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MGS: Top 10 Villians

Where would the Metal Gear games be without their diverse cast of villains? While the heroes of the long-running series are few - each entry introduces countless new and memorable additions that strike fear in our hearts. so heres a list of em.

Villain #10 - Solidus Snake
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid

Solidus didn't take center stage until the sequel. After being targeted by an organization known as the Patriots, Solidus went into hiding and unleashed his own terrorist cell known as The Sons of Liberty. He even tries to impersonate his brother Solid, which just isn't cool. Donning a metal exoskeleton with tentacles that would make Doctor Octopus flinch, Solidus battled it out with Solid's new protege Raiden atop Federal Hall.

Villain #9 - Vamp
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Most good Metal Gear villains defy certain laws of physics and plausibility, but few toe the line with as much joy as Vamp. With his super strength, agility, and functional immortality, this fleet-footed baddie might as well be a real vampire. In truth, his body is merely powered by nanomachines. That's all the explanation the series has ever offered.

Villain #8 - Volgin
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

By the end of MGS 3 most gamers were more than eager to rid themselves of this dark villain. Volgin's attempts to unleash Shagohod upon the world were averted by Naked Snake. His vast armies and control over electricity were not enough to stave off death. Volgin was ultimately struck by lightning and died a slow, painful death as every spare bullet on his body exploded one by one. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving villain.

Villain #7 - The Boss
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid

The Boss is one of many Metal Gear villains who began on the side of good but eventually fell from grace. She goes by many other names, such as Voyevoda and The Joy, but she is best known by the American military as the mother of all special forces units. The Boss distinguished herself during WWII alongside her unit Cobra. The Boss even gave birth to a son on the field of battle, but gave him up for adoption in order to rejoin the fight.

Villain #6 - The End
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The End is one of several members of Cobra, The Boss' elite military unit. His specialty is sniping, and time hasn't dulled his aim one bit. The End is not adverse to hiding for days or weeks at a time until his target wanders into his sight. With his trusty parrot at his side, The End is never in need of companionship.

Villain #5 - Psycho Mantis
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid

Psycho Mantis is a popular villain for several very obvious reasons. Mantis is one of the few videogame characters to break the fourth wall in a middle of a fight and address the player personally. Consider it a byproduct of his psychic powers, honed through years of service to the FBI and KGB.

Villain #4 - Big Boss
First Appearance: Metal Gear

Few, if any, characters are as important to the overall Metal Gear mythos as Big Boss. This conflicted warrior was once the greatest soldier in all of America. An entire government project known as Les Enfantes Terrible was created with the intention of cloning Big Boss for new generations. However, a growing disillusionment with the world around him led Big Boss astray. Boss was once known as Naked Snake. This Snake was sent to the jungles of Southeast Asia to thwart an attempted Soviet coup. Snake's mission was largely successful, but it cost him an eye and the life of his mentor The Boss. Snake now held the title of Big Boss, but he was far from happy about it.

Villain #3 - Gray Fox/Ninja
First Appearance: Metal Gear

Gray Fox is one of the more unusual members of this list. He went from being respected hero to clandestine villain, to cybernetic badass and back to being a hero again. Whether players are rescuing Gray Fox, battling against him, or watching gleefully as he rips entire rooms of soldiers to shreds, Gray Fox never fails to impress.In the original Metal Gear, Gray Fox is one of the high-ranking members of FOXHOUND. Solid Snake is sent to Outer Heaven in order to rescue Fox, and it is then that Snake earns the menace of Metal Gear. In the sequel, Gray Fox willingly defects to Big Boss' side and becomes Snake's enemy. As we all know, Snake's enemies don't tend to last very long.

Villain #2 - Revolver Ocelot
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid

Some villains have noble intentions. Others just want to get ahead, and they don't care who they screw over in the process. Revolver Ocelot is definitely the latter. Ocelot sports a trademark set of six-shooter revolvers that he wields with deadly accuracy and shameless bravado. Ocelot got his humble start as a member of Volgin's Soviet uprising, before venturing into the wider world of military espionage. In every instance, a soldier named Snake is there to put Ocelot in his place.

Villain #1 - Liquid Snake
First Appearance: Metal Gear Solid

The best kind of villain is usually one who serves as the polar opposite of the hero. Liquid Snake is nothing if not the polar opposite of his twin brother, Solid. Both were created, along with Solidus Snake, as part of the secret Les Enfantes terrible project. Liquid grew up believing himself to be the inferior clone of Big Boss, and thus his vendetta against Solid took hold. Liquid orchestrated the events at Shadow Moses Island, even if he was not as in control as he liked to believe. After a long, arduous battle, Solid and Liquid confronted each other atop Metal Gear Rex. Liquid revealed the full scope of their connection before trying to kill his brother, and prove once and for all who the superior clone was.As it turned out, Liquid actually carried Big Boss' superior genes. Not that it mattered. Solid defeated his brother, first by destroying Rex, then in hand-to-hand combat, and finally in a high-speed car chase

your 2 cents?

