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AndyWilliams24 Blog

We're looking for some questions for our QnA podcast!

Hey peeps,

In the next Gamer Euphoria podcast we're doing a Q&A ****sha'bang.

If you have a question you have always wanted to ask us, ranging from the site, to a staffs personal life – send in questions for us to answer on our next scheduled Pocast coming next week.

There are 3 ways of leaving us a question, simply:

Come on guys, we need to get a good amount of questions before the cast, ask us anything. :)

Technically I've been under the lens, with some results...

I promised you guys I'd do some sort of video blog. While, it did take me the best part of 2 months to actually produce something. Albeit, it's not a traditional video blog. I was recording an introduction video for the website's new YouTube channel, and though, as I discuss things about my self, i'll show it you guys.

This is a great chance for my new followers to get to know me, or if you are a long time reader, you will already know me, but here's a chance to see what I have been up to, as well as what the future entails.

Check out my Video Blog here.

We will be publishing a lot of content on their, not only features for the site, but a look at what happens behind the scenes as well as ways to create viewer participation.

So if it is not too much to ask, subscribe to the official GamerEuphoria YouTube Channel, take a look at the website, and we'll do our best to keep you up to date with what we're doing.

P.S. Did anybody catch the clues hinting towards my camera shyness?

Thinking of getting back under the lens.

Some of you may remember, some may not. A couple of years ago I used to periodically publish video blogs here on GameSpot for your viewing pleasure. I will not sugar coat it, they sucked - but I was pretty young back then, so I'm not all surprised.

I have been viewing a lot of peoples video blogs here (or YouTube) lately, since the resurrection. I kind of miss doing them, but kind of fear trying to get into the swing of things again. I'm quite a shy person, always have been. But after seeing the content some of you have published as of late, I'm quite inspired to join the movement, or at least try.

Some things I do not miss about video blogs. Namely the long rendering and upload times that follow prior to recording the video, continuously coming up with topics for videos; but most of all that darn GameSpot video upload interface, which made me come to the conclusion, if videos were to be produced, they'd be based on YouTube rather than sitting through the GS uploader.

A lot of chance has transpired in the past 2 years since you've last seen me. I've grown up for the most part, I'm almost 18 years old. Quite a journey from that 13 year old child that you first met. I've created strong bonds with a lot of you, some I even plan on meeting in the near future.

So what do you say, would you be interested in hearing about my gaming life and general ramblings?

I yearn for what we used to have...

I've been yearning to write here for a while - really I have. But when you stop doing something or break routine, it's very hard to motivate yourself to start again. It's like the gym, you go, get in great shape, think missing one or two sessions wont help... never return...

But I watched DarroGamer's video 'Gamespot Reminisce' which made me yearn for the community we once had, the community that made me sign up back in 2005. That is five whole years ago, if you had told me upon signing up I'd still be here in 2010 - I'd have thought you were crazy.

I sometimes think to myself, if for whatever reason Google didn't rank GameSpot as their number one video game search, I might have joined another website. If I had in fact joined, say, IGN, imagine all the friendships I'd have missed out on. All the people that I think I'd honestly value as real world friends, the people who I plan on meeting this summer.

It would be a shame, though they have moved on - for the community, I'll give it one last effort.

Competition - Win Free Copy Of Final Fantasy XIII!

It appears the good folk at GamerEuphoria are hosting a competition, with the winner recieving a free copy of the newly released Final Fantasy XIII.

"Been looking forward to picking up Final Fantasy XIII but can't afford it? Or perhaps you haven't got round to buying it yet? Whatever your reasons for not owning it yet, you might want to put those plans on hold for a little while as this could be your big chance to get your copy free…

Here at GamerEuphoria we've got 1 copy of Final Fantasy XIII to give away to a lucky reader. All you have to do is answer one very easy question about the game…


You must be 16+ to enter this competition and you are only allowed one entry. The winner will be randomly picked shortly after the deadline stated of the competition and notified promptly. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours of winning a new winner will be selected. GamerEuphoria staff are not eligible for entry. Every entrant who gives the correct answerwill be entered into a program which randomally chooses a digit, ever user has a unique digit, the user assigned with the randomally chosen digit will be declared the winner."

For full details on the competition and to enter, see here.

Enjoy guys. :)

My BioShock 2 Quick-Look

Hey guys, long time no see. But I thought i'd drop in once in a blue moon. I do still log in here daily, just don't tend to express myself through blogging much. But if you ever need me, I'm always here.

I also noticed I'm nearing Level 50 here on GameSpot - that is pretty awesome. Never thought i'd last as long as I have here, it's the community. Albeit a lot of the community disbanded the other summer for various reasons, well one, but still. It is still good to come back and here from you guys, though. That's why I am still here.

Also another thing worth mentioning, well it is in my blog title, so naturally, chances are, that is why you are here. I've been dabbling lately and decided to do a 'Quick-Look' for BioShock 2 - and post it on my website. So if you are interested or all all curious head on over here.

I am wanting feedback on the video. I decided against doing voice-over at the last moment, as the microphones I have at the minute aren't of great quality and I didn't want that to drag down the video. For whatever reason Sony Vegas decided to hiccup and not produce the video in full 720p - either it will update with it once it has finished processing, or we will be stuck with the current state. Whatever the case, future things would be in 720p. I am also considering doing a video-blog for BioShock 2 over the weekend, though I am not too sure. British accent is for the loss. Would you guys be interested?

Whatever the case give me feedback on the video, and tell me if you would be interested in me carrying on.

To view the Quick-Look video, head on over to Gamer Euphoria.

Andy get's new games - Apolocypse in Hogwarts

I signed up for the Goozex service about a month ago. If you are unfamilar with the website, it's basically the greater alternative to trade-in prices. It's a community based website where you trade games to other users and in exchange for the game you get points. Depending on how much points you get per game (or you can build up your points) you can buy games.

It's a pretty good service, I traded in 3 Nintendo DS games and got a little under 1000 points. With those points I then went on to buy Fallout 3 (PC) and Skate 2 (360). That's a damn good trade if you ask me. Over the past few weeks I traded 2 old Xbox360 games, with no interest in any games out I kept the points. But without thinking, I had left a game in my wanted list...

It arrived yesterday. So for the past 2 days I've been playing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I've surprisingly had a blast with the game. But I cannot for the life of me recommend it as a purchase. Although, I'd highly recommend it as a rental to any fans out there. You won't enjoy it if you're not a fan, but for us tight knit fans it's a real blast. For the whole 5 hours it lasted, yeah, that included all the achievements.

I think i'll put it back up for trade as it's still going for the same price as I purchased it for. So basically i've been playing that for free all weekend. Not bad.

I also started Fallout 3 last weekend. I decided to get it for PC as they were apparently the game quality and I needed a excuse to play more Games for Windows games. I like the service overall, I like being able to use my gamercard to chat to friends on the 360 while i'm busy playing my own games on the PC. They need to expand this service, as it has a aweful lot of potential. As for the game itself, it's damn good. The beginning segments were one of the better starts to a game i've seen in a long time. I've never played a Fallout game before, but this one has me submerged in the world and enjoying it a lot. It's a ton of fun to play and explore, the game really lives up to the claims. It's all about the decisions to make.

I'm not very far into the game at the moment, so advise and helpful tips would be greatly appriciated.