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AnubisCraig Blog

We're back!

After the few days that RIPU was down, we're now back and in full swing :)

To any who haven't yet seen it, make sure to check out the arcade and battle system that are constantly being updated :) Also, there's the awesome people there to keep you coming :P

Give it a try!

Damn it... RIPU Is down.

This time at least, it's not my fault :P The actual server at the place that's hosting it has gone down. On the site it's showing the suspended page for some reason, and for the webmaster (me) to contact support as soon as possible, but guess what? Their site is down too?!?

Oh well, apparently it shall be back soon.... I wonder if I'll get a refund for this months invoice?

Anyway, tis a shame that's happened, it was just starting to grow a lot more :P

RIPU is going through some changes.

Firstly: We have started over on the forums. We now have an Invision Power Board, which is just awesomely better than the phpBB :)

Secondly: We have two new administrators, Blackblade_Inc and Topperfalkon.

Thirdly: We are determined to make this site GROW. We may need some help creating the main website, but we are going to advertise it, and use to it's fullest. We will also add a lot to the forums, as there is a big modding community on IPB's.

RIPU is still going strong!

Hey guys, just thought I'd post a random Blog here, not done one in a while!

So yea, the reason I'm not on GameSpot much, is because the pubs and RIU's site is going quite good :)
If anyone hasn't yet tried out RIPU, give it a go! The homepage isn't fully there yet, but the forums are very active, with a lot of cool people on there. Also, if any other Unions fancy joining us, they're more than welcome!

The Pub is making a website!

Yes yes, I realise I haven't made a blog post in months, so shoot me. Though I do have to tell everyone about the Pub making a website :D

Granted, probably won't take off as good as LiquidLurker, however, it is still going to kick ass. We're joining with the Random Insanity union, making it so much bigger! I think we might be getting an Invision (premium probably) board, then make our website afterwards. It's going to be .com, seems to be a good name at the moment (for Random Insanity Pub Union). I've found out the hosting, and it seems I'll be getting the site for $9 a month, which I'll pay for (wouldn't mind some donations to help though).

Anyway, I'll see everyone soon, be thinking about this idea! It could rule ass!

Fun in PC World

Ok, for anyone Brits here, you will know of PC World, the leading Computer retails store in the UK. You will also know how much it sucks. The stuff there doesn't suck, just the sales people. Me and a friend of mine decided to go have a bit of fun with the sales-peoples, just to poke fun, and see how retarded they are... here's how it went:

We walk, and immediately see a woman trying to sell a guy an iMac, or a Mac Book or something crazy. We thought we'd act like we're interested and ask things about it (since we know more about computers than they do), but we listened in for a bit first:
"Well this computer is the best-selling on the market at the moment, it's specs beat all of it's competitors (note: she never said what the specs were, and right next to it, was A BETTER FRICKING COMPUTER), you can't go wrong with this, you can even pay monthly so it's not a large wad from your wallet (note: doing it this way, means you pay 1/3 more in total)"
She carried on this big rant until the guy turned round to her and said "but do you sell Flash Drives here?"... I could not stop laughing... at all...

Next up was the beeps... My friend had used our C++ course to make a continuous loop of internal speaker beeps (pretty simple really, make it a loop, don't close the program until it stops beeping, but the beeping doesn't stop, so it doesn't close), since it cannot close until the beeps stop, it is IMPOSSIBLE to close it. X in the corner? Crashes it, keeps on beeping. Task Manager? Crashes the computer, but keeps on beeping. Locking the computer? Noone can use the computer, but it keeps on beeping.
We set this up (as he placed it on my flash drive beforehand), and put it on some of the computers around the store... the store was just randomly beeping...

We ask a sales-woman to come over to us, and asked if she knew the difference between Windows XP Home, and Windows XP Proffessional. Noone knows what the **** the differences are. Especially not her... She was like:
"Well... uhh.. i'm not sure but... uhh... the internet is faster on home.. you want that one.."
"But we're wanting to set up a small internet server for a small business? We have noticed that all the computers come with Windows XP Home..."
"Well uhh... I'm not sure..."
"By the way, what is that beeping noise coming from that computer?"(pointing to the computer next to us, on which we had set up the beeps).
She could not figure it out... The only thing she did was try opening Task manager 50 times, which crashed the computer more!

On our way out, we noticed a sales-man stood next to a computer that was on offer for something like £600, we had seen it earlier, had something like, 1GB Ram, 200GB Hard Drive, fairly good... but nowhere did it show the processing power...
We asked him how many ghz it had...
"Sorry mate, i've got no idea, you might want to ask the sales reps, or look in this magazine"...

We had checked the 'My Computer' of that PC earlier... it had 900mb RAM, 180GB Hard Drive, and 1.79GHZ Processor... 1.79GHZ... no fricking wonder they didn't show that off... The computer I'm on had 2.1GHZ and it can't even fricking play CivIV...

How fun :D

Greetings from my workplace!

Yup, I finally fixed up the internet at work, so I could actually run the website. So what have I been doing at work? That's right! Posting on GameSpot :)

Well noone ever comes into my office, so it doesn't matter :P

I am kind of on my dinner break at the moment though... Well... I say I am on my dinner break... that finished 10 minutes ago. I felt I deserved an extra while to eat my crisps...

I am the Master of the Blast!

That's right, I am Level 22! It goes up a lot quicker after the dreaded Level 20 :P

Also, Work is going ok, not much to do, but I'm getting paid at least. College is going good too :) Maths is pretty hard though :P

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