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Arthusbuttkick Blog

It's been a long time..... Again.

What up people! lol It has been quite a while since I've bloged or read anyones writing. :P I got my 360 for Christmas and about when I stoped bloging I got a good number of games. :) I guess I'll give a few updates on some random things I've been up to. About a month ago I started back up on a old hobby. My unlcle got my started on painting miniatures. I have reallly enjoyed it and find that it takes my nerdyness to a whole new level. :P

With video games becoming more accepted it's hard to be a nerd/geek. :P lol



So with this new hobby, video gaming, World of Warcraft, and various get togethers I've been quite busy. lol If you want to so more miniatures I have painted go check out my web site.

Quick pic of my Miniature Painting studio. :) As you can see I've spent a little money on it so I've not gotten AS many more games. :P


With me spending so much time painting I haven't been doing much drawing or sketching in a while. The only one I've really done is this quick sketch of Liara from Mass Effect.

mass effect

It obviously needs a bit of work, but I'm rather pleased with how it is turning out so far.

And speaking of Mass Effect I got all 3 of the Mass Effect games last week. :D I have seen a few friends play and thought it looked pretty good. Then I bought all three, started playing, and fell in love. :oops: I've always loved just about all the game Bioware. Especially Knights of the Old Republic. I've got to the 2d ME and hve recruted 3 party members. I also got the Cerberus Network key code for free with my copy of Mass Effect 2. Just something for you people who payed $20 for it to get all jealous over. lol :P


When I get paid I'm going to get some Microsoft points and get the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC so I can continue the Liara romance sub-plot from the first game. :oops:

So in the social gaming world of mine my aunte VideoGamerNerd got Silent Hill Downpour and me and a few friends have been getting together and taking turnes playing through it. Been one of my favorite horror games ever and Downpour is one of my favorite Silent Hill games. To read up on more read this review I wrote.

Here is a short video of me and the gang playing Downpour.Next on the list of horror is the HD collection. :) I've never played the third so it should be fun. Also aother thing I love about Downpour is this easter egg I found. You can climb up a fire escape and go into the appartment from SH 4 the room. :D

So as for the rest of this blog I will simply give you a quick run down of what I've been up to.

Another gaming sage I've played through and also love. Fable.


Another excellent game, Betman: Arkham Asylum. Really want to get the GOTY that's coming out at the end of this month.


And last, but not least I have reserved Assassin's Creed 3. :D


Looks pretty awesome. Anyway I'll just clock out now. TY for reading.

Achievement Hunting Halo 3

Tonight I'll be going through Halo 3 with 2 of my friends and going after every campaing achievement. :D We start at 6:30 this Friday night, and we won't quit till we have all the campaign achievements. :D It's gonna be a long night. lol I would have my legandary achievements of halo reach, but I laged out on 2 or 3 levels and haven't gotten around to replaying them yet. :P


So as of late I have added a few new videos to my youtube channel.

My new Vlog

Awesome Skyrim compilation. you'll love this one. :D

Weird Oblivion Glitch. You'd think this would happen in Skyrim....

Also I didn't think it was true, but apparently there are still people who have not yet played skyrim. :| So for those people ifyou are interested here is a video I made of the opening quest.


The character I used in the Unbound vid I'll soon be using to make some video walk throughs of Skyrim quests and dungeons. :D Should be pretty fun. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it though. :/

I also have not ordered my miniatures yet. :( It should be very soon now though. :) Can't waitto use them in my next D&D campaign. The one I'm ordering now are a new plastic line of unpainted miniatures so they are a lot cheeper. It should give me plenty to work with so I can impove my mini painting skills. :)

reaper(I'll be ordering about 18 miniatures. :D )

So there really isn't too much to say. Keepin it short today. One more thing. Along with the number of Skyrim videos I'm working on, I'm also working on a real life air horn prank compilation. :D Just need some good footage of me scaring people with my trusty air horn. :lol:

I'll talk at you all later. ;)

Silas Coggeshall.

100% Skyrim

All 50 achievements on Skyrim yesterday morning. YAAAA!!!!!!! I was sooo phyched. :P The last achievements I got were Oblivion Walker Thu'um Master, and Reader. Quite the adventure Skyrim. I got all the achievements on my Argonian Rogue. Although Being level 52 and the were the skills are at now, he can get by with any armor/weapon. :D I played him alone for 118 hours. So adding all the other Skyrim Characters I've got about 140 hours in Skyrim with plenty more on the way. :D :D :D

deadraThat's what he looks like. Deadric armor and all. The Shadowmare however fell into the pit of Skyrims many bugs. He started running at a dragon and after the dragon took off he kept on running till he went on past the collage of winterhold, through the ravine, and into the ocean. :cry:

Me being me, instead of trying to get on him and stop the glich, I thought he was runnig after somthing by the time I found my way to the bottom of the ravine my precious Shadowmare was long gone. :( :cry:


