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Amir_Badshah Blog

My Birthday!

Today, Oct. 28, is my Birthday.

The day where the summer time is over and the dark and gray skies come above us.

I haven't got all that many gifts yet.
And we haven't party yet.. :?

Anyway.. I got the Sony Ericsson K800i.
That's an okay fair good cellphone.
It got everything I need though.

So now, I'm 16. :D
Not young enough to get a driving license.
In Denmark, it's when you're 18! :(

Well, that's that.
Stay happy all! ;)

Your Cellphone?


Which cellphone/mobile phone do you have?
And please tell some of it's features like 2 mega-pixel camera or GPS Navigation System?

I had the Sony Ericsson W810i: That little black walkman one with 2mp but the camera button got kinda crashed.
It's the one below.. It's still working, but the cam button is defect!

So, now. I'm having the old cheap crap phone K700i.
Yeah, it was good back in the days, but today, it isn't all that great.

And mine K700i is worse cause the Joystick is also crashes, so No, you can't press down.

I can't believe it. I do always care of my things, especially phones.
All my friends/dudes has either a crashed screen or a phone they've borrowed cause of their old phone screen crashed. :lol:
While mine was older than their phones, and it did still look alot newer.


My artworks... Please look

Hi! :D

From now on, I'll be uploading my artworks at the image section.
I mostly draw cars, cities, accidents, crashes, anime etc.

But, please Take A Look at the pictures in the image section.

I recommend that you see them by clicking 'View Original'.

Also, please leave a comment...;)

Level 22 :D


I reached level 22.
That's good.
...Yes...that is good.......?..

*Can't think of anything else to write* :P

I figured out something! Take a look!

I live in the stranges part of the WORLD!!!

Here's how I figured it out!

1. You gotta see those new Cookies in the mall, man.
I couldn't choose a better name myself man!

So, nice. Maybe if they removed the N the name would have been cooler.
And maybe they sold alot more.
So sweet man. Yo, I'm gonna go downtown n' buy some CRACK'N!


2. Also, you might wonder why they use strange names..
Well, that just SOOO normal over here..
Also, wanna hear what the mall is called?

Yes, read carefully and you'll get SUPER BEST
Not an international one, just a normal mall everyone shops in.
So, the mall is not just SUPER, it's the BEST.
SUPER BEST, so cool man.

Why didn't they call it PWNED or OWN3D?


3. Another thing you don't wanna know what the city is named..
Høje Gladsaxe - Click on text for pictures.

Høje Gladsaxe is known for those 5 buildings you'll see.
You might wonder what the .. HØJE GLADSAXE means.
Høje - High
Glad - Happy
Saxe - Scissor.

High HappyScissor. Yep, that's the city man.


4. You don't wanna know what... Oh, better stop now..:P

XBOX360 = The Radiator

XBOX360 a.k.a Tha machine 'tat makes ur room hot.
(When I say hot, I mean Warm)

I don't know, but my X360 gets very hot when I play like 3 h's or more..
It's like, my rooms temperature gets from 19 ° C to 24 ° C!!!

Strange, or is that normal?

(And I don't want to open the window - If there is a spider or kinda thing in my room, I get in a T0TAL PAN!C mode! :?

As I said, I think Microsoft gave us a free Radiator!) :lol:

Explorer vs. Mozilla

Now, what do you use!?

Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

Also have you noticed some problems when uploading icon or banner ? If you did what internet program did you use?

Haha! Gotta see this picture!

Oh, no - PS3 fans don't attack me!
I just found this XBOX360 car while walking around in the city. I took this picture with my cellphone W810i.

The quality got low when I tried to resize the image!