good news....


.....this Friday, she'll be coming back thinner. :)

EDIT: It might not even be Friday--for some reason, GameStop is now clueless as to when it comes out.