Source: IGN

GTAIV fav Friend!

in gtaiv u have some friends u can hang out with... and the more u hang out with them the more they like you... and some of them unlock special abilities when they like you around 80%. so to earn that 80% u gotta hang out with them alot. so the question is simple... who is your favorite friend in GTAIV? mines gotta be that Crazy Irish Dude named Packie i really love his stories and hes kinda cool. Jacob would come in second place. i love how everytime u pick him up 1 minute later your car is all filled up with smoke lol... so whos your fav friend the one u enjoy the most when u go to play pool or grab a bite?

Where in the World is Tomonobu Itagaki?

as we all know by now the Head of the Team Ninja and master mind behind the Ninja Gaiden games left Tecmo and everybody is wondering wuts he gonna do now or wheres hes going to work now... and i was checking out IGN n they had this Hillarious Feature about Itagaki working with some of the Major Developers. and what he would bring to the already existing Franchises of these Developers... so i thou i would share it with you hope u like it.


i really hope he ends up with a developer who can give him tottal freedom... and a decent team to work with. of course he wouldnt be doing a NG game... but maybe something like that... a new IP. if the company that hire him can prove him that... amazing things could happen. n thats good news for all of us... dont u think? i think it would be awesome if capcom hired him.

PS. thenx for all the Thumbs up on my NG2 Review:D

My NG2 Review is UP!

ok ppl since some ppl has been asking me wut i think of NG2 i wrote a review so u might like to check it out... i know its not like the best review ever but i try to keep honest n not be a fangirl even thou i love the NG games... this game is incredible but it also has its flaws. so here it is...


oh btw i would really love to get some recomendations(thumbs up) if u liked my review... or at least leave me some feedback u know me... u know i love getting tons of comments... so dont be shy and show me some love... be cool everyone... xxxxxx

im back... did u miss me?

i bet u didnt.... im sure most of you didnt even notice i was gone lol... well sorry i didnt comment yer blogs in the past 5 days... the reason? well i was modded... again... y u ask?... well its not in my nature to be misterious... but i cant talk about it... and i cant talk about why i cant either... i knoooow... but.. sorry thats how it is... anyways i wann thank everybody for your concern... and i called M$... so... the reason why they suspended my account is not bc some MSP... its bc my gold expired and they couldnt charge for the next year... so till i provide a new CC... they will keep my acount... so... seems like im pretty much screwed... no surprise.

OK in gaming related news... i got 3 cool games last wednesday.... Ninja Gaiden 2, KOTOR and KOTOR2 for the original Xbox but i play em on the 360... i decided to get the kotor games cuz i love Mass Effect and everybody keeps saying that KOTOR > ME so when i went to pick up my copy of Ninja Gaiden 2... i was checking the old used games since there was this 50% discount on some games and i found both KOTOR games 10 bucks each wooohooooo!. anyways i gotta run... u can expect a Ninja Gaiden 2 review soon. so be cool everybody hope u had an amazing weekend... love xxxxx

ZOMG this is Uber ***!

today Microsoft suspended my Ragdoll90 account with a 26k gamerscore bc theres some problem with the CC... are you serious? its been like ages since the last time i bought MSP and they decide to suspend my account indefinitivelly... this is total BS i cant get on XBL i cant sign in i cant do a squad. but the funny thing is that im still gold. i mean they could have take my gold away n make me silver at least i could keep building up my gamerscore. but they didnt... they took my account away... i think im gonna go n cry all alone in a dark corner...they cut my wings man..... cut my wings... thenx M$.

Arsenica's Top10 voiceovers!

voiceovers or voice acting or w.e its called its a very important aspect of a game... choosing the right voice for the right character is a very hard task n that shouldnt be taken so lightly. the right voice can give a character an iconic Status. so in this blog im gonna list the characters with the coolest voices in the game industry. as usual in no specific order. Enjoy! and plz leave some feedback. u know me comments make me happy :)

Kratos(GoW series)

we all have played a GoW game b4 and if u havent... well what are you waiting for. Kratos voice is so full of... anger, hate, rage and when he says.. I AM THE GOD OF WAR!:evil: u can really feel all those traits. u know hes not messing around.

Solid Snake(MGS Series)

im not sure but i think that the actor who does the voice of Solid is the same who did the voice of Chris Redfield in the First RE game. but anyways. everytime Solid Speaks u can feel that hes calm. serenity. gives you that Im in control vibe. i really like Solids voice. it really fits him.

