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At one point in time, this was by far the best MMO out there. I've never enjoyed a game like i enjoyed SWG. I quit playing a month after NGE when my paid time ran out. R.I.P Pre-NGE SWG

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I tried the CoH. I didnt like the large amount of gore and cursing.ulsterdr

I loled.

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" yixingtpot Posted Mar 12, 2010 2:53 am GMT I'm pretty sure it's BIll Gates himself buying up all the XBROKES then putting them back into stock, then buying them again next month, then putting them back into stock, then buying them up again etc. Nobody would be so stupid to pay for a dvd player that plays Halo over a Blu-ray wonder machine like PS3 to play GOW3, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, FF13, on and on... Give it up Gates stop buying up and restocking those XBROKEs." I'm detecting someone that's not old enough to actually buy games.

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Du_Metroid: The only reason 360 sells it's cus of the 3RL's. Fools buy it again when their console breaks, lol. - RROD is an old problem that's been fixed, it's from the first group of xboxes that was put on the market. + The games doesn't break when you get RROD so how do you explain Xbox 360 selling much more games. (4 games on top 10 vs PS3's 1 game, and it's not even an PS3 exclusive)

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Mass effect 2 would have made first, by far i may add, if it had just as little as a week more of the month, and not just a few days.

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DoW 2 = One of the best RTS games out there with just one drawback HORRIBLE AI in multiplayer. Need to put in harder AI opponents.

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Year ain't over yet, most of the big titles come at the end of the year anyway, ask this question again January.Gooeykat

I will, and it shall be interesting to see if there is a big change on the votes.

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omg you all must be playing games all days , it harms you. Alana4eva

I like trolls.

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What is your opinion on this? And seeing what games are still to come during 2009.
Is year 2009 a good or bad year for gaming?

I was checking out top rated games on a website which puts together a bunch of reviews (Not to mention which site)

But the 2009 game with best score only got up to spot 56(with an average score of 91) and only 3 games in top 100 which got me thinking.
2008 candidate was on place 39 with 7 games on top 100
2007 had 3 games in top 10 with 10 games on top 100
2006 best was on place 11 with only 3 games on top 100
2005 best was on place 14 with 8 games on top 100
2004 have the number 1 game and with 10 games on top 100

Can 2009 be saved yet? And which game would save it? Or is it doomed as a below average gaming year?
Or are the scores just faulty and 2009 is actually a good gaming year?

Expected games that might reach it to top 100?
Dragon age:Origins
Majesty 2
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Call of duty: Modern warfare 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Assassins creed 2

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I try to think of ways that a game could be even better and therefore a game will never get a 10/10 score in my books.


As long as there are no perfect games a rate of 10 is never deserved. Not a single flaw can be in a game of 10.

But you must remember. The player score is not based on a single voter. So therefore it won't get 10
And therefore player score is better. And therefore you should be able to search on it.

There's always a group of people voting 1 on a game. As there are people voting 10.

A game deserving of a score of 8 will often have 2 people voting a 1 for 8 people voting 10.
Beating the average score of 8,2.

I agree sorting by user votes would be a nice addition, I was just pointing out flaws. Gamespot reviewers aren't the best either though, I find they've tended to over-rate many games, and then pick out a few and tear them apart. Probably due to the Kane and Lynch advertising fiasco, they are scared to drop ratings in that 4 - 6.5 middleground so as not to piss off the corporations.

Yeah, which is sad.
They should serve the players and not the corporations.

Talking about this i have to go through my own reviews and clear some bad reviews up and only do writen reviews from now.