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"Prelude to a Challenge"

My name is I.V.Y which is short for Interchanging- V-weapon - Yuganza. I am what some people would call a ganza. In case you don't know what a ganza is I'll start from the beginning of how I came to be. Fourteen years ago, a large group of scientist started to illegaly prefom expirements on human babies. Fortunately, the police were able to find and raid the lab where the scientists were preforming the expirements. However, for some, like me, they were too late, because the expirements had done so much damage that our bodies were unusable. When all hope for us seemed lost, a good group of scientists decided that the only way for us to live as normal lives as possilbe was to have our damaged organic parts replaced with cybernetic ones. For some the expirements did a small amount of damage and only needed a few cybernetic parts, but others, similar to me, needed their bodies to be almost entirely remade out of robotic parts. Along with our robotic bodies and a new name, we were given a ranking of Yuganza, Tishiganza, or Miganza. The ranking meant how much of our bodies were cybernetic, like those with only a few cybernetic parts were giving the ranking of "Miganza." If you were giving the ranking of "Tishiganza" it meant that about half of your body was made of robotic parts. I was given the ranking of "Yuganza" since almost all of my body was cybernetic. The one that gave me my parts was Professor Sandoval, and I wasn't the only on he gave a robotic body to, like my brother J.A.Y or Jamming-Adapter-Yuganza and my sister A.M.Y or Armor-Mega-Yuganza. Since all of our birth records had been lost we didn't really know that we were siblings, but we did not care anyway. Professor Sandoval also had a daughter named Sabrina. About eleven years after Prof. Snadoval took us in, he passed away which was very unexpected since he was very healthy for his age. J.A.Y and I were eleven, A.M.Y was twelve, and Sabrina was thirteen; and we had just be found ourselves to be orphans. No one but he professor's colleague, Dr. Roche, offered to look after us; we declined knowing it was up to us to find the professor's killer and us alone. A few week later, we found a note that said: "Dear children, If you are reading this letter I am most likely dead, and have most likely been killed by the Kama-Kaize. They are responsible for everything the ganza babies went through and I believe they will start experimenting again soon. It is up to you to stop them. The battle will be long and hard, but you will make it through. Love, Professor Sandoval" After reading the letter, we decided that Sabrina and I would stay and fight in the upcoming Ganza Tournament to see if we could find anyone that would be willing to help. J.A.Y and A.M.Y would go to see if they could find out an imformation on the Kama-Kaize. Though I was sad to see them go, I knew that they had to. With that our journey to find the Kama-Kaize and stop their evil plots had begun.

Feeling of loss

This is a poem I wrote when my dog died a few weeks ago: "Like a dream from Which I will never wake, A big hole in my heart, Will always quake, While standing in a daze, Wishing you were here, For that is the feeling of loss, Never more."

Finally, she is back.

The badly misseed Guitarwolf 13 has made a thriumphant(sp?) return and yet due to comp. problems she now has a new name as Guitarwilf 14. I am really looking forward toward her new RPG posts.