I can't tell you how disapointed in the Dragon Bone/Scale Armor. The Deadra are just too hot. Even in Morrowind they were freakin awesome. :P I loved that Deadric Crescent Blade to you Morrowind freaks out there. :P :D

So you all think I'm about to come back to real life now that Skyrim has been searched through and cleaned of unfinished achievements right? Well guess again. I bought Oblivian goty ed off of my aunte shortly after I got Skyrim for Christmas, and there are plenty of adventures yet to be had. xD :D :lol:

BTW to you who read my last blog. I finishhed The Darkness. :D I love that game so much. Both the story and game play are fantastic. There were parts that left me on the edge of my seat. :P I'm a little weary to play the 2d one seeing as they kinda screwed that one up in comparison to the first one. So I hear anyway. :P

darkSo anyway that's all for now. I'll probably blog next when I get my next pay and blow it all on some Reaper Miniatures. I know that D&D and painting miniatures brands me as a geek at a level many of you may never understand. :lol: To those of you who dare delve into the dark abysssse off the hobbyist..... Enbrace the Darknesss. :lol: LOL xD

Next Gen Consoles and The Assassin's 3 Trailer. :D

Assassin's Creed 3

This looks sooo awesome. It's now got me in the rush to finish the last 2 Assassin games. :P ya that's right, I have Brotherhood and Rev to beat still. :P lol The release date is the end of October, and I think I've got time. Words also out that it will be on Wii U along with PC, X-Box 360, and PS3.

It's pretty obvious that it is going to be set in the Revalutionary War. I'm really excited for a completely new setting and protagonist. I myself think Ubisoft used Ezio waayyy too much. Don't get me wrong Ezio is awesome, but thet have just used him to the piont to exaustion. Another interesting deal about the protagonist is he is obviously native American, but unless an ancestor of Desmond's marries an a native American then someone elss is gonna be useing the Animus. I have been told that there may be an explenation to who it may be in Rev, but that is all I know. I had also been woried about what the heck the new guy would be climbing in the 13 colonies, but seeing the trailer and him running and climbing through trees has got me really excited

This trailer has got me really excited for it and now I'm ready to spend a crap load of cash and get Brotherhood & Rev. It's a fresh take on Assassin's Creed, and hopefully will do better that Ezio's last chapter.


Next Gen on the Way.

Ing Report on the X-Box 720

This is the one I'm gonna be getting when it comes out. :D After reading about it I'm pretty stoked for Microsoft. :P Right now all we can do is guess on what it's gonna be like, but I can't wait to get ahold of more info on it. If what ING is saying is acurate then we are all in for a treat. For one they think it will be very affordable. How they came to this conclusion I have no Idea. xD :lol: I'm not complaining though.

I imagine we'll get a deeper look into the 720 at E3.

PS4 Update

I've never really cared for PS3, and I doubt I'll be getting the PS4 when it comes out or ever get it for that matter. I do want to get the PS2 so I can get some of the PS and PS2 hits. They have some pretty good games. :P

I cant lie though, that PS4 controler is lookin Real Badass. :D (see the link)

Wii U Report

This has got to be the best that Nintendo has been able to muster. Take a look at that Zelda Demo vid on the link to see what I mean. The new design on the controller for the Wii U looks SICK! :D It may take some getting used to the unique controller **** but I think it will end up being a good move on Nintendo's part.

I myse;f am very tempted to get this. If I'm right to assume that it will play Wii games then I'll be sold. It'll just be a matter a forking out the cash when I'll be blowing about $90 on the Myst of Pandaria collector's edition. The both of them will be financialy close so I don't know if I'll have the money for the both of them by the end of the year. My cousin is going to be corn tasseling this year and has invited me to come along. I imagine that it would be freakin tedious, but if it pays well I'm in.

Thanks for reading.

Lost my Money to the Clutches of Game Stop.

Yup. I got to spending a bunch of money. :P You know how people say not to spend all your money in one place? Well I have never been able to follow that bit of advice. :lol:

gameI forgot to put Halo 3 in the shot. :P So ya. I got some pretty good games as you can see. :) I started playing Bioshock 2 and The Darkness. Both are Very good games. But I gotta say... Darkness is the first game I've played were you kiss someone while still in first person view. : / Kinda awkward. :lol: I hope that these will keep me satisfied until I get a hard drive for my 360. :P

A slim hard drive is freaking expensive though! I want to go all out and get the 320 gb for $130. *sigh* It's gonna take so long. If any of you would like to donate to this cause please do! xD

So the other day we got some new ink for the printer. You know how at Game Stop you get games with out the original cover, and instead you get this crapy game stop thing? I hate that. So I went online and looked for pics like this one.

prince coverI then printed it out for the games that were cursed with the game stop cover and presto!

violaSo thats just about it for now. :) Thanks for reading! Peace out. ;)

Silas Coggeshall

GameInformer has saved my life.

