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(*(*(*(Check Your Name In Japanese)*)*)*)

Take each letter of your name and substitute it
with the japanese sound to the right of the letter(Names might be kinda long)

e.g AfriGamer = Kalushikijikarinkushi

*A - ka
*B - tu
*C - mi
*D - te
*E - ku
*F - lu
*G - ji
*H - ri
*I - ki
*J - zu
*K - me
*L - ta
*M - rin
*N - to
*O -mo
*P - no
*Q - ke
*R - shi
*S - ari
*T -chi
*U - do
*V - ru
*W -mei
*X - na
*Y - fu
*Z - zi

Paris Hilton:Are You Serious?

Paris Hilton ^ has a song out,called "Stars Are Blind".

All I can say is wow.Just wow.

Her new video(the music video,not a sequel to that other one),is simply a disgrace to music.The music is

In the video,there's a part where she's next to a tree,and if there was no music to it,you would assume it was a sequel to THAT other video.

If you thought Britney Spears had no talent,well,after listening to her song,Britney's music sounds like Frank Sinatra compared to that song.

It is that bad.

The song itself is a ripoff of UB40's "Kingston Town",and wow,she did massive damage to the original song.MASSIVE.

In other news,Italy owned France on Sunday,and might I say it was excellent ownage indeed,thanks to Zizous temper,the Italians were able to nab another WorldCup.Azzurrific!