Dante (DMC Series)

in the first 2 games the dude who provided the voice for dante got fired and thenk god they did fired him cuz he was doing a terrible frigging lousy job. that changed since DMC3. when we saw a more talkative Dante and more Sarcastic than ever. everytime Dante spoke we noticed the coolness n irony in his voice. amazing job im glad they brought him back on DMC4.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)

wuts sexier then a woman with a tiny ass n 2 big guns? well easy a woman with a tiny ass & 2 guns with a british accent. enuff said.

Master Chief (Halo Series)

we all love the Master Chief's Voice its so... soothing... n comfortable... no matter if u in the middle of a huge fight n u heavily outnumbered and outgunned if the MC sais... we gonna make it... u belive him... yeah just like that. if only the dude who did the voice of the Chief in the games did the voice in the movie... that would be tottally awesome.

Niko Bellick (GTAIV)

yeah the everybodys favorite russian immigrant makes it into the countdown. why? well bc its like rockstar really hired a russian immigrant with a lousy english to provide nikos voice. he does a remarkable job.

Altair (Assassins Creed)

altair is an assassin.... n a cold blooded one. if u dont believe me. let me ask you this... do u percive any emotions from him when he speaks?.... no ... not at all that dude has like no feelings at all. specially when hes talking to his targets after stiking the final blow n they dying in his arms. cold man... stone cold.

Riddick (Escape from Butcher Bay)

Vin Diesel did the voice over. do i need to say more?

Alucard (Castlevania Symphony of the Night)

yeah the ****c of the 90's makes it into the countdown i have this game(XBLA) and u have to admit that Alucards voice is so sexy and manly. n thats why he makes into the countdown.

Cpt Mitchell (GRAW2)

i dont know if u have played the GRAW series. if u havent? u really need to give GRAW2 a try. the voice acting in this game is amazing. from every character in the game. ive never been in war obviously. but this game really makes u feel like u in there. when u are outnumbered and outgunned and you tell yer teammates wut to do u can hear Cpt Mitchell screaming at their subornitates. and it feels... so... real... or when yer teammates are asking you for orders or reporting to you while theres bullets flying all around. man its really exciting.

PS. i wanned to add pics... but atm im bitorrenting(downloading lost's season finale) and bitorrent mess ups with my internet really really bad.

Gamer Update.

ive never done a gamer update blog and since they very popular or at least a lot of ppl do blogs like this i decided to jump into the gamer update wagon. its been a long long looong wait for NG2. but i guess if ive been able to wait 4 months i can wait 4 days... so in order to keep myself busy ive been playing some games and add more archivements to my Gamerscore... in the past days ive been playing lots of XBLA games. TMNT oh yeah dude that game never gets old. n theres ppl still playing it on XBL. i was able to whore the last archivements i was missing. i also have been playing the Original Prince Of Persia Game. i loved the trilogy of the sands of time and now that we play as a New Prince im uber pumped. so i decided to beat the game n harvest some archivements along the way. SFII oh yeah the 80's clasic... or was it 90s? oh well anyways i had some fun playing this game even thou the 360 controller sucks for figthing games... actually sucks for most games except shooters and racing games...

today they released new Ao2 free downloable content yes 2 new missions for free so more co op madness... so ill be busy getting the new archivements. so wut you doing while u wait for MGS4? how do u keep yourself busy while u wait for the big day?

Arsenic's Wishlist!

todays blog is about the games im uber pumped n cant wait to get... yes that simple. so here we go.

Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox360)

my name is Ryu Hayabusa and im about kicking ass... man ive been waiting for this game since i played the first ninja gaiden on the original Xbox. the sequel looks even better hopefully this game will have a better story n we'll see ryu in a more talkative mood then the previous one where the only thing he seemed to say was... DOKU!:evil:

Soul Calibur IV (PS3)

always a fan of the SOul Calibur series i played SCII on the original Xbox and SCIII in the ps2. and this one looks awesome visually i mean. and this game will have online MP. so wut can be better then that?

Alone in the Dark (XBOX360)

ive never played any game in the series ive heard that most of them suck but its ok im getting this game for free plus im dying for a survival horror game. cant wait to walk down the corridors with my spray n lighter setting things on fire. oh yeah i confess im a fire starter.