First of all I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment on anyones blog and reply. I've been really caught up in school and my vidoe gaming. :P My stepbrother and I have been playing World of Warcraft alot.

Any way, as for the title I have a subscription to GI thanks to my Game Stop Pro Membership.I've been able to catch up on some new releases coming out this year and whatnot. Some pretty fun stuff in there. I was particularly intersted in the artacle about Darksiders II and "I Have No Mouth and I Must Screem". Sadly GS gives the later mention a bad rating.


As for games I have been playing I have started playing Zelda: The Twilight Princess for the first time. I've only put about 8 hours into it, but am loving it. It's so far my favorite since The Ocarina of Time. Ocarina is still my absolute favorite Zelda game.

I really wonder if they will ever ton the Ocarina of time. I've played all the other Zelda games accept for The Skyward Sword, but not sure if it has outdone Ocarina or not. Everything about that one is so great to me. I love the story and world. It's puzzles and challenges are so far unmatched. As for story it had a few VERY massive plot twists for those of you who have not played through it.

I have also finished playing AC2. :D I really loved the ending and game, but I myself thought it was just a little flat with the story towards the middle, but overal it was a fantastic game. Altire is by far still my favorite assassin though.

When I got to the end I thought it was over when Desmond said "What the f***!?" When the credits started rolling I thought that was the end of the game. xD :lol:

Next on my list of games I'm gonna get are the 2 Bioshock games & the Dragon Age Ultimate edition for the 360. I know I already have it for the PC, but I can play through it sssooooo many times I want to horde the achievments on my XBL account. lol My PC also would lag really bad at a few parts in the game. Any way, that's what I'll be getting. I should have the cash in a week or so.

And finally before I leave you all here is my score for this years gameing and reading.


As you can see I don't read much. lol :P

I beat Bioshock

I man, I just love that game. I just beat the game yesterday. I got the good ending and didn't harvest ANY little sisters. I guess I'm only assuming there is a evil ending, but I love the game so much I don't want to just watch on youtube and find out. :P If you could tell me if there is I'll be playing through again, and I'll sadly have to harvest the little sisters. :( /cry.

But I really thought the ending was ver touching.:oops:

bioshockI'm really weary to play through evil if there is though. It would be just to sad.:cry: lol :lol: But anyway I thought I'd update my 2012 status.

Games Beaten 5 New Movies Seen 10 Books read 2 :P

Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Till fate brings me here,

Silas Coggeshall

Been Playing World of Warcraft for 6 months

wowYup. I've been one of THEM for six months now. Just for fun I did some math and added up how much time I have spent playing WoW. It ended up being 14 days, 21 hours, and 31 minuets. Two weeks of my life.... :lol:

So then I did more math to see how much I was getting for my money. Turns out I get 59 hours and 30 minuets of gameplay for every $15 monthly fee. And just think, The Darkness 2 is $50 and i

t's taking people only 5 hours of gameplay to beat it. :lol: GO Blizzard!!!! So anyway, just thought I'd share with you guys how much of my life I've devoted to WoW alone. there's another 120 hours in Skyrim :P :lol: So ya. Have a great day!

danceYa I know my gear sucks. I'm working on it. :P

BioShock 9.5

So I borrowed the first Bioshock from my uncle a few days ago, and I have fallen in love with it. :P Fantastic game. :D I gotta say the fights were a little tedious at first, but once you get some good equiptment it evens out very well. :)

littlrThe animations for the little sisters are amazing. For instance, whenever you kill a Big Daddie and when the sister will cry beside the body untill you either rescue her by de-atomizing her, or harvesting her. I'd never be so cruel as to kill one of them just for some ATOM.:oops:

The rewards you get from rescuing the sisters are much better that just ATOM alone. :) BTW You use ATOM to upgrade yourself and learn new abilities by geneticly enhancing yourself, or splicing you genes. The story is also fantastic. There heve been some moment were I was very shocked. :D The gameplay is also very good.

If you haven't played this game I would recommend it. My current achievments are something around 32 out of 51.

I also got to drawing THIS, but wasn't very satisfied with how it was turning out. I'll probably start anew.

Till next fate brings us together,

Silas Coggeshall

Alan Wake.

So yup! I finnally beat Alan Wake!. I beat it on normal, so I'm now going through it on Nightmare mode achievment hunting.

sallan wake I love the gameplay and story. It's awesome how Alan tells you the story as you go. So if you don't have it I'd recommend getting it. I don't have the DLCs, but when I get a hard drive from GameStop. :D I'm now playing Bio-Shock. I borrowed it from my uncle. I love the setting and look of the game. I'm enjoying it very much. I guess I'll talk at you all later. ;) With Love and Hate,

Silas Coggeshall

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