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The case of the lost Mhz's solved!

A couple of days ago (or weeks, i don't know really) my CPU lost 400 of its 1670 MHz. I opened up the case to see if they weren't scattered around at the bottom of the case, but nope.:) After reading a couple of geekish articles about overclocking, i found the setting to change in the BIOS, rebooted and bingo - there they were!

Hey, hey - I'm Back!

I'm back at the forums after a little blooper that caused a two-day ban (always read the TOS twice before posting, kids). I'm not gonna describe it more closely, since i'd probably get banned again. It's good to be back however.

More trouble...

Except for the fact that my computer spontaniously reboots, it looked like my graphics board had given up the goes. But now things work much better. Obviously.

15 september 2004

(I need to come up with catchier titles. )

I really, really need a job. It's hard to be a gamer with absolutely no income. Frankly, it's hard to be anything with absolutely no income. Spare some change?

14 september 2004 continued.

This day has been a little computing hell. I have had LOTS of trouble installing my new graphics board. Suddenly my computer felt like rebooting every two minutes. And to make things worse I almost melted the card by installing a driver which enabled all eight rendering pipelines. Finally, after putting my old GeForce MX 440 back and uninstalling all drivers, i could put the new one back witout my computer rebooting whenever it felt like.

14 september 2004

This is usually the time of day I start thinking about what todo today. Today, however, i have allready bought a new graphics board, a Radeon 9800SE. I went up insanely early (6.15) to get in time to the big sale at PC City this morning. After cueing for 40 minutes i finally got in and bought the card. Later on I'm gonna get a nice big cooling system and softmod the card to insanity!

12 september 2004

I noticed this journal is gradually turning into a diary, but nevermind.

Dear journal, today I havn't done a thing.

Carpe Diem, dammit!

11 September 2004 continued

Today I have been "doing" the bridges of Stockholm. I doubt there is any better place to live.

Yesterday the summer returned to Stockholm. If you ask me the weather could stay this way forever. I'm afraid it won't though.

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