Star Wars: The Force unleashed (PS3)

ive never been a SW fan... actually im far from it... but u gotta admit that those lightsabers are uber cool. last week i was messing around on the market place(XBL) and i downloaded the trailers for SW:FU. and at the beggining u hear Darth Vadder saying... "Well Done my Aprentice".....DAAAAAAMN that got me uber pumped. boy this game looks unreal. kicking ass sith ****is awesome... using the force n crap and yer light saber running trhou the galaxy exterminating jedis... thats wut really appeals to this is a game thats deff worth it. plus the devs are talking about some MP features. how can u say no to that?

and thats it... well actually i could list a couple more games but they too far faaaaaar away from being released so ill list em someother time, anyways wuts yer wishlist? n dont say that u just waiting for MGS4 bc thats a filthy lie... theres gotta be anothergames u interested besides Granpa Snake.

100 Reasons Fanboys Hate Nintendo.

The fluffy, mom-friendly Nintendo brand has abandoned its core audience. Or so say the die-hards who moan about Nintendo's abandonment of hardcore gamers for little girls and the elderly. The runaway mainstream success of the Wii only makes the pill that much more bitter. To compensate, here are 100 of Nintendo's most fantastic follies. this is the last Entry in the Blog of hate series. i would like to add that i dont hate Sony. i dont hate Xbox and i dont hate Nintendo. this series of hate was inspired by all those Fanboys/trolls all around the gaming sites that do nothing but talk crap about consoles. so my message to em is this... please stop being fanboys... no one likes fanboys... seriously.

1. RAM Expansion
2. Pikachu N64
3. Hey You! Pikachu
4. Nine years of B&W Game Boy
5. DS Lite has different charger
6. "Gamers were bored before Wii"
7. Still advertising Wii Sports
8. Electroplankton
9. Watermelon N64
10. Controller Paks
11. Sensor Bar
12. Burying us in Pokemon...
13. virtual migraine(boy)
14. Super Scope 6
15. Solar Jetman
16. Celebs toting GameCubes
17. "My name is Reggie. I'm about kicking ass."
18. ROB
19. Excitebike don't work!
20. Mario 2 is a dream
21. Censoring blood in MK
22. Play it Loud! ads
23. Super fx chip
24. Luigi's Mansion
25. Friend Codes
26. Motion Controls gimmicky
27. Weak Wii hardware
28. No hard drive
29. 480p max rez
30. Lazy designers don't use touch screen on DS
31. Industry bully (esp. '80s)
32. Wii Fit
33. Game Boy Micro
34. The Wizard - PowerGlove scene
35. Weak 3rd party support
36. Same **** different Zelda
37. Starfox Adventures
38. "High horse" attitude
39. Mario is Missing
40. Miis lack customization
41. Piss-poor online setup
42. GameCube modem
43. Expensive cart games (N64)
44. Letting Rare go crazy
45. GBA connectivity underused
46. Abandoning the hardcore
47. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
48. N64-DD
49. Still no portable GC
50. Zelda CD-I games (50)
51. The Dog from Duck Hunt
52. Red Steel ad - loser hiding behind couch
53. Wiimote condom
54. Wii have a problem
55. Media blacklisting
56. Wii Parties (evites)
57. Nintendo hates the environment (Greenpeace)
58. Wii marketing materials - 12yo girl b-day party
59. NES controller - rectangular corners
60. N64 Controller 'L' Button
61. GC Controller - kidneys, 1 bumper, etc.
62. Super Mario Sunshine Graffiti missions
63. Miis can't do anything!
64. Shortages - STILL?!?
65. Link looks like the elf from Rudolph
66. Real games, plz (magnetica, brain age, big brain academy, vision training, flash focus, picross)
67. Mario Party injuries
68. Old Man carrying a load in his pants
69. No online freebies like Japan
70. Wind Waker makeover
71. Lost Final Fantasy to Sony
72. Mom's Wii blog
73. Wii tour for soccer moms
74. Wii Photo Channel
75. You know, for kids!! (Manhunt 2)
76. Sailing in Wind Waker
77. Sailing in Phantom Hourglass
78. Sailing in Uncharted Waters
79. Cooking games
80. SMB movie
81. Hot Topic merchandise whoring
82. Gamecube handle
83. Crap RPGS
84. Iwata: "Customers don't want online games."
85. GBA cart batteries dying
86. NinjaBread Man / Annubis 2 / Rock n Roll Adventures / Billy the Wizard
87. Nicole Kidman DS ads in Europe
88. Finally got Crystal Chronicles
89. Crappy DS ports of big-name games (Need for Speed, Burnout, Call of Duty etc)
90. Kid electrocuted in Thailand
91. Yamauchi: "Our Customers don't know what they want."
92. Yamauchi: "[People who play RPGs are] depressed gamers who like to sit alone in their dark rooms and play slow games."
93. Yamauchi: "Customers are not interested in grand games"
94. ****c franchise not selling well - Metroid
95. GameBoy peripherals that suck: e-reader
96. ...printer
97. ...back light
98. ...front light
99. ...pocket recording studio
100. Glut of crappy Virtual Console games