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Amethyst_Rush Blog

Excuse me, but i'm slowly going insane. Why? I think an abundance of options confuse me. Seriously, have you seen how many new releases there has been in the past 3 weeks? Too many! I can't play all these games! I have school, a job... a slowly evaporating social life! Where am I going to get the time to play all these games? Ok, so I've beaten Halo2 and MGS3 already, but there's about 7 more games that I'd like to pruchase. I guess i'll just see if I can pick Echoes and HL2 and call it day, maybe I'll ask for the rest for Christmas... now that's a plan!

.... anybody want to lend me a 120 dollars? Yeah, didn't think so.

Gaming discussion, a classic case of conflicting interests?

90% of the time, I would have to say yes, yes they are. I came to the realization of this a very, very long time ago, but going through the recent babblings of system wars has reminded me. Here's a classic example of what i'm talking about: Person A loves Halo, person B dislikes it. Person A insists that Halo is a fantastic game and doesn't understand why person B can't understand this. This discussion will more or less turn into an argument that doesn't come to any kind of mutual agreement. What people should realize before they jump into a heated discussion that deals with the content of video games is that people aren't always going to see your way, sadly the world doesn't revolve around you, but it should, I know, you can complain to me afterwards. Once you realize this you should then come to the conclusion that your personal tastes aren't final, an amazingly crafted game is an amazingly crafted game, no if ands or buts about it. That being said, you don't have to like it. You see, there's an amazing little thing called opinion and everyone has one.

So, all things considered, in a heated argument about video games that deal with whether a game is good or bad, is someone right and someone wrong? I would have to say yes, people should recognize quality when they see it. Sure you may not like it, but remember the world doesn't revolve around you.

The biggest game to release this year..

Is obviously Halo2. I'm reading the preview and the game is being talked about like it was the second coming. For many people, it practically is the second coming. I'm looking forward to Halo2, There's a couple games i'm more interested in, but Halo2 is pretty much guarenteed awesomeness. The online portion sounds pretty neat too, maybe this is the game to finally put online console gaming on the map? I'd bet money on that. Anyways, i'll be counting the days untill November 9th, and then after that... Echoes. W00t!.

Whatchu' talkin' bout willis?

Man, today was awesome. Being a senior at high school makes life easier. You know when your a grade 9 and it's really easy to be intimidated? Well, now i'm not. By anyone, it's that damn awesome. Nothing better then going to school and not have to worry about anything, it actually makes it enjoyable...almost. The reason I say I don't have to worry about anything is because my semester might be the easiest semester i've ever had, here i'll lay it out for you: I have Drama (best class ever), Math (easy math, none of this calculus stuff) and Philosophy. And then I have a 4th period spare (meaning, no classes).Yup, easy huh? And like I said, all the social pressure or whatever that high-school once had is gone. I'm friends with the majority of my class, and the other grades will respect you simply cause you're a couple years older. I even got to yell at some 9ers' in drama today because i'm so damn kick ass in drama and the Drama teacher kicks ass. Good ol' senior year.

Jigga what?

Gamespotting is moving to the journals eh? Well, that's dandy, it also gives me an idea. Who would be interested in forming our very own (gamespot users, not editors) gamespotting. Could be cool. I like these journals, and I see a lot of potential for community growing if people start using them, and using them meaningfully.

Why must the big mega-publishers push the little guy around?

I'm particularly referring to the Chrono Trigger remake Square-Enix just killed. After exhasuting all possible reasons in my head i've came to one conclusion, this all doesn't add up. I'm aware of the bussiness practices these companies have, but why dismis a project like that. Why pick and choose things that violate the copyright? Why not slam the people who right fan-fiction, or the people who draw the characters? Why would you can a project that's faithfully recreating the most beloveded RPG of all time? It's technically an example of how much people love their game, yet they don't give a crap about that and apperently, they don't a sh!t about their fanbase.

It really is odd, I mean this project is basically promoting your franchise, and it's tremedous fan service--free of charge mind you--to the CT fans. Furthermore, like I just mentioned, they aren't in it for a profit, so why in the hell would you care that they are "violating copyrights". It seems particularly nasty for SE to do such a thing and I hope these types of things dont persist.

First Day of senior year, and yet I don't feel any older, or any wiser.

Well, first day of school and it went like any other typical day. My courses are ok and i'm probably droping one of them for a spare so I don't have as much to deal with. Probably biology, i'm not going to need that. Anyways, it was just odd. I don't really feel like i'm at my last year, I haven't changed a whole lot. At least, I don't think I have. Maybe I just don't give myself as much credit as I should....

Anyways, I woke up at 7. Which is odd because I haven't woken up that early since..., well that last day of school? At least I have Drama first peroid, which is a pretty laid back class, so no brain crunching activities involved at the start of the day. Might I mention that all of the Grade 9's are about half my size, what's up with that?

My adventures in WoW.

My oh my, what a neat game. I started out as a basic warrior, a night elf one. I must say, right from the get-go there is some neat revisions on the MMORPG formula. Firstly I noticed my little warrior had no MP, instead I have a rage bar. The rage bar fills up as i lay the smack down on some enermies or when I get hit, I found this more warrior friendly then just having an MP bar with little to none MP. Anyways, i'm level 7 now, i've done a couple quests and i'm enjoying myself. The game does a lot of things right so far, like when you find a new area you actually gain exp or when you complete a quest, you gain a fair amount of money and exp (most of the time). Anyways, to make a long story short, my intial impressions with the game have been great. The visuals are so surreal and detailed its amazing. The animations are awesome, the music is epic, the battle system is fast and fun and theres a whole lot of stuff I havent even touched yet.

Yay for blizzard.

Note to self: The sun is out to get you.

I'm burnt. I feel asleep on the beach and when I woke up, my right arm is all red and now it stings. I blame society, oh and the teletubbies... Those little bastards. Oh and WoW isn't working, the moment I attempt to create my character the servers explode, typical.

Tru dat.

Man oh man. I hate Ottawa. Their best arcade consists of tekken 3 and time crisis 2. Agh, it's like i've gone 5 years into the past! OH NOES! Anywho, i'm going to some fancy resort tomorrow. Going to lounge and relax. Maybe play some tennis. Who knows? Possibilties are endless,as it were. But when I get back, i'm playing VF4 and WoW till the cows come home.