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Hey Gamespot---- whats the plan?

Recently Gamespot laid off a number of long time employees. It was a shake up that i surely didnt see coming and was sad to see. Yet, it was another, muted change that seems to have affected the website much more.

What happened to all the content?

The cancelling of all the daily live shows has left Gamespot empty and quiet. A website i visited every daily for longer than i can remember, i now find myself completely forgetting about it for days at a time. Then when i do click my bookmark......nothing. A few headlines that are mostly older or a piece of info that is summed up in a sentence. -- Amazon bought Twitch--- great. Enough said.

I understand finances shape a company, and it was necessary to "streamline" the staff, but with personalities like Danny, Chris, Kevin, and interesting crew left in both the UK and Australia, its not like you dont have the talent to entertain. If live streaming costs are restrictive, then i understand scaling back, but this seems more like a decision based on executive leadership than finances. I could be wrong, and if so, fine.....i still dont understand how a website does better business with less to offer.

I hope Gamespot has big plans for the future and all my worry is misplaced. There has been nary a word since the staff layoffs besides Chris Watters extremely classy message on The Lobby. It would be a mistake to retreat to some hushed corner of the internet and make survival the only goal. Now is the time to be forward thinking and use the great people you still have. Personalities are the key to unlocking a loyal fan base. Ask Giant Bomb. You cant copy their formula exactly obviously, but a wise wizard once said....

Good poets borrow, great poets steal.

Regardless, it feels like Gamespot is merely treading water. Pick a direction and swim.

We fans will follow.

June 10, 2013.....a day that will live in infamy....

Wow. Just Wow. How do you put into words a moment when thousands of gamers, many in LA, more watching from parts unknown, collectively smiled so big, you could feel it over the internet and across the world? That was my experience during the Sony Press Conference on night 0 of E3, 2013. Microsoft had spent the morning trying to make us forget that their new console, the confusedly named, XBox One, had quite the dark side. It must report into its master once a day, lest it be deactivated by the Microsoft overlord of licenses. Used games, well, that's complicated, see pages 235 thru 490 of the Official Microsoft Tome of Rules and Regulations. Rental Games, that is not....Nope, ain't happening. Lending a game, maaaybe once, if you follow the 34 step licensing transfer protocols. Oh, and you aren't getting it back, so actually when i say "lending", i mean "giving". The point. The XBox One was mired so deep in feelings of disappointment and confusion, Microsoft was already filling us with dark clouds. Could they be losing the "console wars", Sony hadn't even said a word, yet. But then Sony did. They slow played their hand. They let us stew in our own anticipation for what seemed like hours. Games were introduced. Speakers spoke. Trailers sizzled, but would it matter? I was already resigned to my fate of being left out of the next gen console revolution. I was refusing to spend 500 dollars on a box that had more control over my games than my mother did when i was 8. Expect the worst and never be disappointed, i always say....well, not always, but tonight. Then it happened. The PlayStation 4 rode in on its magnificent white steed, sleighed the dragon and stood there and basked in the glow of a grateful gamer nation. The console wars, which were just beginning.....were over? Probably not for long, but for now....for E3. Sony had given us exactly what we needed to believe the next gen will be even more fantastic than the last. That's all i really believe the best was yet to come. How about you? Are you still smiling? I am. Thank You Sony