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10 september 2004

Summer's back here in Stockholm.

Here's todays plans:

-I'm gonna bike to the Old Town and do some photography. DONE

-I'm gonna tidy up my room a bit. DONE

-I'll might write a job application or two.

That's it. Off i go!

p.s. Today i will reach level 6, so expect some great reviews from me soon.

That night.

I've bought extension cords for my speaker system today. Afterh hours of cabeling, the satellites are in place at each corner of the room. Yay!

Four hours later

After much anoying work I made a photo gallery for the webpage. I've only added five images, but now i know how it's done,and there will be more shortly, belive me.

ten hours later.

So i got this new fantastic thing called " web site" online, these wonders of technology! No content yet, but hey, it has a spinning thing and a klingon.

And yes, you may see it at PM me feedback if you want to.

6 september 2004

I got up really early this morning, tired as hell, determined to do something good with this day. I need a job, so have to write some applications. However, this is as far as i got. We'll see what this day will bring.

5 september 2004

I've stopped playing CM 03/04. At least for a while.

It's amazing how much you care about how your little computer controlled guys perform on the pitch. I lost a game 1-5 in the end of the season and my blood was literally boiling. I fined a couple of defenders, who had been lousy, and got sacked by the clubs board. It was at that point i truly realised it was just a game.

The good news is that I now have time to play other games. Hooray!

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