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Got a number of bands that love, but my all time favourite would be Enslavement of Beauty :)

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Wow, noone has yet mentioned the 'I burnt my GF' thread. That was win.
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Samuel L. Jackson.
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Forgotten Realms > all (except maybe Warhammer).
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I was waiting for a thread on this to pop up on GameSpot... I can't believe I missed the whole thing, I was only out for 5 fricking hours.
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Black shirt, dark jeans, black shoes. If I'm laying about the house, it differs, but thats what I always wear on a night out.
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Stephen Fry is awesome. QI is one of the best Quiz shows around at the moment.
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I love it, not found a thing wrong with it yet. It's a lot more secure than XP was, more user-friendly, boot up and shut down times are a lot faster and simpler.
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why did jesus answer many questions from obvious non beleivers in questions?

Because you can only make someone beleive when they are ready to beleive/want to beleive.

In other words they have to convince themselves, simply telling them wont cut it.

Yes you can be good without "beleiving" in god. not "without god". Who really defines good?

why do people find it absurd to beleive in god, and fine to beleive in science, cos lets face it were not all scientists that have tested and "proved" these "THEORIES



Scientific theories have inherently been tested and "proved."

My point exactly, you beleive they have been proved (keep in mind i'm not saying science is fake)

But you havent seen the results, you never designed the tests, you havent seen the proof, and in many cases you do not extensively understand the implications. How many times has scieonce called something true only until its been proven otherwise ( for instance it was beleived the world was flat and that flying was impossible nevermind space exploration)). You in other words beleive what your told without feeling the need to question or check for yourself ( This is faith)

so why is faith in relegion so obsurd?

We do question and check the results hence why we constantly discover new theories that dont match other peoples theories. Why do you put science down so much it has revolutionsed this planet, if it wasn't for science we would all be still living in mud huts hunting for wild animals. What has religion done?

daftdog how do you beleive you came to be?

I don't think you realise what a big question that is, you want me to narrate 4.5 billion years of history through to you? It could take me like 3 days just to give you the short story LOL!

dont tel me "4.5 billion years of history. just the beginning

You see this is what confirms to me you have no idea about the scientific side of the story. You say beginging as if it just happened, in science the begining lasted nearly 650 million years. The planet did'nt just appear over night with water, trees and grass evrywhere it was a process of millions of years! If you knew the scientific side you would know that what you are asking is a bit broad. This is the differrence between religious and non religious people i know all about religion and its history, because i bothered to hear both sides, religious people only care about their side.

doesnt evrything have a beginning? or does your scientific theory begin in the middle? i " only care about my side"? How when i'm asking you what your beleif is? I wasnt putting science down either, ( I like science, was my favorite class) just proving a point that your belef in science is not much different from my beleif in god.

Our universe started with the Big Bang.

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[QUOTE="joshrocks2245"]It's sad to see 2 grown men act gay because they know they will get popular on the internet for this.

I imagine these 2 have no lives, probably live off of welfare, and thought maybe some internet fame will get them some cash or some role in a gay movie.

Or, they just thought it was funny.

It wasn't funny, maybe they should go be writers for Family guy.
They can make fart jokes and gay jokes and childish humour, they would fit in well with the rest of people who write for family guy.

I don't think you understood the point of its comedy. It wasn't supposed to be: "hey there's two gay guys kissing each other!" It was supposed to be: "hey, wtf is this! lmao at the awkward newslady!" Seriously wasn't supposed to be offensive in anyway unless you like your news rather straightforward and you're offended by that.

Yeah I do like my news straightforward.
I am not offended by 2 gay guys making a fool out of them selves, I just think they need to get a life, I don't find it funny at all.
What is so funny by 2 grown men kissing each other?? Please, explain the humour to me.

I fail to see how it's so funny.
It's funny how those guys probably living in some small apartment together living on welfare.

I don't think men who act like that would ever have a job, they are way too immature.

So you know so much about these guys after seeing a 5 second clip of them doing a prank on live tv and decide to lay into them as much as you can. Yea, THEY are the ones that need to get a life:roll: