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Arland series marathon

Since Meruru is comming out in around 3-4 weeks (this includes shipping!), once I get my games, I will play from Rorona to Meruru so that I can have one big Arland finale! I can't wait~

Silent Hill Marathon now

Before I was doing a Ar Tonelico Run. I'm still doing it, but alongside it I'm doing a Silent Hill run, 1-3.

This is of course after I finish up run two in Downpour.

An Ar Tonelico Marathon

I decided that before I head off to conventions for the follow weeks (I love conventions because I find some really cool things there), I would start playing the AR Tonelico series again from the first all the way to the last on the PS3. I'm seriously getting a surge of nostalgia as I run up the tower in the first game. I know I'm nowhere near done, but I'm enjoying the trip through Elemia all over again!