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Prepare for the return of AlBead

I will be returning in a few weeks!


I WILL not wage war on anyone. Just kidding! :P

But I will have a new game for the FFFU. And my activity will extend over 4 months with several unions that I am a part of.

Therefore, prepare for my return on the 12th with an awesome entry blog complete with music and video..... well maybe just a picture... well maybe just an awesome written blog... maybe just myself being myself..... who knows what will happen?

Anyways, just get ready for my return to being awesome at least.

AlBead Out!

Rant on Harry Potter Book 7 Epilogue

I posted this in the Final Fantasy Fans Union as well but I thought that I should spread the joy of a fun rant on something that I have no agreement with.

time to rant about the epilogue..... (Just remember, I am basing this completely off the books)

First off, the way they ended up. Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny. Can someone please explain how Ron and Hermione ever worked out? Please, I beg you! I have no idea how a jealous prat who doesn't do any work by himself and has to be yelled at to do anything other than Quidditch would be able to marry a hard-working woman who won't take no for an answer. The moment Hermione would be promoted in any job, Ron would most likely have a fit and start yelling at Hermione. The movies were able to portray this pairing a whole lot better than the books ever did. One more thing, the book, Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches, isn't that suspicious? Even with the book, this pairing could never work out in my eyes.

Harry and Ginny, I can understand that and I can see that pairing work out in the end. There is one exception, who in there right mind would name their kid Albus Severus? I can understand that you have respect for the former headmasters, but that just doesn't work out if you ask me... I would feel sorry for the kid for both the names and his initials, ASP, which by the way is a type of snake. At the end of book 5, from what I can remember, Harry and Hermione would be the best pairing for this series and it looked like the author was heading in that direction until the horrible book that is known as book 6.

Next thing I have a problem with in the epilogue is the last sentence about Harry's scar. Why say that it hadn't hurt in 19 years? That alone sets up the story for another 2 or 3 books. What if they missed a horcrux and guessed that the 7th horcrux was wrong? What if Voldemort didn't have only 7 horcruxes and had more? There are so many different ways that this could be interpreted but the main question that can be asked is this: Why have Harry rub his scar and state that it hadn't hurt in 19 years if you were going to end it there? Why not just leave it with the children getting on-board the train and leaving?

One last problem with the epilogue: Where are the rest of the important people mentioned in the previous 6 books and 37 chapters? Where is Nevelle, Luna, Dean, and the DA? Where are all these people who were given development in the series? Are they married? Do they have children? Draco was mentioned and I still don't agree with that. He should not have been allowed to live after taking the Dark Mark. In fact, I would wonder what happened to all the other Death Eaters after the battle. There had to be more that survived other than Draco and his mother. Nevelle should have been written into the epilogue as he was more important than Draco ever was to Harry in terms of development.

And with that, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks until I get further in the series to rant about more things wrong in the series. Maybe I will do one for each book....

Until next time, this has been AlBead's Rant on Harry Potter Book 7: Epilogue.

past week

been sick... i should be back to full activity on Monday

now its time for bed

ta ta for now

Active for close to 4 months

Well its been awhile since i could say this but i have been active at GS for over 3 months yet again!!!!! i think the last time was last summer..... but the good news is that ill be active until next summer and beyond!!! barring any strange occurances and horrible timings with classes and my social life that currently is non-exsistent due to my classes and homework lately.....

a few things that are happening to me as of right now.... just beat uncharted 2 in only 14 hrs of play time. now im going back to collect all the treasures that i missed.....only 70 more to go..... Im also working on both resistances, call of duty w@w, and prince of persia to get the last few trophies in that game.... Im looking forward to modern warfare 2 coming on 11/10/09. as well as assasins creed 2, bad company 2, and the FF XIII's coming in the spring next year.

