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The reason I have been off was beacause I had major problems with this computer. Now I finally got it work.

Member of 30 Unions.

Phew, people have recruiting me lately, and still are. It's too bad I can't join anymore unions. And I just can't leave the other Unions so, that as they say is that..

About PS3

How much this console is gonna cost? I bet it will be more expensive than any other console thus far.

About leveling and rewards.

I don't actually have no interest of them, I was still wondering why the "Top 500 Preview" was replased with the "Old-School"? And why do I get every day about 10%?


I have some problems with my computer. There's a weird file called FIRST TIME PING.EXE and it keeps lagging my computer. I've tried to erase it, but it keeps coming back. What the hell?

Resident Evil 5

I can't wait to see that game and try it out. But the price should be unfortunately too big if you count the PS3 price,which must be very high at first and RE5 which must an avarage game price. That's the biggest problem. Must start saving money.