now back to the Final Fantasy Fans Union. The Clash of Legends has arrived!!!!!! its been one of my projects in the making with major help from IceDefenseGod and Darmi. making a working game for the union is harder than i thought it would be.... especially with all the variables that i have to include...... it will just be harder for me to defeat the heros/villians in battle. im actually really looking forward to how this is going to work.

one more random fact that i just want to throw out there. ive been awake for about 20 1/2 hrs by the time i finish this blog post and i probably wont get to bed for about another 14 hrs.... lets give 3 cheers to homework that professors give to us over breaks when we dont have anytime to do it because we just wanna relax!........ sometimes i wonder why i picked physics as my minor.... definately not worth the all-nighter to finish the homework.....

well this has been a long update for AlBead and much needed!

An AlBeadFFx production

Produced by FFfreak23
Written by Gummers12


It is my birthday and now i am 21....i really dont feel all that different although ive had several people make a big deal out of it already today. If you ask me, turning 21 doesnt hold much other than the fact that in the US, you are legal to buy alchoholic beverages. im not even one of those people who are happy about turning 21. its just another birthday if you ask me.

ok, enought about me turning 21. ive just had a bad summer, thats all. if youre wondering, i no longer have a girlfriend, lost 7 dollars an hour by taking a different job, it really wasnt summer where i live, college supplies changed on me, i owe money now for college, i have to take another semester of classes, and my college is still screwing me over in all aspects of my life.

that about sums it up for my summer. well, at least im 21 so i could get a drink to lose my stress.

AlBead is out of here! well figuratively not literally

Here but not at the same time....

Well the great AlBeadFFx is back!!!! sorta......

Hey everyone out there! i know you missed me greatly! its been what, 5 months, since ive posted anything??? well i can say a lot happened to me these couple of months, for better or worse. well as much as i can say, i have figured out somethings for the FB for those FFFU people who remember it. ill stick with the regular set up but with some advantages for me!!!! and im not going to tell you what they are either!!!!!

As for the things that changed, i have had 2 difficult semesters in college so far this year. 4 300 level classes (2nd hardest in college) and tough decisions to make as for what i want to minor in......TOO MANY DECISIONS!!!!!!! i really didnt like all my classes last year and im still having a tough time this semester.....But the good news is......I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND NOW!!!!! yes, it was my plan to say the bad news only to knock it away with really good news! anyways, ive actually known her for about 2 years before we started dating and now we have been together for about 4 months and 11 days as of today.

I have done so much with my school and homework wise its not even funny anymore how stressed i was last year.....i needed a long break from everything. and now that ive had 5 weeks of classes, im ready for a big come back!!!


AlBeadFFx on his way to save the day!

AHH!!!!!!!! i need a break! computer in the house....and no free time due to packing for college and finalizing financial aid for college

I NEED MY BREAK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about the FB guys....i wanted to be more active and give you guys a challenge but i guess that will just have to wait until late Fall/early winter. Also, this FB will be part one of two just cuz i didnt give you any challenges. so that means no rewards for Kujas fight. if a best teammate was selected, im sorry but you havent won that reward just yet. I wish i had more free time to explain more of my life but now i must go pack stuff for college yet again......IVE PACKE TWO TIMES ALREADY AND I HAVE TO UNPACK AND REPACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just guess that life doesnt like me all to much right now...oh well, college here i come!

AlBead leaving a much needed report!

College, college, college, passwords, housework, college...

WHEN WILL IT END!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! college is coming up and im still cleaning my room/packing. man this sucks....i havent been able to get on much due to changing every single one of my passwords one day and cleaning the house and working on the yard for another 3 days. and when i finally have free time, my bro comes out of no where and takes my laptop! this august isnt going the way i had planned....

The FB is doing fine without me i hope but now i gotta go and make it a challenge! they will not know what hit them by the time im through with them!!!! i also have decided to look for VIII later so my FF collection is still one game short but ill live without it until i get home for winter break. after all, i have 6 other games that i should be playing anyways!

now all thats left for me is to take out some people in the FB cuz i can!